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Trailers, commercials and PSAs on this page have been rated in the last month. They may or may not have been released in theatres at this time. Decisions about when trailers are released in theatres or online are determined by studios and distributors, and not managed by Alberta Film Classification.

Trailer and teaser trailer ratings below are identified by title and are listed alphabetically. Commercials and PSAs are listed below alphabetically by file number. If you want more information about any ratings listed below, please email [email protected].

TitleRatingsDateRunning timeDistributor
Adaraneeya Prarthana (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 06, 20223:50Independent
Anek (trailer #1)14AMay 13, 20223:12VP Films
Avatar: The Way Of Water (trailer #1)GeneralMay 03, 20221:37Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Brian and Charles (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 17, 20222:27Universal Pictures
Crimes of the Future (trailer #1)14AMay 06, 20221:40MK2 Mile End
Dakuaan Da Munda 2 (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceApr 29, 20220:53VP Films
Dhaakad (trailer #1)14AMay 03, 20222:47Video Palace House Of Distribution
Don't Worry Darling (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 11, 20222:26Warner Bros. Entertainment
Easter Sunday (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 17, 20221:30Universal Pictures
Easter Sunday (trailer #2)Parental GuidanceMay 17, 20222:23Universal Pictures
Jurassic World Dominion (trailer #2)Parental GuidanceApr 29, 20222:10Universal Pictures
Kokka (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 06, 20223:02VP Films
Menu, The (trailer #1)14AMay 18, 20221:35Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Minions: The Rise of Gru (TOS and Concessions Spot)GeneralApr 26, 20220:30Universal Pictures
Mission: Impossible Dead Reckoning Part 1 (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 19, 20222:10Paramount Pictures
Mr. Malcolm's List (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 11, 20222:28levelFilm
Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris (trailer #1)GeneralApr 29, 20222:25Universal Pictures
Official Competition (trailer #2)14AMay 13, 20221:55MK2 Mile End
Padmashri Kaur Singh (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 17, 20223:15VP Films
Paws of Fury: The Legend Of Hank (Smile Combo)Parental GuidanceMay 18, 20222:09Paramount Pictures
PR (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 06, 20222:38Independent
Prithviraj (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 09, 20222:53VP Films
Prithviraj (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 11, 20222:53VP Films
Robocop: Director's cut (35th Anniversary) (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 19, 20221:34Cineplex Entertainment
Top Gun: Maverick (trailer #9)Parental GuidanceMay 04, 20221:30Paramount Pictures
Twenty One Pilots Cinema Experience (trailer #1)GeneralApr 29, 20220:27Cineplex Entertainment
Where the Crawdads Sing (trailer #2)Parental GuidanceMay 17, 20222:26Sony Pictures Releasing
ZZZ Commercial 84903GeneralApr 26, 20220:30Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 85180GeneralMay 06, 20221:00Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 85345GeneralMay 03, 20220:30Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 85584_BGeneralMay 03, 20220:30Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 85930GeneralMay 09, 20220:30Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial LC_SentinelStorage_SentinelHaveSpaceOilersMay2022_GeneralApr 29, 20220:15Landmark Cinemas
ZZZ_LandmarkCinemas_SS-MSMonthGeneralMay 16, 20220:15Landmark Cinemas

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