TitleRatingsAdvisoryDateRunning timeDistributor
#Female Pleasure14AMature Subject MatterFeb 28, 2020101:00Metro Cinema
(NOT) Perfect Man14AFeb 18, 202092:00Independent
Anne At 13,000 ftParental GuidanceSubstance AbuseFeb 28, 202075:00Independent
AnveshanamParental GuidanceMature Subject MatterFeb 05, 2020100:00Edmonton Movie Club
Arab BluesParental GuidanceFeb 28, 202088:00TIFF
Assistant, TheParental GuidanceCoarse LanguageFeb 04, 202087:00levelFilm
Aswathama14AViolence, Disturbing ContentJan 30, 2020133:00Independent
Aurora (short)GeneralFeb 13, 20205:00Metro Cinema
Australia's Great Wild NorthGeneralFeb 11, 202036:00Telus World Of Science
Ayyappanum KoshiyumParental GuidanceViolenceFeb 05, 2020177:00Independent
Belle Époque, La14ACoarse Language, Sexual ContentFeb 20, 2020115:00TIFF
BheeshmaParental GuidanceViolenceFeb 18, 2020149:00Independent
Bhoot: Part One - The Haunted Ship14AFrightening ScenesFeb 20, 2020114:00VP Films
Bloodshot14AViolenceFeb 27, 2020109:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Blumhouse's Fantasy Island14AJan 31, 2020109:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Brahms: The Boy II14AFeb 13, 202086:00Elevation Pictures
Burnt Orange Heresy, The14ASexual Content, NudityFeb 26, 202098:00Calgary International Film Festival
Call Of The Wild, TheParental GuidanceFeb 10, 2020100:0020th Century Fox
Canadian Strain14ACoarse Language, Substance AbuseFeb 05, 202079:00Pacific Northwest Pictures
Castle In The Ground14ASubstance Abuse, Coarse LanguageFeb 11, 2020107:00Pacific Northwest Pictures
Clemency14AFeb 05, 2020112:00TIFF
Conductor, TheParental GuidanceFeb 12, 2020140:00Independent
Corpus Christi (Boze Cialo)18AFeb 27, 2020115:00Independent
Crazy Wedding 2Parental GuidanceFeb 21, 202098:00Independent
Dolce Fine Giornata14AFeb 07, 202096:00TIFF
Downhill14AFeb 03, 202085:0020th Century Fox
Downtown Dining Week: Lunchbox ShortsParental GuidanceCoarse Language, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenFeb 28, 202090:00Edmonton International Film Festival
Dust In The WindParental GuidanceJan 31, 2020109:00Calgary Cinematheque Society
Dwitiyo Purush14AViolenceFeb 12, 2020129:00Edmonton Movie Club
Emma. (2020)Parental GuidanceFeb 10, 2020124:00Universal Pictures
Exhibition On Screen: Lucian Freud - A Self-Portrait 2020Parental GuidanceNudityJan 30, 202086:00Cineplex Media
Exotica (1994) [reclassified 2020]14ANudityFeb 21, 2020103:00Reclassification
Extra Ordinary.14ACoarse LanguageFeb 25, 202094:00levelFilm
Fire Will Come (O que Arde)Parental GuidanceFeb 12, 202085:00Calgary Cinematheque Society
For Sama18AFeb 24, 202096:00Metro Cinema
Greed (2019)14ACoarse LanguageFeb 24, 2020104:00Mongrel Media
Gul Makai14AViolenceJan 29, 2020130:00VP Films
Guns Akimbo18ABrutal ViolenceFeb 07, 202097:00Calgary Underground Film Festival
Home (2019)Parental GuidanceFeb 24, 202092:00Independent
I Still BelieveParental GuidanceFeb 20, 2020116:00Mongrel Media
Ik Sandhu Hunda Si14AFeb 26, 2020116:00VP Films
Impractical Jokers: The MovieParental GuidanceCoarse LanguageFeb 27, 202092:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Invasion (2020)Parental GuidanceViolence, Frightening ScenesFeb 05, 2020134:00Independent
Invisible Man, The14AViolence, Frightening ScenesFeb 13, 2020124:00Universal Pictures
JaanuGeneralFeb 07, 2020151:00Edmonton Movie Club
Jawaani JaanemanParental GuidanceJan 29, 2020115:00Independent
Jesus Rolls, The14ACoarse Language, Sexual Content, NudityFeb 27, 202086:00levelFilm
Jiang Ziya (Legend Of Deification)Parental GuidanceViolence, Frightening ScenesFeb 04, 2020110:00Well Go USA Inc.
