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TitleRatingsAdvisoryDateRunning timeDistributor
24 FramesGApr 06, 2018114:00Metro Cinema
Airwolf14AApr 09, 201883:00Independent
American Werewolf In London, An (1981) [reclassified 2018]14AGory Violence, Sexual ContentApr 19, 201897:00Reclassification
Baaghi 214AViolenceMar 29, 2018139:0020th Century Fox
Bad Samaritan14AViolence, Coarse LanguageApr 20, 2018111:00Cineplex Entertainment
Beirut14ACoarse Language, ViolenceMar 27, 2018109:00Elevation Pictures
Best Friends: Volume One14ACoarse LanguageMar 26, 2018103:00Metro Cinema
Best Of The Fest: Kid FlixGApr 05, 201864:00Metro Cinema
Beyond The CloudsPGMature Subject MatterApr 19, 2018120:00VP Films
Beyond The Spectrum: A Family's Year Confronting AutismGMar 21, 201886:00Independent
Bhai Taru SinghPGApr 12, 201893:00VP Films
Bharat Ane Nenu14AViolenceApr 19, 2018173:00Independent
Big Fish And BegoniaPGApr 06, 2018103:00Cineplex Entertainment
BirchesPGApr 13, 201888:00Metro Cinema
Blackmail14AApr 04, 2018138:00Eros Entertainment
Blumhouse's Truth Or Dare14AFrightening ScenesMar 27, 2018100:00Universal Pictures
Breaking InPGViolenceApr 17, 201888:00Universal Pictures
Cake (2017)PGCoarse LanguageApr 05, 2018126:00Independent
Chateaux Of The Loire: Royal VisitGApr 04, 201877:00Independent
Design CanadaPGCoarse LanguageApr 13, 201874:00Independent
Devil And Father Amorth, ThePGMature Subject MatterApr 06, 201869:00Independent
Dude's ManualPGNot Recommended For Young ChildrenApr 16, 2018105:00Independent
Earth: Seen From The Heart (La terre vue du coeur)PGMar 23, 201892:00Independent
Eye On Juliet14AApr 12, 201890:00Entertainment One Films
Falling Through The Cracks: Greg's StoryPGApr 10, 201830:00Independent
Final Portrait14ANudity, Coarse LanguageMar 21, 201890:00Mongrel Media
Forbidden Transmission18AViolenceApr 13, 201886:00Metro Cinema
Furious (a.k.a. The Legend Of Kolovrat)14AViolenceApr 05, 2018118:00Carusel
Golk Bugni Bank Te BatuaGApr 12, 2018137:00Rhythm Boyz Entertainment
Green Frog, ThePGApr 20, 201862:00Metro Cinema
HichkiPGMar 22, 2018116:00VP Films
House By The Sea, The (La villa)PGApr 11, 2018107:00Independent
I Feel PrettyPGSexual Content, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenMar 29, 2018110:00Entertainment One Films
Initial D Legend 1: AwakeningPGApr 03, 201862:00Cineplex Entertainment
Initial D Legend 2: RacerPGApr 03, 201865:00Cineplex Entertainment
Initial D Legend 3: DreamPGApr 03, 201882:00Cineplex Entertainment
Khido KhundiPGMature Subject MatterApr 19, 2018152:00VP Films
Kings14ACoarse Language, Violence, Sexual ContentApr 17, 201887:00Independent
Kuttanadan MarpappaPGApr 20, 2018139:00Independent
Life Of The PartyPGNot Recommended For Young ChildrenApr 18, 2018105:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Mercury14AApr 13, 2018106:00Edmonton Movie Club
Metric: Dreams So RealPGMar 23, 2018114:00Metro Cinema
Michelin Stars: Tales From The KitchenGApr 04, 201882:00Calgary International Film Festival
Miracle Season, TheGMar 28, 2018101:00Elevation Pictures
Nachom-ia Kumpasar (Let's Dance To The Rhythm)PGSubstance AbuseApr 11, 2018156:00Independent
November14AMar 27, 2018115:00Independent
OctoberPGApr 11, 2018116:00VP Films
Patay Na Si Hesus14AApr 04, 201890:00ABS-CBN
Pope Francis: A Man Of His WordPGApr 18, 201895:00Universal Pictures
Pup Star: World TourGApr 12, 201887:00Independent
Quiet Place, A14AFrightening ScenesMar 26, 201890:00Paramount Pictures
Rampage14AViolenceApr 03, 2018107:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Rangasthalam14ABrutal ViolenceMar 28, 2018174:00Independent
Relics: CanCon Classics From The Provincial Archives Of AlbertaPGApr 09, 2018106:00Independent
Rider, The14ACoarse LanguageMar 21, 2018103:00Mongrel Media
RiverBluePGApr 19, 201895:00Metro Cinema
Sajjan Singh Rangroot14AViolenceMar 21, 2018140:00VP Films
Selfie From Hell14AFrightening ScenesApr 17, 201875:00Independent
Sgt. Stubby: An Unlikely HeroPGNot Recommended For Young ChildrenMar 23, 201885:00Independent
Show DogsGApr 19, 201892:00Entertainment One Films
Slacker, The (a.k.a. Slackers) (2018)14ACoarse LanguageApr 16, 201879:00Metro Cinema
Subedar Joginder Singh14ABrutal ViolenceApr 04, 2018139:00VP Films
SubmergencePGViolence, Coarse LanguageMar 28, 2018111:00Elevation Pictures
Suicide: The Ripple EffectPGMature Subject MatterApr 06, 201894:00Independent
Summer In The ForestPGApr 09, 2018108:00Cineplex Entertainment
Sun At Midnight, ThePGViolenceApr 09, 201893:00Independent
Super Troopers 214ACrude Coarse Language, Nudity, Substance AbuseMar 26, 201899:0020th Century Fox
Tehran Taboo18ASexual ContentApr 16, 201896:00Metro Cinema
Through The Repellent FencePGCoarse LanguageApr 04, 201874:00Metro Cinema
Trouble No MoreGMar 22, 201859:00Metro Cinema
Tully14ACoarse LanguageMar 22, 201895:00Universal Pictures
Vatican Deception, ThePGApr 05, 2018110:00Independent
VistaPGCoarse Language, Mature Subject MatterApr 06, 201830:00Metro Cinema
What Men Talk About: The Sequel14AApr 05, 201899:00Independent
You Were Never Really Here14ABrutal Violence, Disturbing ContentApr 03, 201890:00Elevation Pictures
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINSPGApr 10, 201822:00Cineplex Entertainment