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TitleRatingsAdvisoryDateRunning timeDistributor
Adam Joan14ANot Recommended For ChildrenSep 08, 2017163:00Edmonton Movie Club
Afternoon ClassPGSep 14, 20174:00Cineplex Entertainment
American Assassin14ABrutal Violence, Coarse LanguageSep 11, 2017112:00Entertainment One Films
American Made14ACoarse Language, Sexual ContentSep 11, 2017115:00Universal Pictures
Arjun Reddy14ACoarse Language, Substance AbuseAug 29, 2017182:00Edmonton Movie Club
Baadshaho14AViolenceAug 31, 2017135:00Video Palace House Of Distribution
Battle Of The SexesPGSep 06, 2017121:0020th Century Fox
Bhoomi18ASexual ViolenceSep 21, 2017136:00White Hill Production Inc.
Black Sabbath: The End Of The End14ACoarse LanguageSep 20, 2017124:00Cineplex Entertainment
Blood Honey14ASexual Content, NuditySep 07, 201783:00Raven Banner Releasing
Brad's Status14ACoarse LanguageSep 19, 2017102:00V V S Films
Breadwinner, ThePGSep 19, 201793:00Elevation Pictures
CarparkGAug 24, 20171:00Cineplex Entertainment
Centrifuge Brain Project, TheGSep 14, 20176:00Cineplex Entertainment
Classic CameraGSep 07, 201710:00Metro Cinema
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind: 40th AnniversaryPGAug 25, 2017145:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Eh!? Musical Atrocity IIPGSep 14, 2017100:00Metro Cinema
Endless Poetry (Poesia sin fin)18ANudity, Sexual ContentSep 01, 2017128:00Metro Cinema
Expo 67: Mission ImpossibleGSep 07, 201769:00Metro Cinema
Fresh GuacamoleGAug 24, 20172:00Cineplex Entertainment
Friend Request14AFrightening Scenes, Gory ViolenceSep 18, 201793:00D Films
Gentleman, APGViolenceAug 23, 2017132:0020th Century Fox
Group Of Seven Guitars, ThePGAug 30, 201780:00Cineplex Entertainment
Hochelaga, Terre Des Âmes14ANudity, Sexual ContentSep 21, 2017100:00Entertainment One Films
Home AgainPGAug 28, 201797:00Entertainment One Films
Hunting Pignut14ACoarse Language, Substance AbuseSep 11, 201794:00A71 Entertainment Inc.
In The Last Days Of The City (Akher ayam el madina)PGCoarse LanguageSep 14, 2017119:00Metro Cinema
It Stains The Sands Red18AGory Violence, Sexual ViolenceSep 15, 201793:00Metro Cinema
Jai Lava Kusa14ABrutal ViolenceSep 20, 2017137:00Independent
Johnny ExpressPGAug 24, 20175:00Cineplex Entertainment
Jora 10 Numbaria18AViolence, Sexual ViolenceAug 31, 2017135:00Video Palace House Of Distribution
Kingsman: The Golden Circle14ACoarse Language, Violence, Sexual ContentSep 05, 2017141:0020th Century Fox
Kita KitaPGNot Recommended For Young ChildrenSep 01, 201784:00Independent
KusoRCrude Content, Sexual ContentSep 08, 201794:00Independent
L-Shaped Room, The (1962) [reclassified 2017]PGMature Subject MatterSep 14, 2017126:00Reclassification
Lego Ninjago Movie, TheGSep 15, 2017101:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Lenny (1974) [Reclassified 2017]14ACoarse Language, Sexual ContentAug 24, 2017111:00Reclassification
Long Time RunningPGAug 30, 201796:00Elevation Pictures
Love You To The Stars And BackPGSep 07, 2017110:00ABS-CBN
Lucknow CentralPGViolenceSep 13, 2017145:00Video Palace House Of Distribution
Magalir MattumPGViolenceSep 15, 2017140:00Edmonton Movie Club
Marvel's InhumansPGViolenceAug 24, 201776:00Independent
May It Last: A Portrait Of The Avett BrothersGSep 06, 2017104:00Independent
Midwife, The (Sage femme)PGNudity, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenSep 08, 2017117:00Independent
Misery (1990) [reclassified 2017]14AViolenceSep 01, 2017107:00Reclassification
Mother!18ADisturbing ContentSep 05, 2017121:00Paramount Pictures
Mutilator, The (1984)18AGory ScenesAug 22, 201786:00Independent
My Little Pony: The MovieGSep 19, 2017104:00Entertainment One Films
Naked Brand, ThePGSep 20, 201757:00Metro Cinema
Nikka Zaildar 2PGSep 20, 2017142:00Video Palace House Of Distribution
Nile Hilton Incident, The14ACoarse LanguageSep 13, 2017111:00Metro Cinema
Obit.PGSep 08, 201795:00Independent
Poster BoysPGAug 29, 2017129:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Professor Marston And The Wonder Women14ASexual Content, Nudity, Coarse LanguageSep 12, 2017108:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Punjab Nahi JaungiPGAug 30, 2017159:00White Hill Production Inc.
Return To... Return To Nuke 'Em High AKA Vol. 2RSexual Violence, Crude ContentSep 07, 201785:00Independent
Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked The WorldPGCoarse Language, NuditySep 18, 2017102:00TIFF
Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robinhood14AViolenceSep 07, 2017127:00Video Palace House Of Distribution
Same Kind Of Different As MePGAug 29, 2017119:00Mongrel Media
Shubh Mangal SaavdhanPGAug 30, 2017105:00Eros Entertainment
SimranPGMature Subject MatterSep 13, 2017125:00Video Palace House Of Distribution
Stronger14ACoarse Language, Gory ScenesSep 12, 2017119:00Entertainment One Films
Suspiria (1977) [reclassified 2017]14AGory Violence, Frightening ScenesSep 18, 201799:0020th Century Fox
TannaPGAug 23, 2017104:00Metro Cinema
Taste Of Honey, A (1961) [reclassified 2017]PGSep 14, 2017101:00Reclassification
Tatara SamuraiPGViolenceSep 06, 2017120:00Cineplex Entertainment
This Sporting Life (1963) [reclassified 2017]PGNuditySep 15, 2017134:00Reclassification
Tickling Giants14ACoarse Language, ViolenceSep 14, 2017113:00Metro Cinema
Time Of Their Lives, ThePGSep 20, 2017104:00Pacific Northwest Pictures
Tulip Fever14ANudity, Sexual ContentAug 29, 2017105:00Entertainment One Films
Twelve Monkeys (1995) [reclassified 2017]14AViolenceSep 13, 2017129:00Reclassification
Una18ASexual ContentSep 14, 201794:00Independent
Union LeaderPGSep 18, 2017105:00Independent
Viceroy's HousePGMature Subject MatterAug 25, 2017106:00Independent
Victoria & AbdulPGSep 07, 2017111:00Universal Pictures
Vietnam: In The Eye Of The DragonGAug 22, 201784:00Independent
Vivegam14ABrutal ViolenceAug 23, 2017149:00Edmonton Movie Club
Woodshock14AMature Subject MatterSep 21, 2017101:00Elevation Pictures
Youth14AGory Brutal ViolenceSep 21, 2017135:00China Lion Film Distribution Inc.