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All trailers, commercials and public service announcements (PSAs) are classified before they play in Alberta theatres.

Trailers, commercials and PSAs on this page have been rated in the last month. They may or may not have been released in theatres at this time.

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TitleRatingsDateRunning timeDistributor
"A Little Of" Kit Kat MinisGApr 09, 20180:08Cineplex Media
"Anomi" Red Deer CollegeGApr 03, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Faith Of A Few" MINIGMar 28, 20181:30Cineplex Media
"Garage Sale" Servus Credit UnionGMar 28, 20180:50Cineplex Media
"Octane Fuel" Bell Mobility TYCPOGMar 28, 20180:33Cineplex Media
"Sea of Thieves" XBOXGApr 17, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Signs" City of Fort SaskatchewanGApr 17, 20180:16Cineplex Media
102 Not Out (trailer #1)GMar 27, 20182:55Sony Pictures Releasing
7 Din Mohabbat In (teaser)GApr 20, 20181:05Independent
Adventures In Public School (trailer #1)PGApr 05, 20181:45Independent
Bad Samaritan (trailer #1)14AApr 05, 20182:25Cineplex Entertainment
Boundaries (trailer #1)14AApr 20, 20182:07Mongrel Media
Bungo Stray Dogs: Dead Apple (trailer #1)PGApr 05, 20180:30Cineplex Entertainment
Crazy Rich Asians (trailer #1)PGApr 20, 20182:24Warner Bros. Entertainment
Daana Paani (trailer #1)PGApr 09, 20183:03VP Films
Deadpool 2 (trailer F)14AMar 27, 20182:3220th Century Fox
Deadpool 2 (trailer G)PGMar 27, 20182:2420th Century Fox
Deadpool 2 (trailer H)PGMar 27, 20182:2420th Century Fox
Equalizer 2, The (trailer #1)14AApr 17, 20182:26Search Engine Films
Falling Through The Cracks: Greg's Story (trailer #1)GMar 29, 20182:10Independent
First Purge, The (trailer #1)14AApr 09, 20182:28Universal Pictures
First Purge, The (trailer #2)14AApr 12, 20182:30Universal Pictures
First Reformed (trailer #1)PGApr 12, 20182:14Independent
Golk Bugni Bank Te Batua (trailer #1)GMar 28, 20183:20Rhythm Boyz Entertainment
I Am Losing Weight (trailer #1)PGApr 03, 20182:15Independent
IMAX Pre-ShowGApr 17, 20181:10Independent
Incredibles 2 (trailer #3)GApr 23, 20182:16Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Johnny English Strikes Again (trailer #1)PGApr 05, 20182:30Universal Pictures
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (trailer #3)PGApr 05, 20182:30Universal Pictures
Life Of The Party (trailer #2)PGApr 17, 20182:24Warner Bros. Entertainment
Madame (trailer #1)PGApr 03, 20182:04Pacific Northwest Pictures
Mary Goes Round (trailer #1)PGApr 17, 20182:18Independent
Meg, The (trailer #1)14AApr 06, 20182:23Warner Bros. Entertainment
Night School (trailer #1)PGMar 28, 20182:30Universal Pictures
Ocean's 8 (trailer #2)GApr 06, 20182:01Warner Bros. Entertainment
Papillon (trailer #1)PGApr 05, 20182:25Elevation Pictures
Pup Star: World Tour (trailer #1)GMar 27, 20181:44Independent
Puzzle (trailer #1)GApr 20, 20182:07Mongrel Media
Raazi (trailer #1)PGApr 10, 20182:20VP Films
Selfie From Hell (trailer #1)14AApr 03, 20181:21Independent
Show Dogs (trailer #1 - 60 second cut down)GApr 10, 20181:00Entertainment One Films
Show Dogs (trailer #1)GMar 28, 20181:35Entertainment One Films
Smallfoot (trailer #2)GApr 20, 20182:20Warner Bros. Entertainment
Solo: A Star Wars Story (trailer #2)PGApr 12, 20182:10Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Superfly (trailer #1)PGMar 27, 20182:19Sony Pictures Releasing
Three Identical Strangers (trailer #1)PGApr 20, 20182:02Mongrel Media
Wife, The (trailer #1)PGApr 20, 20182:17Mongrel Media