Strategic Aviation Advisory Council Engagement

Providing recommendations to the Government of Alberta on ways to improve the aviation and aerospace sector to boost economic growth in Alberta.


The Strategic Aviation Advisory Council provides expert advice on aviation and aerospace sector improvements, leading to greater efficiencies, new economic development opportunities, expanded markets and job creation in our province.

The Strategic Aviation Advisory Council focuses on setting a stage for a strong long-term growth and for future aviation and aerospace development through research, analysis and consultation with key stakeholders.


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Who is listening

Ministry of Transportation and Economic Corridors


The council members will research and analyze information about the aviation and aerospace sectors and consult with key industry stakeholders.  

Members will be required to submit an annual report to the Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors with recommendations on ways to improve aviation and aerospace-related services, infrastructure and training.

The council will make recommendations to government on how to improve the aviation and aerospace industries with a focus on:

  • strategic planning, prioritization, securing and retention of intra-provincial, regional, national and international air services in support of economic growth, tourism development and sector diversification
  • strategic use, optimization and investment in aviation-related programs and infrastructure to address opportunities for commercial and private pilot training and licensing
  • improvements to scheduled, charter and general aviation airport services and infrastructure, including services to remote communities
  • supporting focused development of aviation and aerospace related research, technology, programming, production capacity and operational expertise and training
  • supporting emergency medical and fire response in the province through aviation-related services and infrastructure
  • supporting agriculture-focused aviation-related services and infrastructure
  • federally regulated aviation-airport services and airport and transportation policies that may positively or negatively impact the province