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TitleRatingsDateRunning timeDistributor
"60 Runaway Canoe Fisherman" Subaru FallGOct 11, 20181:00Cineplex Media
"A Story Well Told" Kraken RumPGOct 02, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Calgary Alternative Fall" Harvard X92.9GSep 24, 20180:15Cineplex Media
"Calgary Dealer" Hyatt InfinityGSep 24, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Changing the Way" FORD BRANDGOct 02, 20181:00Cineplex Media
"Enchanted Evergreens" GladeGSep 28, 20180:15Cineplex Media
"Every One Has A Story" Marriott HotelsGOct 11, 20181:00Cineplex Media
"Fall Kraze 101.3" Harvard Red DeerGSep 24, 20180:15Cineplex Media
"Good Times" The KegPGOct 04, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Here is How" Saint Mary's UniversityGOct 02, 20180:15Cineplex Media
"Interest 3 Offer" ScotiabankGOct 02, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Melt On" Wendy'sGOct 16, 20180:15Cineplex Media
"Runaway Canoe Fisherman" Subaru FallGOct 11, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Shape Your World" SAITGOct 02, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Storm" Mercedes 4MATICGOct 04, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Synccelly" Labatt BudweiserPGOct 11, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"The Purge" Amazon Prime Video14ASep 28, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"The Rookie" CTV's Fall 2018GSep 24, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Unexplainable" BMW 8 VIPGSep 28, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Welcome to X100.7" Harvard Red DeerGSep 24, 20180:15Cineplex Media
Aate Di Chidi (trailer #1)PGSep 25, 20181:30VP Films
Aftermath, The (trailer A)PGOct 18, 20182:2420th Century Fox
Anna And The Apocalypse (trailer #1)14AOct 11, 20181:23VVS Films
At Eternity's Gate (trailer #1)PGOct 03, 20182:26Elevation Pictures
Baazaar (trailer #1)PGSep 27, 20182:42Independent
Ben Is Back (trailer #2)PGOct 11, 20182:30Elevation Pictures
Bohemian Rhapsody (trailer G)GOct 10, 20180:3020th Century Fox
Bolshoi Ballet 2018-2019 Season (trailer #1)GSep 24, 20181:24Cineplex Media
Bumblebee (trailer #2)PGSep 24, 20182:23Paramount Pictures
Captain Marvel (trailer #1)PGSep 28, 20181:56Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Cold War (trailer #1)PGOct 11, 20181:55Mongrel Media
Cool Fish, A (trailer #1)PGSep 26, 20181:08China Lion Film Distribution Inc.
Creed II (trailer #2)PGSep 28, 20182:26Warner Bros. Entertainment
Curse of La Llorona, The (trailer #1)14AOct 10, 20182:15Warner Bros. Entertainment
Dark Phoenix (trailer C)PGOct 03, 20182:0220th Century Fox
Destroyer (trailer #1)PGOct 15, 20182:17Elevation Pictures
Doctor Who Season 11 Premiere (trailer #1)GSep 24, 20180:30Cineplex Entertainment
Dog's Way Home, A (trailer #1)GOct 10, 20182:31Sony Pictures Releasing
Escape Room (trailer #1)PGOct 12, 20182:30Sony Pictures Releasing
Favourite, The (trailer B)PGSep 26, 20182:0820th Century Fox
Gandhi Murder, The (trailer #1)PGSep 25, 20180:50VP Films
Girl In The Spider's Web, The (trailer #4)PGOct 04, 20182:26Sony Pictures Releasing
Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween (trailer #2)PGSep 24, 20182:09Sony Pictures Releasing
Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween (trailer #3)PGSep 24, 20180:57Sony Pictures Releasing
Halloween (1978): 40th Anniversary (trailer #1)14ASep 25, 20181:43Cineplex Entertainment
Happy Death Day 2U (trailer #1)14AOct 15, 20182:36Universal Pictures
Hello, Mrs. Money (trailer #1)GSep 25, 20180:30Independent
Hello, Mrs. Money (trailer #1)GOct 03, 20180:30Independent
Holmes And Watson (trailer #3)PGSep 25, 20182:11Sony Pictures Releasing
Holmes And Watson (trailer #4)PGSep 25, 20182:12Sony Pictures Releasing
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (trailer #2)GOct 18, 20182:25Universal Pictures
Instant Family (trailer #2)GOct 02, 20181:00Paramount Pictures
Intimate Strangers (trailer #1)GOct 12, 20180:43Asia Releasing
Kid Who Would Be King, The (trailer C)PGOct 10, 20182:2520th Century Fox
Love Jacked (trailer #2)GOct 22, 20181:40Independent
Loveyatri (trailer #1)GSep 26, 20181:00VP Films
Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi (trailer #1)PGOct 11, 20182:00VP Films
Mary Poppins Returns (trailer #2)GSep 28, 20182:26Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Met, The: Live in HD 2018-2019 Opera Season (trailer #1)GSep 24, 20180:30Cineplex Media
Mid90s (trailer #1)PGSep 28, 20181:13VVS Films
Miss Bala (trailer #1)PGOct 12, 20182:26Sony Pictures Releasing
Mortal Engines (trailer #3)PGSep 27, 20182:23Universal Pictures
Mule, The (trailer #1)PGOct 02, 20182:24Warner Bros. Entertainment
NFL Sunday Promo 2018-2019GOct 22, 20180:29Cineplex Media
One Day In The Haram (trailer #1)GSep 24, 20182:22Independent
Overcomer (trailer #1)GOct 22, 20181:30Sony Pictures Releasing
Pet Sematary (trailer #1)14AOct 10, 20182:10Paramount Pictures
Possession Of Hannah Grace, The (trailer #1)14AOct 12, 20182:19Sony Pictures Releasing
Private War, A (trailer #1)PGOct 03, 20182:22D Films
Puppy Star Christmas (trailer #1)GOct 03, 20181:00Independent
Ralph Breaks the Internet - Wreck It Ralph 2 (trailer #3)GSep 26, 20182:23Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Rampant (trailer #1)14AOct 12, 20181:17Well Go USA Inc.
Ranhja Refugee (trailer #1)PGOct 11, 20182:44VP Films
Robin Hood (trailer #4)PGSep 27, 20181:00Entertainment One Films
Rocketman (trailer #1)PGSep 24, 20181:07Paramount Pictures
Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, The 2018 (trailer #1)GSep 24, 20180:35Cineplex Media
Science Fair (trailer #1)GSep 28, 20182:10Mongrel Media
Serenity (2018) (trailer #1)PGOct 15, 20182:24Elevation Pictures
Sharkwater Extinction (trailer #2)PGOct 03, 20182:07D Films
Son Of Manjeet Singh (trailer #1)PGSep 26, 20182:58VP Films
Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (trailer #3)PGSep 26, 20182:28Sony Pictures Releasing
Star Is Born, A (Red Carpet Sizzle)GSep 28, 20183:07Warner Bros. Entertainment
Suspiria (trailer #1)14ASep 27, 20182:20Independent
Thugs Of Hindostan (trailer #1)PGSep 26, 20183:30VP Films
Vice (trailer #1)PGOct 02, 20181:53Entertainment One Films