COVID-19 remains a public health threat. Mandatory measures are in effect provincewide.

Key initiatives

Priority Government of Alberta initiatives and action plans.

Services and information

Honouring Albertans who have made significant contributions to the success and growth of skilled trades and apprenticeship.

Learn about Alberta's COVID-19 response and what is being done to protect Albertans and help prevent the spread.

An ambitious strategy to create jobs, build and diversify.

We’re champions of Alberta’s agriculture and forest sectors, standing with them to ensure their continued success and future growth.

Actions to protect Albertans and prevent the spread of novel coronavirus.

We’re cutting red tape by one-third to reduce costs, speed up approvals, and make life easier for hard-working Albertans and businesses.

Consulted Albertans on strategies to secure a fair deal in the Canadian federation and advance our vital economic interests.

We’re working to eradicate human trafficking in Alberta.

The Alberta Health Services performance review found ways to use the cost savings to direct more funding to patients and front-line care to cut growing wait times.

If completed, the project would create thousands of jobs and billions in tax and royalty revenues.

New and proposed Government of Alberta legislation.

The Alberta government is managing growth in physician spending by making practical changes to how we compensate physicians.

An independent commissioner was appointed to lead a public inquiry into the foreign-funded campaigns targeting Alberta's oil industry.