TitleRatingsDateRunning timeDistributor
"Better World" CoronaParental GuidanceJun 07, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Burn Kit Tokyo Smoke" CanopyGeneralJun 13, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Calla Multi Tool" CanopyParental GuidanceJun 13, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Century Downs Calgary" Horse Racing AlbertaGeneralMay 24, 20190:15Cineplex Media
"Eye Opener Cannabis" Health CanadaParental GuidanceMay 24, 20190:30Cineplex Entertainment
"Get to It" Toyota CorollaGeneralMay 30, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Gone Fishing" SobeysGeneralJun 13, 20191:00Cineplex Media
"Good Omens" Amazon Prime In TrailerParental GuidanceMay 30, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Grand Prize" Full House LotteryGeneralMay 30, 20190:15Cineplex Media
"Hit Send on Summer" SafewayGeneralJun 13, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Lack of Confidence" NesteaGeneralMay 21, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Lantern Rolling Tray Tokyo Smoke" CanopyParental GuidanceJun 13, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Power To The People" Volkswagen Canada LtdGeneralJun 13, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Put Your 3D Glasses On" (Dark Phoenix)Parental GuidanceJun 07, 20190:2220th Century Fox
"Ready to Drink" Tim HortonsGeneralJun 13, 20190:15Cineplex Media
"Rocky Mountain Turf Club Lethbridge" Horse Racing AlbertaGeneralMay 24, 20190:15Cineplex Media
"Sweaty Palms" Coke Mini BottleGeneralMay 21, 20190:15Cineplex Media
"Swipe and Chase" Coke MiniGeneralMay 21, 20190:15Cineplex Media
"Timeless Friendship" Heritage ParkGeneralMay 30, 20190:15Cineplex Media
"We Are Mini" MINIGeneralMay 23, 20191:00Cineplex Media
Ad Astra (trailer A)Parental GuidanceJun 05, 20192:3220th Century Fox
After The Wedding (2019) (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceJun 13, 20192:02Mongrel Media
Angry Birds Movie 2, The (trailer #1)GeneralJun 10, 20192:30Sony Pictures Releasing
Annabelle Comes Home (trailer #2)14AMay 23, 20192:23Warner Bros. Entertainment
Ardaas Karaan (trailer #1)GeneralMay 21, 20190:42VP Films
Art Of Racing In The Rain, The (trailer B)GeneralMay 28, 20192:1220th Century Fox
Art Of Self-Defense, The (trailer #2)Parental GuidanceMay 24, 20192:34Pacific Northwest Pictures
Article 15 (trailer #1)14AMay 30, 20192:46VP Films
Baaji (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 24, 20191:21Independent
Better Days (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceJun 10, 20191:22Well Go USA Inc.
Blinded By The Light (trailer #2)Parental GuidanceJun 07, 20192:22Warner Bros. Entertainment
Chasing The Dragon II: Wild Wild Bunch (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 17, 20191:37Well Go USA Inc.
Circle Of Steel (teaser trailer)Parental GuidanceMay 17, 20190:57Independent
Dastaan-E-Miri Piri (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 17, 20193:06White Hill Production Inc.
Dora And The Lost City Of Gold (trailer #2)Parental GuidanceMay 17, 20191:35Paramount Pictures
Dora And The Lost City Of Gold (trailer #3)GeneralJun 13, 20191:45Paramount Pictures
Downton Abbey (trailer B)GeneralMay 21, 20192:24Universal Pictures
DSP Dev (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 17, 20190:47White Hill Production Inc.
DSP Dev (trailer #2)14AJun 10, 20192:51White Hill Production Inc.
Eight Hundred, The (trailer #1)14AJun 14, 20191:25Independent
Extraordinary Journey Of The Fakir, The (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceJun 05, 20192:40Independent
Farewell, The (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 17, 20192:16VVS Films
Fiddler: A Miracle Of Miracles (trailer #1)GeneralJun 05, 20192:15Pacific Northwest Pictures
Ford v Ferrari (trailer C)Parental GuidanceJun 05, 20192:2520th Century Fox
Gangster, The Cop, The Devil, The (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 30, 20191:15Well Go USA Inc.
Gemini Man (trailer #2)Parental GuidanceMay 31, 20191:30Paramount Pictures
Goldfinch, The (trailer #1A)Parental GuidanceMay 22, 20192:20Warner Bros. Entertainment
Heer Maan Jaa (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceJun 03, 20191:47Independent
I'll Take Your Dead (trailer #1)14AMay 27, 20191:42Independent
IT: Chapter 2 (trailer #3)14AMay 21, 20192:24Warner Bros. Entertainment
Jind Jaan (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 21, 20192:53VP Films
Judy (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 23, 20191:02Entertainment One Films
Kitchen, The (trailer #2)Parental GuidanceJun 07, 20192:23Warner Bros. Entertainment
Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 31, 20191:21Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Margaret Atwood: Live In Cinemas (trailer #1)GeneralJun 10, 20190:45Cineplex Entertainment
Marianne & Leonard: Words Of Love (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 30, 20192:29Elevation Pictures
Men In Black: International (trailer J)Parental GuidanceMay 24, 20190:56Sony Pictures Releasing
Midsommar (trailer #1)14AMay 21, 20192:25Elevation Pictures
Mindo Taseeldarni (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceJun 03, 20193:21VP Films
Mouthpiece (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 23, 20191:51levelFilm
Munda Faridkotia (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 17, 20192:43VP Films
Official Secret (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceJun 14, 20192:09Entertainment One Films
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (trailer #3)14AMay 17, 20192:26Sony Pictures Releasing
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (trailer #4)Parental GuidanceMay 17, 20192:23Sony Pictures Releasing
Pavarotti (Ron Howard Intro)GeneralJun 04, 20190:45Mongrel Media
Playmobil: The Movie (trailer #1)GeneralJun 13, 20192:20Elevation Pictures
Rambo: Last Blood (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 30, 20191:39VVS Films
Road To The Lemon Grove (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceJun 14, 20191:33Independent
Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (trailer #2)14AJun 03, 20192:24Entertainment One Films
Secret Life of Pets 2, The (trailer #7)GeneralMay 17, 20192:25Universal Pictures
Shadaa (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 21, 20193:11White Hill Production Inc.
Shaft (2019) (trailer #3)Parental GuidanceMay 21, 20192:03Warner Bros. Entertainment
Spider-Man: Far From Home (trailer #4)Parental GuidanceMay 31, 20192:09Sony Pictures Releasing
Stuber (Silence Your Phones PSA)Parental GuidanceJun 12, 20190:3120th Century Fox
Stuber (trailer C)14AJun 12, 20191:5020th Century Fox
Super 30 (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 30, 20192:30VP Films
Terminator: Dark Fate (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceMay 22, 20192:23Paramount Pictures
Terminator: Dark Fate (trailer #2)Parental GuidanceJun 07, 20192:22Paramount Pictures
Toy Story 4 (trailer #4)GeneralMay 17, 20192:17Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Trolls World Tour (trailer #1)GeneralJun 03, 20192:30Universal Pictures
White Storm 2, The: Drug Lords (trailer #1)14AJun 10, 20191:18Independent
X-Men: Dark Phoenix (trailer H)Parental GuidanceJun 05, 20191:2620th Century Fox