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TitleRatingsDateRunning timeDistributor
"Ben" Red Deer CollegeGFeb 04, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Drag Race" KijijiGFeb 04, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"No You Hang Up" KoodoGJan 22, 20190:15Cineplex Media
"There is Work to Be Done" GMC Chevy SilveradoGFeb 04, 20191:00Cineplex Media
"Tradizionale" Dr OetkerGFeb 05, 20190:31Cineplex Media
Alita: Battle Angel (BTS Performance Capture Piece)PGFeb 13, 20193:3520th Century Fox
Anandi Gopal (trailer #1)PGJan 18, 20191:05VP Films
Angry Birds 2 (trailer #1)GFeb 13, 20191:22Sony Pictures Releasing
Badla (trailer #1)PGFeb 15, 20192:13VP Films
Beach Bum, The (trailer #2)14AJan 28, 20192:20VVS Films
Bikes of Wrath, The (trailer #1)GJan 24, 20191:52Demand Film
Child's Play (2019) (trailer #1)14AFeb 11, 20191:00Elevation Pictures
Corporate Coup D'√Čtat, The (trailer #1)PGFeb 15, 20192:45Independent
Curse Of La Llorona, The (trailer #2)14AJan 31, 20192:23Warner Bros. Entertainment
Dogman (trailer #1)PGFeb 06, 20191:47Mongrel Media
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (trailer #1)PGFeb 05, 20192:31Universal Pictures
Five Feet Apart (trailer #2)GJan 31, 20192:23Entertainment One Films
High End Yaaryaan (trailer #1)PGJan 29, 20193:15VP Films
Hummingbird Project, The (trailer #1)PGJan 23, 20192:20Elevation Pictures
Hustle, The (trailer #1)PGFeb 12, 20192:30Universal Pictures
Infinite Worlds (trailer #1)PGFeb 04, 20191:04Independent
Kala Shah Kala (trailer #1)GJan 18, 20191:20VP Films
Kesari (trailer #1)14AFeb 15, 20192:54VP Films
Long Shot (trailer #1)PGFeb 05, 20192:30Entertainment One Films
Lords Of Chaos (trailer #1)14AFeb 05, 20192:16Unobstructed View Inc.
Luka Chuppi (trailer #1)PGJan 31, 20192:49VP Films
Ma (trailer #1)14AFeb 07, 20192:30Universal Pictures
Ma (trailer #2)14AFeb 07, 20192:30Universal Pictures
Maiden (trailer #1)GFeb 06, 20192:07Mongrel Media
Missing Link (trailer #2)GFeb 11, 20192:30Elevation Pictures
Pet Sematary (trailer #4)14AFeb 04, 20192:34Paramount Pictures
POMS (trailer #1)PGFeb 13, 20192:24Entertainment One Films
Rabb Da Radio 2 (trailer #1)GJan 25, 20191:16VP Films
Red Joan (trailer #1)PGFeb 06, 20192:13Mongrel Media
Secret Life of Pets 2, The (trailer #4)GJan 21, 20191:40Universal Pictures
Secret Life Of Pets 2, The (trailer #5)GFeb 15, 20191:40Universal Pictures
Shaft (2019) (trailer #1)PGJan 31, 20192:06Warner Bros. Entertainment
Shaft (2019) (trailer #2)PGJan 31, 20192:06Warner Bros. Entertainment
Sun Is Also A Star, The (trailer #1)GFeb 07, 20192:24Warner Bros. Entertainment
Tolkien (trailer A)PGFeb 13, 20190:5220th Century Fox
Total Dhamaal (trailer #1)PGJan 31, 20192:5120th Century Fox
Uglydolls (trailer #2)GFeb 07, 20192:27VVS Films
Wandering Earth, The (trailer #1)PGJan 22, 20191:13Independent
What Men Want (Girls' Night Out Bonus Content)PGFeb 04, 20193:37Paramount Pictures
White Crow, The (trailer #1)PGFeb 06, 20192:05Mongrel Media
Wild Rose (trailer #1)PGJan 23, 20191:59Entertainment One Films
Wonder Park (trailer #3)GFeb 04, 20192:20Paramount Pictures
Yesterday (trailer #1)GFeb 12, 20192:30Universal Pictures