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Status: Bill 55 was introduced on March 9, 2021
Ministry responsible: Education


Bill 55: the College of Alberta School Superintendents Act would make the College a legislated organization responsible for upholding the superintendent profession. This includes superintendents and chief deputy superintendents employed in public, separate or francophone or regional school authorities.

Key changes

If passed, Bill 55 will make the College responsible for governance, leadership excellence and accountability.


  • establish categories of non-regulated, or optional, membership
  • allow the minister to appoint public members to the College‚Äôs board of directors

Leadership excellence

  • ensure regulated members are skilled and competent in their professional practice
  • set learning requirements and offer professional development to all regulated members
  • oversee the professional discipline of its regulated members


  • table an annual report in the legislature
  • hold annual general meetings

The College would not be responsible for assuming union functions, engage in collective bargaining on behalf of its members or assist in negotiating employment contracts.

Next steps

If passed, Bill 55 will take effect upon proclamation on September 1, 2022.


Bill 55: College of Alberta School Superintendents Act fact sheet (PDF, 301 KB)