Trailers, commercials and PSAs on this page have been rated in the last month. They may or may not have been released in theatres at this time. Decisions about when trailers are released in theatres or online are determined by studios and distributors, and not managed by Alberta Film Classification.

Trailer and teaser trailer ratings below are identified by title and are listed alphabetically. Commercials and PSAs are listed below alphabetically by file number. If you want more information about any ratings listed below, please email [email protected].

TitleRatingsDateRunning timeDistributor
André Rieu's 2023 Maastricht Concert: Love Is All Around (trailer #1)GeneralMay 24, 20230:49Cineplex Entertainment
Asteroid City (trailer #2)Parental GuidanceMay 15, 20231:04Universal Pictures
Barbie (trailer #4)Parental GuidanceMay 26, 20232:30Warner Bros. Entertainment
Blackening, The (trailer #2)Parental GuidanceMay 15, 20231:43Cineplex Entertainment
Butterfly Tale (trailer #1)GeneralJun 09, 20231:24Vortex Media
Carry on Jatta 3 (trailer #1)GeneralJun 05, 20232:59VP Films
Color Purple, The (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 19, 20232:25Paramount Pictures
Color Purple, The (trailer #2)Parental GuidanceMay 19, 20232:17Paramount Pictures
Creator, The (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 24, 20232:24Walt Disney Pictures Canada
Drive Away Dolls (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceJun 09, 20232:23Universal Pictures
Eternal Memory, The (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceJun 05, 20231:39Sherry Media Group
Expend4bles (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceJun 07, 20232:03Cineplex Entertainment
Five Nights at Freddy's (trailer #1)14AMay 15, 20230:53Universal Pictures
Golda (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 26, 20232:15Elevation Pictures
Gran Turismo (trailer #2)Parental GuidanceMay 10, 20232:27Sony Pictures Releasing
Gran Turismo (trailer #3 COMBO)Parental GuidanceMay 24, 20234:02Sony Pictures Releasing
Haunted Mansion (trailer #2)Parental GuidanceMay 15, 20232:24Walt Disney Pictures Canada
Haunted Mansion (trailer #3)Parental GuidanceMay 15, 20232:16Walt Disney Pictures Canada
Insidious: The Red Door (trailer #3)14AMay 26, 20231:25Sony Pictures Releasing
It Lives Inside (trailer #1)14AMay 16, 20232:23Elevation Pictures
LehmberGinni (trailer #1)GeneralMay 16, 20231:26White Hill Production Inc.
Lesson, The (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 26, 20232:10Photon Films
Longest Goodbye, The (teaser trailer)GeneralMay 24, 20231:10Independent
Mad Heidi (trailer #1)18AMay 16, 20231:55Raven Banner Releasing
MEG 2: The Trench (trailer #1)14AMay 16, 20232:26Warner Bros. Entertainment
Met Opera: Don Giovanni (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 11, 20230:30Cineplex Entertainment
Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part 1 (trailer #2)Parental GuidanceMay 15, 20232:28Paramount Pictures
Moon Garden (trailer #1)14AMay 16, 20232:23Independent
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 10, 20232:24Elevation Pictures
National Theatre - Fleabag (2023) (trailer #1)14AJun 08, 20230:30Cineplex Entertainment
Nun 2, The (trailer #1)14AMay 26, 20231:24Warner Bros. Entertainment
Poor Things (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 25, 20230:34Walt Disney Pictures Canada
Roger Waters "This Is Not A Drill", Live from Prague (trailer #1)GeneralMay 11, 20230:30Cineplex Entertainment
Roundup, The: No Way Out (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 19, 20230:56Independent
Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken (trailer #2)Parental GuidanceMay 15, 20232:24Universal Pictures
Satyaprem Ki Katha (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceJun 07, 20232:53HGFE
Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse (trailer #5)Parental GuidanceMay 11, 20232:24Sony Pictures Releasing
Strays (trailer #2)14AMay 15, 20231:00Universal Pictures
Suga - Agust D Tour "D-DAY" In Japan: Live (trailer #1)GeneralMay 16, 20230:20Fathom Events
Talk To Me (trailer #2)14AJun 07, 20232:06VVS Films
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem (trailer #2)Parental GuidanceMay 26, 20231:20Paramount Pictures
Teri Meri Kahaniyaan (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceJun 07, 20233:15Independent
Theatre Camp (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 25, 20232:15Walt Disney Pictures Canada
TMNT: Mutant Mayhem (trailer #3)Parental GuidanceJun 07, 20232:23Paramount Pictures
TMNT: Mutant Mayhem (trailer #4)GeneralJun 02, 20230:30Paramount Pictures
Toopy and Binoo - The Movie (trailer #2)GeneralMay 16, 20231:52Sphere Films
Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts (No Talk No Text) - promoParental GuidanceMay 16, 20230:51Paramount Pictures
Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts (trailer #6)Parental GuidanceMay 25, 20230:15Paramount Pictures
Unsinkable (Q&A)Parental GuidanceMay 24, 202312:00Demand Film
Wrath of Becky, The (trailer #1)14AMay 19, 20232:12Cineplex Entertainment
Zara Hatke Zara Bachke (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 19, 20232:20HGFE
ZZZ Commercial 87505BGeneralMay 15, 20230:30Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 87974GeneralMay 26, 20230:14Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 88250GeneralJun 02, 20230:29Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 88291GeneralMay 16, 20231:00Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 88291/88215GeneralMay 16, 20231:00Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 88359GeneralJun 09, 20230:15Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 88412GeneralMay 15, 20230:15Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 88419GeneralJun 05, 20230:30Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 88458GeneralMay 24, 20230:15Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 88515Parental GuidanceMay 24, 20230:15Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 88516GeneralMay 15, 20236:00Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 88623GeneralMay 16, 20230:14Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 88764AGeneralMay 24, 20230:30Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 88764BGeneralMay 24, 20230:30Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 88879GeneralMay 24, 20231:00Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial E88359GeneralJun 09, 20230:15Cineplex Media
ZZZ_Landmark_CL_May19Parental GuidanceMay 19, 20230:15Landmark Cinemas
ZZZ_LandmarkCinemas_CLF_May 26Parental GuidanceMay 24, 20230:15Landmark Cinemas
ZZZ_LandmarkCinemas_EIS_May 19GeneralMay 16, 20230:16Landmark Cinemas
ZZZ_LandmarkCinemas_MKT23012GeneralJun 07, 20230:30Landmark Cinemas
ZZZ_LandmarkCinemas_SS_May 26GeneralMay 26, 20230:15Landmark Cinemas

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