Surface rights

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Surface rights


Disputes under the Surface Rights Act between landowners/occupants and operators are heard by the Land and Property Rights Tribunal. These include right of entry, review of annual/periodic compensation, damages, recovery of compensation, and review/reconsideration of Tribunal decisions and orders.

Disputes are heard by way of written submissions or oral proceedings. Decisions of the Tribunal are ultimately made by Tribunal members and set out in written decisions sent to interested parties. The Tribunal has rules, which provide a means by which applications can be resolve through a fair and independent process in a timely and cost effective way.

Applications for right of entry orders, compensation reviews, damage disputes, recovery of compensation and review of decisions or orders.

Find all forms, resources and legislation for the Land and Property Rights Tribunal.

Services and processes for resolving and deciding surface rights disputes.

Decisions made by the Land and Property Rights Tribunal involving surface rights matters.

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