Temporary Foreign Workers

Helping Temporary Foreign Workers understand their rights and get help when facing unsafe working conditions.

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Temporary Foreign Workers

For general information on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, see the Government of Canada.

Temporary Foreign Worker Advisory Office

Alberta’s Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Advisory Office helps temporary foreign workers, international students (with work authorization) and employers understand their rights and responsibilities and find solutions to situations involving unfair, unsafe or unhealthy working conditions.


Services provided by the office include:

  • responding to complaints, questions and requests for information
  • making referrals to appropriate authorities where there are allegations of mistreatment, including potential elements of human trafficking
  • working with agencies to ensure safe, fair and healthy workplaces
  • helping temporary foreign workers find resources
  • outreach services across Alberta, including
    • facilitating presentations for temporary foreign workers, international students (with work authorization), employers and other stakeholders
    • arranging in-person appointments with clients
    • helping clients understand their rights and responsibilities while working and living in Alberta
    • providing an opportunity to learn about available services and resources and ask questions of an advisor.
  • to request a presentation email [email protected]

All services are free and confidential.


Phone: You can contact the Temporary Foreign Worker Advisory Office toll-free throughout most of the world at 1-877-944-9955, with the following exception:

Email: [email protected]

Office hours: 8:15 am – 4:30 pm (Monday to Friday)
Closed weekends and general holidays

For information, support and referrals, see Resources for Temporary Foreign Workers.