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TitleRatingsDateRunning timeDistributor
Alpha (trailer #1)PGJul 12, 20172:30Sony Pictures Releasing
American Assasin (trailer #2)14AJun 30, 20172:25Entertainment One Films
American Assassin (trailer #2)PGJul 04, 20171:30Entertainment One Films
Annabelle: Creation (trailer #3)14AJun 23, 20172:25Warner Bros. Entertainment
Baadshaho (trailer #1)PGJul 07, 20172:00Video Palace House Of Distribution
Bad Moms Christmas, A (teaser trailer)PGJun 30, 20171:45Entertainment One Films
Battleship Island, The (trailer #1)PGJul 10, 20171:55Independent
Black Panther (trailer #1)PGJun 20, 20171:52Walt Disney Studios
Blade Runner 2049 (trailer #4)PGJul 14, 20172:25Paramount Pictures
Blade Runner 2049 (trailer #5)PGJul 17, 20172:25Warner Bros. Entertainment
Bloody Crayons (trailer #1)PGJun 21, 20171:19ABS-CBN
Breathe (trailer #1)PGJul 06, 20172:30Elevation Pictures
Bushwick (trailer #1)PGJul 12, 20172:25Search Engine Films
Cineplex Events July 2017 Trailer PackagePGJun 29, 20175:03Cineplex Entertainment
Coke Canada 50 "The Chase"GJun 21, 20170:30Cineplex Media
Dairy Farmers of Canada "Happy Campers"GJul 14, 20170:30Cineplex Media
Darkest Hour (trailer #1)PGJul 06, 20172:19Universal Pictures
Ferdinand "Put on Your 3D Glasses"GJul 10, 20170:2020th Century Fox
Ferdinand (trailer B)GJun 28, 20172:2420th Century Fox
Finally Found Someone (trailer #1)GJun 21, 20171:30ABS-CBN
Foreigner, The (trailer #1)PGJul 04, 20172:10V V S Films
Gentleman, A (trailer A)PGJul 11, 20172:4920th Century Fox
Geostorm (trailer #2)PGJun 30, 20172:26Warner Bros. Entertainment
Glass Castle, The (trailer #2)GJul 04, 20171:30Entertainment One Films
Google "Home"GJun 29, 20170:30Cineplex Media
Google "Lights Out"GJun 29, 20170:05Cineplex Media
Greatest Showman, The (trailer B)GJun 28, 20172:2020th Century Fox
Heinz Ketchup "Big League"GJun 21, 20170:45Cineplex Media
Home Again (trailer #2)PGJun 22, 20172:30Entertainment One Films
Honda Odyssey "Keeping the Peace"GJun 26, 20171:00Cineplex Media
Honda Odyssey "Peace"GJun 26, 20170:30Cineplex Media
Ingrid Goes West Trailer (trailer #2)14AJun 30, 20172:17Mongrel Media
Jab Harry Met Sejal (trailer #1)GJun 27, 20172:31Video Palace House Of Distribution
Jagga Jasoos (trailer #2)GJun 20, 20172:56Video Palace House Of Distribution
Jeep Compass "Recalculating"GJun 29, 20170:30Cineplex Media
Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle (trailer #1)PGJun 22, 20172:30Sony Pictures Releasing
Kidnap (90 second trailer #2)14AJul 07, 20171:25Entertainment One Films
Kidnap (trailer)PGJun 22, 20171:53Entertainment One Films
Koodo "Fire"GJun 21, 20170:15Cineplex Media
Koodo "Hose"GJun 21, 20170:15Cineplex Media
Koodo "Window"GJul 14, 20170:30Cineplex Media
Little Hours, The (trailer #1)14AJul 04, 20171:58Mongrel Media
Long Time Running (trailer #1)GJun 26, 20171:00Elevation Pictures
Lucky (trailer #1)PGJul 17, 20172:00filmswelike
Marvel's Inhumans (trailer #1)PGJun 29, 20171:56Telus World Of Science
Meow (trailer #1)GJun 28, 20171:04Independent
Mother! (trailer #1)PGJul 17, 20171:09Paramount Pictures
Mubarakan (trailer #1)GJun 26, 20172:47Sony Pictures Releasing
My Little Pony: The Movie (trailer #2)GJun 30, 20172:18Entertainment One Films
My Little Pony: The Movie (trailer #3)GJul 04, 20171:30Entertainment One Films
Neighborhood, The (#1 trailer)PGJul 06, 20171:28Independent
Nordstrom Van and Cal "One of A Kind Sale"GJun 29, 20170:15Cineplex Media
Once Upon A Time (trailer #1)PGJul 14, 20171:38Well Go USA Inc.
Only The Brave (trailer #2)PGJul 17, 20172:28Sony Pictures Releasing
Pitch Perfect 3 (trailer #1)PGJun 20, 20172:30Universal Pictures
Pitch Perfect 3 (trailer #2)PGJun 20, 20172:30Universal Pictures
Polaroid (trailer #1)14AJul 04, 20172:25Entertainment One Films
Proud Mary (trailer #1)PGJul 12, 20172:03Sony Pictures Releasing
Pup Star: Better Together (trailer #1)GJun 29, 20171:14Cineplex Entertainment
Scotiabank "Everyone's Different"GJul 06, 20170:30Cineplex Media
Seasons Retirement Communities "Time After Time"GJun 21, 20171:00Cineplex Media
Shape Of Water, The (trailer A Alt)PGJun 29, 20172:3020th Century Fox
Simran (trailer #1)GJul 07, 20171:00Video Palace House Of Distribution
Skills Canada "Road To World Skills 2017"GJun 22, 20170:30Cineplex Media
Snowman, The (trailer #1)14AJul 12, 20172:20Universal Pictures
Spider-Man: Homecoming "Thank You Greeting"GJun 30, 20170:43Sony Pictures Releasing
Stronger (trailer)PGJun 22, 20172:23Entertainment One Films
Studio Ghibli Anime Series (trailer #1)GJun 29, 20170:48Cineplex Entertainment
Studio Ghibli Anime Series (trailer #2)GJun 29, 20170:44Cineplex Entertainment
Suzuki Canada "Argyll Motorsports"GJun 29, 20170:15Cineplex Media
Tangerine Bank "Starting Out"GJun 23, 20170:30Cineplex Media
Taxi Driver, A (trailer #1)PGJul 10, 20171:50Well Go USA Inc.
Thank You For Your Service (trailer #1)PGJun 21, 20172:16Universal Pictures
Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets (trailer #4)PGJun 30, 20171:30Entertainment One Films
Vekh Barataan Chaliyaan (trailer #1)GJul 18, 20172:53Independent
Wolf Warrior 2 (trailer #1)PGJul 12, 20171:50Well Go USA Inc.
Wrinkle In Time, A (trailer #1)GJul 19, 20171:49Walt Disney Studios
Wukong (trailer #1)PGJun 28, 20172:16Independent