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TitleRatingsAdvisoryDateRunning timeDistributor
2019 Oscar Nominated Short Films, The: Animated14AFeb 08, 201976:00Calgary International Film Festival
2019 Oscar Nominated Short Films, The: Documentary14ACoarse Language, Disturbing ContentJan 31, 2019134:00Calgary International Film Festival
2019 Oscar Nominated Short Films, The: Live Action14AViolence, Mature Subject MatterJan 29, 2019108:00Calgary International Film Festival
Abuse Of Weakness (Abus de faiblesse)PGCoarse Language, Mature Subject MatterFeb 14, 2019104:00Calgary Cinematheque Society
Akira (1988) [reclassified 2019]14AViolence, Disturbing ContentFeb 15, 2019124:00Reclassification
Alita: Battle AngelPGViolence, Frightening Scenes, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenFeb 01, 2019122:0020th Century Fox
Alita: Battle Angel Q&AGFeb 07, 201927:0020th Century Fox
All The Wild HorsesPGCoarse LanguageJan 22, 201990:00Calgary International Film Festival
ArcticPGMature Subject MatterJan 24, 201998:00Elevation Pictures
Ash Is Purest White14AFeb 11, 2019136:00Metro Cinema
Beakerhead People Of Science: Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell BurnellGJan 30, 20195:00Independent
Beat Street (1984) [reclassified 2019]PGCoarse LanguageJan 17, 2019106:00Reclassification
Behind The Scenes With PatrickGFeb 12, 20195:00Cineplex Entertainment
Cérémonie, La (1995) [reclassified 2019]PGViolenceFeb 14, 2019112:00Reclassification
Cold Pursuit14AViolenceJan 24, 2019119:00Elevation Pictures
Corporate Coup D'État, ThePGCoarse LanguageFeb 15, 201990:00White Hill Production Inc.
Crow, The (1994) [reclassified 2019]14AViolence, Substance AbuseFeb 14, 2019102:00Reclassification
Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa LagaPGJan 31, 2019120:0020th Century Fox
El BadlaPGJan 25, 2019100:00Independent
Elephant Sitting Still, An14ACoarse LanguageFeb 07, 2019234:00Calgary Cinematheque Society
En liberté! (The Trouble With You)14AJan 22, 2019108:00Independent
Extreme Job14AViolenceFeb 01, 2019111:00Independent
Fall In Love At First KissGFeb 12, 2019122:00Asia Releasing
Festival Of (In)appropriation #1018AFeb 06, 201985:00Metro Cinema
Fighting With My FamilyPGCoarse LanguageJan 31, 2019108:00Universal Pictures
First Contact CanadaPGJan 18, 2019135:00Metro Cinema
Genesis 2.0PGCoarse Language, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenJan 23, 2019113:00Independent
GharasarapaPGJan 15, 2019108:00Independent
Gloria Bell14ASexual ContentFeb 13, 2019101:00VVS Films
Greta14AViolenceJan 21, 201999:00Universal Pictures
Gully BoyPGMature Subject Matter, Substance AbuseFeb 12, 2019155:00VP Films
Happy Death Day 2U14AJan 28, 2019100:00Universal Pictures
Hong Kong: From East And WestGJan 30, 201977:00Independent
How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden WorldPGFeb 05, 2019104:00Universal Pictures
Hummingbird Project, The14ACoarse LanguageFeb 13, 2019111:00Elevation Pictures
I Was a Teenage Serial Killer18AJan 23, 201925:00Calgary Underground Film Festival
Image Book, The (Le Livre d'image)14ANudity, Sexual ContentJan 28, 201985:00Calgary Cinematheque Society
In The Shadow Of EverestGJan 16, 201938:00Metro Cinema
IntegrityPGFeb 04, 2019114:00Asia Releasing
Isn't It RomanticPGCoarse LanguageJan 29, 201988:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Jacob's Ladder (1990) [reclassified 2019]14ACoarse Language, Disturbing ContentJan 18, 2019114:00Reclassification
Joseph: The Man With The Scar14AJan 16, 2019136:00Independent
Kaake Da ViyahGJan 30, 2019134:00White Hill Production Inc.
Kaka JiPGJan 16, 2019123:00White Hill Production Inc.
Kala Shah KalaGFeb 12, 2019139:00VP Films
Krush GroovePGCoarse LanguageJan 18, 201994:00Metro Cinema
Kumbalangi NightsPGViolenceFeb 15, 2019134:00Edmonton Movie Club
Lego Movie 2, The: The Second PartGJan 25, 2019107:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Level 16PGViolence, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenFeb 06, 2019102:00Raven Banner Releasing
Lost Boys, The (1987) [reclassified 2019]14AFeb 11, 201997:00Reclassification
Loulou (1980) [reclassified 2019]14ASexual ContentJan 17, 2019105:00Reclassification
Malcolm X (1992) [reclassified 2019]14AFeb 07, 2019202:00Reclassification
Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi14AViolenceJan 23, 2019148:00VP Films
Mary Jane's Not A Virgin Anymore18ASexual ContentJan 23, 201995:00Calgary Underground Film Festival
Me, The "Other"PGJan 28, 201993:00Metro Cinema
Mikhael14AViolenceJan 25, 2019150:00Independent
Milford Graves: Full MantisGFeb 04, 201993:00Metro Cinema
Minding The Gap14ACoarse LanguageJan 22, 201994:00Independent
Mustang, The (2019)14ACoarse LanguageFeb 06, 201997:00Universal Pictures
Never Look Away (Werk ohne Autor)14ANudity, Sexual ContentFeb 08, 2019139:00Mongrel Media
Never-Ending Man: Hayao MiyazakiPGJan 15, 201970:00Independent
No One Knows About Persian Cats (Kasi az gorbehaye irani khabar nadareh)PGFeb 05, 2019107:00Calgary Cinematheque Society
Oslo Diaries, ThePGMature Subject MatterFeb 07, 201998:00Kinosmith
OvercomerGJan 22, 2019124:00Sony Pictures Releasing
PatrickPGFeb 05, 201994:00Cineplex Entertainment
PAW Patrol: Mighty PupsGFeb 11, 201944:00Elevation Pictures
PegasusPGJan 30, 201998:00Independent
Peppa Celebrates Chinese New YearGFeb 05, 201981:00Entertainment One Films
PeranbuPGFeb 14, 2019145:00Independent
Piano Teacher, The (La pianiste) (2001) [reclassified 2019]RExplicit Sexual Content, Disturbing ContentFeb 04, 2019131:00Reclassification
Pride And Prejudice, CutPGJan 18, 201987:00Independent
Prodigy, The14AViolenceJan 15, 201993:00Independent
Shadow Of Gold, ThePGFeb 06, 201979:00Independent
Silent Revolution, The (Das schweigende Klassenzimmer)PGJan 16, 2019112:00Independent
Stolen ChildhoodPGFeb 11, 201952:00Independent
Sunset (Napszállta)14AJan 29, 2019142:00Mongrel Media
Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss SongRJan 23, 201997:00Metro Cinema
Through Black Spruce14AViolence, Coarse LanguageJan 25, 2019111:00TIFF
Tip Top14AFeb 08, 2019102:00Calgary Cinematheque Society
Trouble In The Garden14AJan 16, 201980:00A71 Entertainment Inc.
Uda AidaPGJan 30, 2019136:00VP Films
Wandering Earth, ThePGViolence, Frightening ScenesFeb 01, 2019125:00Independent
What Men Want14ACoarse LanguageJan 17, 2019117:00Paramount Pictures