Alberta's aviation sector is an important driver of economic growth, connecting the province to national and international markets, and supporting industries such as tourism, agriculture and energy. That is why Alberta’s government is extending the Strategic Aviation Advisory Council Act by five years to December 31, 2030, which will allow the council to continue to provide recommendations to government on ways to improve the province’s aviation and aerospace industry.

The council will advise government on infrastructure and aviation-related programs such as pilot training, air cargo services, aerospace research and development, as well as aviation services to support agriculture and emergency medical and fire response. The council will also focus on setting the stage for strong, long-term growth and for future aviation and aerospace development through research, analysis and consultation with key industry partners.

“Alberta’s aviation and aerospace sector plays a critical role in strengthening our economy by expanding access to markets and creating jobs in the province. The appointed council members have extensive experience in aviation, tourism, business and economic development, and they will recommend strategies to bolster Alberta’s aviation industry to expand the province’s economy and create jobs.”

Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors

The ministry of Transportation and Economic Corridors is mandated to work closely with industry and government partners, including the ministry of Jobs, Economy and Trade to facilitate the growth and development of Alberta's airports, with special attention to regional airports that can help Albertans connect themselves and their goods to major international airports and increase Alberta’s economic competitiveness.

This builds on the Regional Airport Development grant provided earlier this year to support regional airports in preparing business cases and feasibility studies for improved airport infrastructure and air transportation services.

“I am honoured to continue as chair of Alberta’s Strategic Aviation Advisory Council, created by unanimous consent of the Alberta legislature in June of 2020, and applaud the reappointment of a group of highly skilled and dedicated industry professionals, while I also welcome the addition of five new members to ensure broad sectoral representation.”

Richard Gotfried, chair, Strategic Aviation Advisory Council

Minister Dreeshen has appointed five new members and reappointed seven members to the advisory council for four-year terms ending June 22, 2028.

Quick facts

  • Alberta airport and airline passenger traffic has rebounded significantly from the lower passenger numbers that were reported during the COVID-19 pandemic:  
    • In 2023, a record 18.5 million passengers went through the Calgary International Airport, surpassing the previous 18-million milestone set in 2019.
      • The Calgary airport is now the fourth-busiest in Canada by passenger activity, and the airport is one of two in the country that have recovered beyond 2019 numbers.
    • In 2023, the Edmonton International Airport welcomed 7.5 million passengers, achieving its goal of reaching more than 90 per cent of pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year.
      • In 2019, there were 8.15 million passengers.

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