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All trailers, commercials and public service announcements (PSAs) are classified before they play in Alberta theatres.

Trailers, commercials and PSAs on this page have been rated in the last month. They may or may not have been released in theatres at this time.

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TitleRatingsDateRunning timeDistributor
"1000 Chairs" LoblawsGMay 30, 20182:08Cineplex Media
"Airport" LoblawsGMay 30, 20181:40Cineplex Media
"Bonus Points" Scene CaraGMay 25, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"City Friendly" Hyundai KonaGJun 08, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Faces" TelusGMay 25, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Hauler" No FrillsGJun 07, 20181:32Cineplex Media
"Homework iPad" AppleGJun 13, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Kicks" Nissan CanadaGJun 19, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Meant to Be" PC LoblawsGJun 08, 20181:40Cineplex Media
"Shakalakazoop" Parmalat CheestringsGJun 07, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Then and Now LG" Bell TYCPOGJun 07, 20180:35Cineplex Media
"Timeless Friends" Heritage ParkGMay 25, 20180:30Cineplex Media
"Unlock Summer" Coca ColaGJun 19, 20180:30Cineplex Media
Alpha (trailer #2)PGJun 15, 20181:43Sony Pictures Releasing
Ant-Man And The Wasp (trailer #3)PGJun 13, 20181:37Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Asees (trailer #1)PGMay 25, 20182:37VP Films
Azaadi (trailer #1)PGJun 04, 20182:56Independent
Bad Times At The El Royale (trailer B)PGJun 06, 20182:0720th Century Fox
Bad Times At The El Royale (trailer C)14AJun 06, 20182:0420th Century Fox
Blindspotting (trailer #1)PGJun 13, 20182:18VVS Films
Bohemian Rhapsody (trailer E)PGJun 12, 20181:3020th Century Fox
Bookshop, The (trailer #1)PGJun 21, 20182:11Independent
Broken Star (trailer #1)14AJun 08, 20181:16Cineplex Entertainment
Bumblebee (trailer #1)PGJun 06, 20182:16Paramount Pictures
Christopher Robin (trailer #2)GJun 13, 20182:24Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Creed 2 (trailer #1)PGJun 13, 20181:50Warner Bros. Entertainment
Darken (trailer #1)14AJun 01, 20181:30A71 Entertainment Inc.
Dhadak (trailer #1)PGJun 12, 20183:00VP Films
Dr. Seuss' The Grinch (trailer #2)GJun 18, 20182:31Universal Pictures
Eighth Grade (trailer #1)GJun 13, 20182:22Elevation Pictures
First Man (trailer #1)PGJun 18, 20182:37Universal Pictures
Girl In The Spider's Web, The (trailer #2)14AJun 08, 20182:26Sony Pictures Releasing
Gospel According To André, The (trailer #1)GMay 28, 20182:23Pacific Northwest Pictures
Halloween (2018) (trailer #1)14AJun 21, 20182:30Universal Pictures
Hanksfest (trailer #1)GJun 21, 20181:04Cineplex Entertainment
Happytime Murders, The (trailer #1)18AMay 23, 20182:27VVS Films
How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (trailer #1)GMay 29, 20182:20Universal Pictures
Lego Movie 2, The (trailer #1)GJun 08, 20182:24Warner Bros. Entertainment
Little Italy (trailer #1)PGJun 20, 20182:20Entertainment One Films
Little Stranger, The (trailer #1)14AMay 23, 20182:27Universal Pictures
Loveratri (trailer #1)GJun 13, 20181:00VP Films
McQueen (trailer #1)PGMay 25, 20180:33Elevation Pictures
Mission: Impossible Fallout (IMAX trailer)PGJun 08, 20183:13Paramount Pictures
Mortal Engines (trailer #2)PGJun 04, 20182:30Universal Pictures
Nankana (trailer #1)PGJun 21, 20181:30VP Films
Night School (trailer #2)PGMay 25, 20182:30Universal Pictures
Nobody's Fool (trailer #1)PGJun 20, 20182:30Paramount Pictures
Nun, The (trailer #1)14AJun 07, 20181:30Warner Bros. Entertainment
Old Man & The Gun, The (trailer A)PGJun 06, 20182:2620th Century Fox
Peppermint (trailer #1)PGJun 01, 20182:23Elevation Pictures
Race 3 (trailer #1)PGMay 23, 20183:04VP Films
Racetime (trailer #1)GJun 13, 20181:02Entertainment One Films
Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (trailer #2)GJun 13, 20182:24Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Sanju (trailer B)14AMay 31, 20183:0320th Century Fox
Sicario: Day Of The Soldado (trailer #3A)PGMay 25, 20181:21Sony Pictures Releasing
Simple Favor, A (trailer #2)PGMay 25, 20181:45Entertainment One Films
Simple Favor, A (trailer #3)PGMay 31, 20182:20Entertainment One Films
Skyscraper (trailer #4)PGJun 19, 20182:30Universal Pictures
Soorma (trailer #1)PGJun 18, 20182:51Sony Pictures Releasing
Sorry To Bother You (trailer #3)GJun 20, 20180:30Entertainment One Films
Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (trailer #2)PGJun 20, 20182:25Sony Pictures Releasing
Spies In Disguise (trailer A)GJun 13, 20181:3520th Century Fox
Star Is Born, A (trailer #1)PGJun 07, 20182:24Warner Bros. Entertainment
Superfly (trailer #3)PGMay 25, 20182:26Sony Pictures Releasing
Teefa In Trouble (trailer #1)PGJun 13, 20183:10VP Films
Under The Silver Lake (trailer #1)PGMay 25, 20182:15Mongrel Media
Unfriended: Dark Web (trailer #1)14AJun 20, 20182:24Universal Pictures
Venom (trailer C)14AMay 25, 20182:27Sony Pictures Releasing
Welcome To Marwen (trailer #1)PGJun 18, 20182:33Universal Pictures
White Boy Rick (trailer #1)14AJun 15, 20182:30Sony Pictures Releasing
White Boy Rick (trailer #2)PGJun 15, 20182:30Sony Pictures Releasing
Whitney (trailer #1)PGMay 23, 20182:25D Films
Widows (trailer E)PGJun 06, 20182:0020th Century Fox
Widows (trailer F)PGJun 13, 20181:5920th Century Fox
Zero (trailer #1) (2018)GJun 13, 20181:15VP Films