Lodge, The14AFeb 19, 2020108:00Metro Cinema
Long Strange Trip: The Untold Story Of The Grateful Dead14AFeb 04, 2020242:00Metro Cinema
Love Aaj Kal (2020)Parental GuidanceCoarse LanguageFeb 11, 2020144:00White Hill Production Inc.
Luv Ni Love StorysGeneralFeb 12, 2020146:00Edmonton Movie Club
Maggie Simpson In Play Date With DestinyGeneralFeb 25, 20205:00Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Malang14ABrutal ViolenceFeb 05, 2020135:00VP Films
Man Standing Next, The14ABrutal ViolenceFeb 04, 2020114:00Independent
MurmurParental GuidanceMature Subject MatterJan 30, 202086:00Independent
My Hero Academia: Heroes RisingParental GuidanceViolenceFeb 13, 2020104:00Cineplex Entertainment
Nomad: In The Footsteps Of Bruce ChatwinParental GuidanceFeb 18, 202089:00Metro Cinema
Nose To Tail14ACoarse LanguageJan 29, 202082:00Independent
Nuuk14ACoarse Language, Mature Subject MatterFeb 14, 2020110:00ABS-CBN
Oliver Sacks: His Own LifeParental GuidanceCoarse LanguageFeb 04, 2020114:00Calgary International Film Festival
One Day In The Life Of Noah PiugattukGeneralFeb 21, 2020112:00Independent
One Night In Al AqsaGeneralJan 31, 202081:00Independent
OnwardGeneralFeb 25, 2020102:00Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Personal ProblemsParental GuidanceMature Subject Matter, Substance AbuseFeb 18, 2020165:00Metro Cinema
Photograph, TheParental GuidanceFeb 03, 2020106:00Universal Pictures
Pretty StrongParental GuidanceCoarse LanguageFeb 21, 202074:00Metro Cinema
Raven And The Seagull, The (Lykkelænder)GeneralFeb 20, 202068:00Independent
Rest Of Us, TheParental GuidanceCoarse LanguageFeb 11, 202080:00TIFF
Richard Pryor: Live On The Sunset Strip (1982) [reclassified 2020]14ACoarse LanguageFeb 19, 202081:00Reclassification
Ride Your WaveParental GuidanceFeb 18, 2020104:00Cineplex Entertainment
Say Amen, Somebody (1982) [reclassified 2020]GeneralJan 30, 2020101:00Reclassification
Seberg14ACoarse Language, Sexual ContentFeb 14, 2020102:00Pacific Northwest Pictures
Shooter (2020)14ABrutal ViolenceFeb 25, 2020143:00VP Films
Shubh Mangal Zyada SaavdhanParental GuidanceFeb 19, 2020118:00White Hill Production Inc.
SinamkolParental GuidanceFeb 25, 2020120:00Independent
Sorry We Missed You14AJan 31, 2020102:00TIFF
SufnaParental GuidanceFeb 10, 2020144:00White Hill Production Inc.
Taipei StoryParental GuidanceSubstance Abuse, ViolenceJan 31, 2020120:00Calgary Cinematheque Society
Target Number One14AFeb 28, 2020135:00Entertainment One Films
Terrorizers (Kong bu fen zi) (1986)Parental GuidanceViolenceFeb 07, 2020109:00Calgary Cinematheque Society
ThappadParental GuidanceMature Subject Matter, Coarse LanguageFeb 25, 2020142:00VP Films
That Obscure Object Of Desire (Cet obscur objet du désir) (1977) [reclassified 2020]14ANudityFeb 18, 2020103:00Reclassification
Thief Of Baghdad, The (Lis Baghdad)Parental GuidanceFeb 06, 2020101:00Independent
Trance (2020)14AViolenceFeb 26, 2020169:00Edmonton Movie Club
True Fiction14ABrutal ViolenceFeb 14, 202097:00levelFilm
Varane AvashyamundParental GuidanceFeb 12, 2020146:00Edmonton Movie Club
VHYes14AJan 29, 202072:00Independent
Way Back, The (2019)14ACoarse Language, Substance AbuseFeb 24, 2020108:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
We Are The RootsParental GuidanceFeb 03, 202067:00Metro Cinema
WendyParental GuidanceMature Subject MatterFeb 06, 2020111:00Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
White Lie14ANudityFeb 26, 202096:00levelFilm
WillieParental GuidanceFeb 19, 202091:00Demand Film
Wise Fool, TheGeneralFeb 11, 202032:00Metro Cinema
Women With Men (Zanan-e bedun-e mardan)14AMature Subject MatterFeb 18, 202095:00Metro Cinema
World Famous Lover14AFeb 11, 2020151:00Independent
Zakhmi: The Family Man14ABrutal ViolenceFeb 06, 2020123:00VP Films