Trailers, commercials and PSAs on this page have been rated in the last month. They may or may not have been released in theatres at this time.

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TitleRatingsDateRunning timeDistributor
"30 Symphonic" Google ChromebookGNov 16, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"ALL 4 Grey" MINIGNov 29, 20180:15Cineplex Media
"Breaking Barriers" AdidasGDec 14, 20181:00Cineplex Media
"Cannabis Behavior Change" Govt of AB TransportationPGNov 29, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Car Like You" Mercedes A-ClassGNov 29, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Clubman Blue" MINIGNov 29, 20180:15Cineplex Media
"Connections" Amazon AlexaGNov 23, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Dr. Ian UHN" ScotiabankGNov 29, 20181:00Cineplex Media
"Holiday 2018" Coca ColaGNov 16, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Keep Warm" Hyundai TUCSONGDec 14, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Moms" Crave TV Bell MediaGNov 23, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Never Stop Achieving" Mercedes-Benz C-ClassGNov 16, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Pillow" InteracGNov 29, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Practical" Hyundai ELANTRA GTGDec 14, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Presents" Stella LabattPGNov 29, 20180:15Cineplex Media
"Show Off" SCENEGDec 14, 20180:15Cineplex Media
"SUV For the City" Hyundai KONAGDec 14, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"The 8" BMWGNov 16, 20180:45Cineplex Media
Acquainted (trailer #1)PGDec 04, 20181:02A71 Entertainment Inc.
All Is True (trailer #1)GDec 11, 20182:16Mongrel Media
Antony and Cleopatra - National Theatre Live (trailer #1)PGDec 14, 20180:59Cineplex Entertainment
Arctic (trailer #1)GDec 07, 20181:32Elevation Pictures
Artemis Fowl (trailer #1)GNov 28, 20181:33Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Audience Of Chairs, An (trailer #1)PGDec 04, 20181:30A71 Entertainment Inc.
Avengers: Endgame (trailer #1)PGDec 13, 20182:24Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Banjara: The Truck Driver (trailer #1)PGNov 22, 20183:00VP Films
Beach Bum, The (trailer #1)PGNov 27, 20180:59VVS Films
Bhajjo Veero Ve (trailer #1)PGDec 03, 20183:17Independent
Blaze (trailer #1)PGDec 04, 20182:15levelFilm
BrightBurn (trailer #1)14ANov 29, 20182:26Sony Pictures Releasing
Burning (trailer #1)PGDec 04, 20181:45Well Go USA Inc.
Captive State (trailer #2)PGDec 10, 20182:24Universal Pictures
CBeebies Christmas Show: Thumbelina (trailer #1)GNov 23, 20181:04Cineplex Entertainment
Downton Abbey (trailer #1)GDec 11, 20181:01Universal Pictures
Dumbo (trailer #2)GNov 16, 20182:20Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Everybody Knows (trailer #1)PGNov 16, 20181:57Universal Pictures
Fighting With My Family (trailer #1)PGNov 16, 20182:28Universal Pictures
Gandhi Murder, The (trailer #2)PGDec 03, 20182:15VP Films
Gloria Bell (trailer #1)PGNov 23, 20182:08VVS Films
Godzilla (trailer #2A)PGDec 10, 20182:23Warner Bros. Entertainment
Happy Death Day 2U (trailer #2)14ADec 04, 20182:20Universal Pictures
Hellboy (2019) (trailer #1)PGDec 14, 20182:15VVS Films
If Beale Street Could Talk (trailer #3)GNov 20, 20181:01Entertainment One Films
Into Invisible Light (trailer #1)PGDec 14, 20181:38A71 Entertainment Inc.
Intruder, The (trailer #1)14ANov 16, 20182:24Sony Pictures Releasing
Intruder, The (trailer #1R)PGNov 16, 20182:26Sony Pictures Releasing
Kedarnath (trailer #2)PGNov 16, 20182:55VP Films
Kill Mobile (teaser)PGNov 20, 20181:35Asia Releasing
Lion King, The (2018) (trailer #1)GNov 28, 20181:32Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Mojin: The Worm Valley (trailer #1)PGDec 07, 20181:01Well Go USA Inc.
Mustang, The (2019) (trailer #1)PGDec 07, 20182:25Universal Pictures
Never Look Away (trailer #1)PGNov 29, 20181:59Mongrel Media
On The Basis Of Sex (trailer #C3)GNov 20, 20181:42Universal Pictures
Pet Sematary (2019) (trailer #2)14ADec 06, 20182:00Paramount Pictures
Pet Sematary (2019) (trailer #3)14ADec 13, 20181:59Paramount Pictures
Replicas (trailer #1)PGNov 29, 20181:25D Films
Secret Life Of Pets 2, The (trailer #2)GNov 16, 20181:14Universal Pictures
Secret Life Of Pets 2, The (trailer #3)GNov 29, 20181:20Universal Pictures
Serenity (2018) (trailer #2)PGNov 23, 20181:27Elevation Pictures
Shoplifters (trailer #2)GDec 11, 20182:00Mongrel Media
Simmba (trailer #1)14ADec 04, 20182:54VP Films
Sonchiriya (trailer #1)PGDec 03, 20181:13VP Films
Sony PlayStation "Shall We Dance"PGNov 29, 20180:30Sony Pictures Releasing
Sony PlayStation "The Big Bang"GNov 29, 20180:30Sony Pictures Releasing
Star Is Born, A (IMAX featurette)PGDec 06, 20188:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Sunset (trailer #1)PGDec 11, 20181:55Mongrel Media
Swing Kids (2018) (trailer #1)PGDec 13, 20181:03Well Go USA Inc.
They Shall Not Grow Old (trailer #1)PGNov 28, 20182:24Warner Bros. Entertainment
Through Black Spruce (trailer #1)PGNov 26, 20182:08D Films
Toy Story 4 (trailer #1A)GNov 16, 20181:26Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Toy Story 4 (trailer #1B)GNov 20, 20181:35Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Uri: The Surgical Strike (trailer #2)PGDec 06, 20182:19VP Films
What Walaa Wants (trailer #1)PGDec 13, 20181:43National Film Board Of Canada/Office National Du Film Du Canada
Where'd You Go Bernadette (trailer #1)GDec 10, 20181:33Entertainment One Films
Young Picasso (trailer #1)PGDec 14, 20181:11Cineplex Entertainment