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TitleRatingsDateRunning timeDistributor
"Century Downs" Horse Racing AlbertaGAug 31, 20170:30Cineplex Media
"Love Story Meals" CokeGAug 31, 20170:30Cineplex Media
"Seal Team" Global TV CorusPGAug 31, 20170:30Cineplex Media
"The Brave" Global TV CorusPGAug 31, 20170:30Cineplex Media
"The Gifted" Bell MediaPGSep 11, 20170:30Cineplex Media
"This is Us" Bell MediaGSep 11, 20170:30Cineplex Media
"Turbo" KIA SoulGSep 05, 20171:00Cineplex Media
"Two Times" Bell Mobility TYCPOGSep 13, 20170:30Cineplex Media
"V2 Audio Grit" Chrysler RamGAug 31, 20170:30Cineplex Media
All the Money in the World (trailer #1)PGSep 14, 20172:18Sony Pictures Releasing
Amazon Prime Video "The Tick"PGSep 19, 20170:30Cineplex Media
Bad Moms Christmas, A (trailer #4)PGSep 08, 20172:24Entertainment One Films
Bailaras (trailer #1) - WhitehillPGSep 18, 20172:53White Hill Production Inc.
Brad's Status (trailer #1)PGAug 30, 20172:30V V S Films
Chasing The Dragon (trailer #1)PGSep 08, 20171:02Well Go USA Inc.
Cineplex Events September 2017 Trailer PackageGAug 31, 20176:04Cineplex Entertainment
Close Encounters At Devils TowerGSep 06, 20172:31Sony Pictures Releasing
Coco (trailer #4)GSep 08, 20172:26Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Commuter, The (trailer #1)PGSep 18, 20171:50V V S Films
Current War, The (trailer #1)GSep 01, 20172:24Entertainment One Films
Daddy's Home 2 (trailer #2)PGSep 08, 20172:24Paramount Pictures
Daddy's Home 2 (trailer 2 Alt)PGSep 18, 20172:20Warner Bros. Entertainment
Downsizing (trailer #1)PGSep 06, 20172:25Paramount Pictures
Early Man (trailer #1)GSep 08, 20172:24Entertainment One Films
Fantastic Woman, A (trailer #1)PGSep 13, 20171:49Mongrel Media
Ferdinand (trailer C)GSep 20, 20172:1820th Century Fox
Flatliners (trailer #2)14ASep 06, 20171:28Sony Pictures Releasing
Florida Project, The (trailer #1)PGAug 31, 20172:14Elevation Pictures
Friend Request (trailer #1)14ASep 05, 20171:50D Films
Human Flow (trailer #1)PGAug 23, 20172:25Elevation Pictures
Insidious: The Last Key (trailer #1)14ASep 08, 20172:28Sony Pictures Releasing
Judwaa 2 (trailer A)PGAug 21, 20173:1120th Century Fox
Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (trailer #3)PGSep 14, 20172:30Sony Pictures Releasing
Last Night (trailer #1)GSep 06, 20172:20ABS-CBN
Limehouse Golem, The (trailer #1)PGSep 18, 20171:53Pacific Northwest Pictures
Man Who Invented Christmas, The (trailer #1)GAug 21, 20172:20Elevation Pictures
Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down The White House (trailer #1)PGAug 31, 20172:13Mongrel Media
Mother! (trailer #4)14AAug 30, 20171:17Paramount Pictures
Murder On The Orient Express (trailer B)PGSep 20, 20171:3820th Century Fox
Never Say Die (trailer #1)PGAug 21, 20171:08Independent
Nikka Zaildar 2 (trailer #1)PGAug 31, 20173:09Video Palace House Of Distribution
Only the Brave (trailer #3)PGSep 13, 20171:25Sony Pictures Releasing
Paddington 2 (trailer #1)GAug 21, 20171:00Entertainment One Films
Professor Marston And The Wonder Women (trailer A)PGAug 23, 20172:23Sony Pictures Releasing
Puerto Rico : Treasure Island (trailer #2)GSep 18, 20170:45Independent
Ready Player One (trailer #1A)PGSep 18, 20172:21Warner Bros. Entertainment
Red Sparrow (trailer A)14ASep 20, 20171:2420th Century Fox
SAIT "Originals"GAug 23, 20170:30Cineplex Media
Shape Of Water, The (trailer B)14ASep 13, 20172:0020th Century Fox
Tomb Raider (trailer #1)PGSep 18, 20172:08Warner Bros. Entertainment
Trophy (trailer #1)PGSep 18, 20172:14Independent
Una (trailer #1)PGAug 21, 20171:40Independent
Villainess, The (trailer #1)14AAug 30, 20171:54Well Go USA Inc.