Trailers, commercials and PSAs on this page have been rated in the last month. They may or may not have been released in theatres at this time. Decisions about when trailers are released in theatres or online are determined by studios and distributors, and not managed by Alberta Film Classification.

Trailer and teaser trailer ratings below are identified by title and are listed alphabetically. Commercials and PSAs are listed below alphabetically by file number. If you want more information about any ratings listed below, please email [email protected].

TitleRatingsDateRunning timeDistributor
All OF Us Strangers (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 26, 20232:23Walt Disney Pictures Canada
Anatomy of a Fall (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 07, 20232:08Elevation Pictures
Any How Mitti Pao (trailer #1)GeneralSep 18, 20231:29Rhythm Boyz Entertainment
Aquaman 2 (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 14, 20232:24Warner Bros. Entertainment
Argylle (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 20, 20232:32Universal Pictures
Bikeriders, The (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 08, 20232:02Walt Disney Pictures Canada
Blind, The (trailer #1)GeneralSep 29, 20230:30Fathom Events
Critical Role - The Mighty Nein Reunion: Echoes Of The Solstice (trailer #1)GeneralSep 21, 20230:29Cineplex Entertainment
Dicks: The Musical (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 21, 20231:50VVS Films
Dr. Cheon And The Lost Talisman (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 26, 20231:10Well Go USA Inc.
Dream Scenario (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 20, 20232:24VVS Films
Dune: Part Two (trailer #2)Parental GuidanceSep 01, 20231:30Warner Bros. Entertainment
Fair Play (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 08, 20232:30Sherry Media Group
Fingernails (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 26, 20232:08Cineplex Entertainment
Fitting In (trailer #1)14ASep 29, 20232:08Elevation Pictures
Five Nights at Freddy's (Concession spot)14ASep 28, 20230:32Universal Pictures
Fukrey 3 (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 05, 20232:48Independent
Great Escaper, The (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 08, 20232:26Sphere Films
Hunger Games, The: The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes (trailer #2)Parental GuidanceSep 14, 20232:39Cineplex Entertainment
Journey To Bethlehem (trailer #2)GeneralSep 14, 20232:28Sony Pictures Releasing
Killer, The (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 28, 20231:24Sherry Media Group
Killers Of The Flower Moon (trailer #3)Parental GuidanceSep 07, 20232:24Paramount Pictures
Marvels, The (trailer #4)Parental GuidanceSep 15, 20230:55Walt Disney Pictures Canada
Marvels, The (trailer #7)Parental GuidanceSep 29, 20232:10Walt Disney Pictures Canada
Maujaan Hi Maujaan (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 28, 20232:59Independent
Migration (Concession promo)GeneralSep 22, 20230:30Universal Pictures
Mission, The (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 08, 20232:07Sherry Media Group
My Heavenly City (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 07, 20231:50Independent
Next Goal Wins (trailer #2)GeneralSep 29, 20231:00Walt Disney Pictures Canada
Night Swim (trailer #1)14ASep 25, 20231:56Universal Pictures
NYAD (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 18, 20232:41Sherry Media Group
Pain Hustlers (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 18, 20230:48Sherry Media Group
Rad Di Mehhar (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 08, 20232:54VP Films
Sarabha (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 14, 20233:10Renaissance Media
Silent Night (trailer #1)14ASep 28, 20232:21VVS Films
Solo (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 14, 20231:23Renaissance Media
Taylor Swift The Eras Tour (trailer #1)GeneralSep 08, 20231:30Cineplex Entertainment
Thanksgiving (trailer #1)14ASep 07, 20231:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Une Annee Difficile (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceSep 29, 20232:03Sphere Films
Wish (trailer #2)GeneralSep 21, 20232:35Walt Disney Pictures Canada
ZZZ Commercial 87018DGeneralSep 21, 20230:15Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 88422GeneralSep 11, 20230:15Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 89250GeneralSep 28, 20230:15Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 89430GeneralSep 08, 20230:15Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial 89648GeneralSep 18, 20230:30Cineplex Media
ZZZ Commercial CZ202309GeneralSep 06, 20230:15Landmark Cinemas

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