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14A(14A) Coarse Language


Dir: Dan Mazer. Comedy. Hoping to find friendship with a French exchange student (Avan Jogia), an awkward teenager (Ed Oxenbould) discovers that the student is not as sophisticated and cultured as he assumed.

Content elements

  • Frequent use of the sexual expletive and variations, some in a sexual context; frequent use of scatological slang, cursing, profanity, ethno-cultural slurs, and vulgar expressions
  • Infrequent use of sexual language and references - some detail
  • Infrequent portrayals of hand-to hand violence - no blood or detail
  • Portrayal of self-harm - no blood, little detail
  • Infrequent portrayals of sexual activity - buttock nudity, some detail
  • Infrequent breast nudity in an art context
  • Infrequent portrayals of alcohol and tobacco use in a recreational context

Thematic elements

  • Unlikely friendships
  • Coming of age
  • Finding confidence

Classification rationale

Rated 14A for coarse language and sexual activity

Classification date

May 13, 2021