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TitleRatingsDateRunning timeDistributor
"A Glass for Santa" Dairy Farmers Of CanadaGApr 12, 20191:00Cineplex Media
"Cause" Full House LotteryGApr 03, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Chips Made By Us" Federated Co-operativesGApr 03, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Choir Choir Choir" RMHCGApr 12, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Coffee Made By Us" Federated Co-operativesGApr 03, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Deadline Bonus" Full HouseGMar 28, 20190:15Cineplex Media
"Dog of the House" Embrace AmazonGMar 28, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Fish Made By Us" Federated Co-operativesGApr 03, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Galaxy S10" Samsung Electronics IncGApr 12, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Gas Made By Us" Federated Co-operativesGApr 03, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Gift Card" The KegPGApr 12, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Home for Christmas" Federated Co-op LtdGApr 12, 20191:00Cineplex Media
"Legend" BMW X7GApr 03, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Life is Waiting" Toyota CorollaGApr 12, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Magical Moms" Embrace AmazonGApr 03, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Marvelous Mrs Maisel" Amazon Prime VideoPGApr 12, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Next Generation" Sierra GMCGMar 28, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Night Stand" Google PixelGApr 12, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"One More Thing" Subaru AscentGApr 24, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Players Story" EssoGApr 24, 20191:00Cineplex Media
"Ready for Camera" Telus HuaweiGApr 24, 20190:15Cineplex Media
"Sleepwalking" MazdaGApr 03, 20191:00Cineplex Media
"Soccer" Amazon EchoGApr 24, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Start" MasterCardGApr 12, 20190:15Cineplex Media
"What the Future Holds" ScotiabankGApr 12, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Worry Free Bonus Data" EastLinkGApr 12, 20190:15Cineplex Media
"You Decide" Elections AlbertaGMar 28, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"You Got It" Shaw Blue CurveGApr 24, 20190:30Cineplex Media
21 Bridges (trailer #1)PGApr 24, 20192:27VVS Films
Addams Family, The (2019) (trailer A)GApr 24, 20191:33Universal Pictures
Anna (trailer #1)PGApr 17, 20192:05Entertainment One Films
Annabelle Comes Home (trailer #1A)14AMar 26, 20192:24Warner Bros. Entertainment
Art Of Self-Defense, The (trailer #1)PGApr 12, 20191:19Pacific Northwest Pictures
Batman (intro)PGApr 15, 20194:40Warner Bros. Entertainment
Batman And Robin (intro)GApr 15, 20193:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Batman Forever (intro)GApr 15, 20193:35Warner Bros. Entertainment
Batman Returns (intro)PGApr 15, 20194:29Warner Bros. Entertainment
Bharat (trailer #1)PGApr 24, 20193:11VP Films
Blackia (trailer #1)PGApr 10, 20192:57VP Films
Brahmastra (trailer #1)GApr 09, 20190:4020th Century Fox
Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh (trailer #1)GApr 05, 20190:59VP Films
Child's Play (trailer #2)14AApr 10, 20191:41Elevation Pictures
Dark Phoenix (trailer G)PGApr 10, 20191:5820th Century Fox
De De Pyaar De (trailer #1)PGApr 09, 20193:07VP Films
Dead Don't Die, The (trailer #1)14AMar 29, 20191:35Universal Pictures
Diane (trailer #1)PGApr 12, 20191:43Independent
Dora And The Lost City Of Gold (trailer #1)PGApr 03, 20192:24Paramount Pictures
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (trailer #5)PGApr 24, 20192:30Universal Pictures
Gemini Man (trailer #1)PGApr 18, 20192:01Paramount Pictures
Godzilla: King Of The Monsters (trailer #3)PGApr 03, 20195:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Godzilla: King Of The Monsters (trailer #4)PGApr 18, 20192:13Warner Bros. Entertainment
Good Boys (trailer #2)14AMar 25, 20192:24Universal Pictures
Good Boys (trailer #3)18AMar 25, 20192:30Universal Pictures
I'm Going To Break Your Heart (trailer #1)GApr 05, 20191:38levelFilm
Joker (trailer #1)PGApr 09, 20192:24Warner Bros. Entertainment
JT Leroy (trailer #1)PGApr 04, 20191:48Pacific Northwest Pictures
Lion King, The (2019) (trailer #2)GApr 24, 20191:48Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Long Shot (trailer #5)PGMar 28, 20191:42Entertainment One Films
Master Z: IP Man Legacy (trailer #1)PGMar 26, 20191:30Well Go USA Inc.
Men In Black: International (trailer #3)PGApr 24, 20192:23Sony Pictures Releasing
Muklawa (trailer #1)PGApr 09, 20192:35White Hill Production Inc.
My Spy (trailer #1)PGMar 26, 20192:30Elevation Pictures
Okko's Inn (trailer #1)GApr 24, 20190:30Cineplex Entertainment
Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (trailer #2)PGMar 26, 20191:35Sony Pictures Releasing
Overcomer (trailer #2)GApr 08, 20192:17Sony Pictures Releasing
Penguin Highway (trailer #1)GMar 29, 20191:31Cineplex Entertainment
Photograph (trailer #2)GApr 24, 20192:24Mongrel Media
Public, The (trailer #1)PGApr 10, 20192:25Mongrel Media
Queen's Corgi, The (trailer #1)GApr 17, 20191:05Independent
Savage (trailer #1)PGApr 24, 20191:37Well Go USA Inc.
Scary Stories (Cineplex Shout Out trailer #2)14AApr 10, 20191:54Entertainment One Films
Scary Stories (Generic Shout Out trailer #4)14AApr 10, 20191:50Entertainment One Films
Scary Stories (Landmark Shout Out trailer #3)14AApr 10, 20191:52Entertainment One Films
Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (trailer #1)14AMar 28, 20191:40Entertainment One Films
Secret Life Of Pets 2, The (trailer #6R)GApr 24, 20192:29Universal Pictures
Shadow (trailer #1)PGApr 05, 20191:50Well Go USA Inc.
Sir (trailer #1)14AMar 28, 20191:35filmswelike
Souvenir, The (trailer #1)PGApr 24, 20192:16Mongrel Media
Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker (trailer #1)PGApr 24, 20192:04Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Stuber (trailer A)PGApr 08, 20191:5520th Century Fox
Stuber (trailer B)PGApr 08, 20191:5920th Century Fox
Student Of The Year 2 (trailer #1)PGApr 17, 20192:5720th Century Fox
Studio Ghibli Anime Series 2019 (trailer #1)GApr 08, 20190:54Cineplex Entertainment
Terra Willy: Plan├Ęte inconnue (trailer #1)GApr 12, 20191:30Independent
Tomorrow Man, The (trailer #1)PGMar 29, 20192:35Pacific Northwest Pictures
Van Gogh And Japan (trailer #1)GMar 29, 20191:30Cineplex Entertainment