Services and information

  • Action on poverty

    Taking action to prevent and reduce poverty in Alberta.

  • Affordable tuition

    Increasing access to affordable, high-quality education for university, college and apprenticeship students.

  • AISH Action Plan

    Alberta’s plan to take action to improve the AISH program.

  • Alberta Jobs Plan

    Alberta’s plan to create jobs and diversify the economy.

  • Calgary's 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games bid

    Information on Alberta's participation in Calgary's potential bid to host the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

  • Cannabis legalization in Alberta

    Cannabis is legal across Canada as of October 17. Find out what it means for Albertans.

  • Child intervention action plan

    A pathway to a stronger, safer child intervention system in response to the Child Intervention Panel’s recommendations.

  • Climate Leadership Plan

    Alberta’s plan to take action on climate change and protect the province’s health, environment and economy.

  • Commitment to end sexual violence

    Alberta has made a government-wide commitment to prevent sexual violence and improve support for survivors.

  • Crude oil by rail

    We’re increasing our rail capacity to help narrow the oil price gap and earn the best value for our resources.

  • Improved employment standards

    Modernized workplace laws to protect workers, support families and help businesses stay competitive came into effect Jan 1, 2018.

  • Made in Alberta

    We're going to refine more, process more and create more of the oil- and gas-based products the world needs now.

  • Minimum wage changes

    Alberta’s minimum wage went up to $15/hour on October 1, a move towards a fair wage for every Albertan.

  • Occupational health and safety changes

    An improved OHS system to better protect workers and ensure they have the same rights as other Canadians came into effect on June 1, 2018.

  • Powering Alberta's future

    The plan to reform the province's electricity system to ensure it meets the needs of the future.

  • Protecting the value of our resources

    A temporary curtailment of oil production will take place in 2019 to defend Alberta jobs and protect the value of Alberta's resources.

  • Sixties Scoop apology

    The official apology to survivors for past government practices that removed Indigenous children from their families.

  • Taking action against racism

    We're working to combat racism, foster acceptance and promote an inclusive society in Alberta.

  • Working to make life better

    Supports, programs and initiatives that improve life for Albertans.