TitleRatingsDateRunning timeDistributor
"Coming Soon The Boys" AmazonParental GuidanceJul 30, 20190:30Cineplex Media
"Optik TV Monkey" TelusGeneralAug 08, 20190:15Cineplex Media
"Ticket Dash" Scotiabank Coming SoonGeneralAug 01, 20190:35Cineplex Media
1917 (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceJul 26, 20191:52Universal Pictures
A Hidden Life (trailer A)Parental GuidanceAug 14, 20192:1220th Century Fox
Ad Astra (trailer D)Parental GuidanceJul 23, 20192:1620th Century Fox
Addams Family (2019) (trailer D)GeneralAug 08, 20192:24Universal Pictures
Angry Birds Movie 2, The (Bathroom Scene Sneak Peek)Parental GuidanceAug 06, 20192:02Sony Pictures Releasing
Antlers (trailer A)14AAug 19, 20191:4320th Century Fox
Batla House (trailer #1)14AJul 22, 20192:55VP Films
Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, A (trailer #1)GeneralJul 24, 20192:10Sony Pictures Releasing
Chhichhore (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceAug 09, 20192:4520th Century Fox
Divine Fury, The (trailer #1)14AJul 22, 20191:38Well Go USA Inc.
Dream Girl (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceAug 12, 20192:46VP Films
Frankie (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceAug 19, 20191:54Mongrel Media
Gemini Man (trailer #3)Parental GuidanceJul 22, 20192:24Paramount Pictures
Gemini Man (trailer #4)Parental GuidanceJul 26, 20192:23Paramount Pictures
Harriet (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceJul 25, 20192:27Universal Pictures
Hustlers (trailer #1)14AJul 24, 20192:12Elevation Pictures
I Still Believe (teaser trailer)Parental GuidanceAug 19, 20192:26Mongrel Media
Ishq: My Religion (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceAug 19, 20192:38VP Films
IT: Chapter Two (Greeting)GeneralJul 31, 20190:23Warner Bros. Entertainment
IT: Chapter Two (Sneak Peek)14AJul 31, 20197:57Warner Bros. Entertainment
Jojo Rabbit (revised trailer A)Parental GuidanceJul 24, 20190:5720th Century Fox
Jumanji: The Next Level (trailer D)Parental GuidanceAug 06, 20191:31Sony Pictures Releasing
Jumanji: The Next Level (trailer E)Parental GuidanceAug 06, 20190:59Sony Pictures Releasing
King's Man, The (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceJul 24, 20191:4820th Century Fox
Last Christmas (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceAug 07, 20192:32Universal Pictures
Last Day Of Autumn, The (short)GeneralJul 25, 20197:35Cineplex Entertainment
Line Walker 2: Invisible Spy (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceAug 06, 20191:43Well Go USA Inc.
Little Women (2019) (trailer #1)GeneralAug 06, 20192:29Sony Pictures Releasing
Metallica S&M2 (trailer #1)GeneralAug 19, 20190:30Cineplex Entertainment
Mitti: Virasat Babbaran Di (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceAug 08, 20190:30Independent
My Neighbour Totoro (Studio Ghibli Fest 2019 trailer)GeneralJul 24, 20190:30Cineplex Entertainment
Naukar Vahuti Da (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceAug 07, 20193:34VP Films
Pain And Glory (trailer #1)GeneralAug 12, 20191:22Mongrel Media
Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas (trailer #1)GeneralAug 08, 20191:06VP Films
Peanut Butter Falcon, The (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceJul 23, 20192:34levelFilm
Queen's Corgi, The (trailer #2)GeneralJul 26, 20191:05Independent
Riot Girls (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceAug 08, 20191:26levelFilm
Roger Waters Us + Them (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceAug 07, 20190:30Cineplex Entertainment
RUSH: Cinema Strangiato 2019 (trailer #1)GeneralAug 06, 20190:30Cineplex Entertainment
Saaho (trailer #2)Parental GuidanceAug 12, 20192:47VP Films
Secret World Of Arrietty, The (Ghibli Fest 2019 trailer #1)GeneralAug 19, 20190:30Cineplex Entertainment
Surkhi Bindi (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceAug 08, 20193:12VP Films
Tenet (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceAug 06, 20191:03Warner Bros. Entertainment
This Changes Everything (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceAug 07, 20192:04levelFilm
Top Gun: Maverick (trailer #1)GeneralJul 25, 20192:15Paramount Pictures
Toxic Beauty (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceAug 13, 20191:55Independent
Underwater (trailer #1)14AAug 19, 20192:1920th Century Fox
Zombieland 2: Double Tap (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceJul 26, 20192:28Sony Pictures Releasing
ZZ Top: That Little Ol' Band From Texas (trailer #1)Parental GuidanceAug 08, 20191:09Cineplex Entertainment