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TitleRatingsAdvisoryDateRunning timeDistributor
2017 Cannes Lions International Festival Of CreativityPGMature Subject MatterJun 13, 2018112:00Metro Cinema
7 Din Mohabbat InPGJun 12, 2018138:00Independent
8 1/2 (1963) [reclassified 2018]PGJun 11, 2018138:00Reclassification
Aam AadmiPGMay 23, 2018101:00VP Films
Accountant Of Auschwitz, ThePGMature Subject Matter, Disturbing ContentJun 08, 201878:00Metro Cinema
All Aboard14ACoarse Language, Crude ContentMay 29, 201875:00Metro Cinema
Always At The CarlylePGJun 11, 201891:00Independent
American Animals14ACoarse LanguageMay 29, 2018117:00Independent
AzaadiPGViolenceJun 13, 2018152:00Independent
BaoGJun 07, 20188:00Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Beast14AViolence, Sexual Content, Disturbing ContentMay 28, 2018107:00Entertainment One Films
Believer14ABrutal Violence, Substance Abuse, Coarse LanguageJun 06, 2018123:00Well Go USA Inc.
Black Cop14AMay 24, 201891:00Raven Banner Releasing
Blue (2017)PGMature Subject MatterMay 29, 201876:00Demand Film
Boom For Real: The Late Teenage Years Of Jean-Michel Basquiat14AJun 01, 201879:00filmswelike
Borg vs McEnroe14ACoarse LanguageJun 04, 2018108:00Metro Cinema
Boys Beware… Cat Fight14ASubstance Abuse, NudityJun 12, 201881:00Metro Cinema
Calling, The (2017)PGMay 29, 20184:00Metro Cinema
Carry On Jatta 2PGMay 29, 2018149:00White Hill Production Inc.
Darken14AViolenceJun 08, 201886:00A71 Entertainment Inc.
Doctor Who: Genesis Of The DaleksPGViolenceJun 12, 2018109:00Cineplex Entertainment
Film School AfricaPGMature Subject MatterJun 04, 201890:00Calgary International Film Festival
First Purge, The14ABrutal Violence, Coarse LanguageJun 18, 201897:00Universal Pictures
Floyd Norman: An Animated LifePGMay 29, 201895:00Metro Cinema
Gospel According To André, ThePGJun 01, 201893:00Pacific Northwest Pictures
Haikara-San: Here Comes Miss Modern (Part One)PGMay 31, 201897:00Cineplex Entertainment
Hereditary14AViolence, Frightening ScenesMay 28, 2018127:00Elevation Pictures
How Long Will I Love UPGMay 22, 2018101:00Well Go USA Inc.
Incredibles 2PGJun 07, 2018118:00Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Jurassic World: Fallen KingdomPGViolence, Frightening Scenes, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenJun 11, 2018128:00Universal Pictures
Kaala14AJun 05, 2018162:00Edmonton Movie Club
KasalPGCoarse Language, Sexual ContentMay 22, 2018115:00ABS-CBN
L'animale18ASexual ContentJun 05, 201896:00Calgary International Film Festival
Let The Sunshine In (Un beau soleil intérieur)14ASexual Content, NudityMay 22, 201895:00Mongrel Media
Liquid Sky (1982) [reclassified 2018]18ASexual ContentMay 25, 2018112:00Reclassification
Lockpicker, The14ASubstance Abuse, Mature Subject Matter, Coarse LanguageJun 15, 201894:00Independent
Maniac (1980)18AGory ViolenceMay 23, 201888:00Independent
Mary ShelleyPGSexually Suggestive ScenesJun 12, 2018120:00Independent
Miseducation Of Cameron Post, The14ACoarse Language, Sexual ContentJun 01, 201892:00Calgary International Film Festival
My 2 MommiesPGJun 20, 2018103:00ABS-CBN
Overboard (2018)PGJun 14, 2018112:00Independent
Parmanu: The Story Of PokhranPGMay 23, 2018129:00VP Films
Race 314AJun 13, 2018160:00Video Palace House Of Distribution
Respeto14ACoarse Language, Sexual ContentJun 12, 201899:00Calgary International Film Festival
Revenge (2017)18AGory Violence, Sexual ViolenceMay 30, 2018108:00Metro Cinema
Rubb RakhaPGSubstance AbuseJun 04, 2018133:00Asia Releasing
Science FairGJun 06, 201890:00Calgary International Film Festival
Sorry To Bother You14ASexual Content, Nudity, Coarse LanguageJun 19, 2018111:00Entertainment One Films
SuperFly (2018)18ASexual ContentJun 07, 2018116:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Tag14ACoarse LanguageMay 30, 2018100:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Tokyo OlympiadGJun 08, 2018170:00Metro Cinema
Tom Of Finland18ASexual Content, NudityMay 23, 2018116:00Metro Cinema
Tomorrow Is Another Day14AViolenceMay 31, 201891:00Independent
Uncle DrewPGJun 18, 2018103:00Elevation Pictures
Upgrade18AGory ViolenceJun 19, 2018100:00Universal Pictures
Urban Country (AKA Changing Saddles)GJun 14, 201888:00Mongrel Media
Van Gogh: Of Wheat Fields And Clouded SkiesPGNudityJun 04, 201890:00Cineplex Entertainment
Veere Di Wedding14ACoarse LanguageMay 31, 2018122:00VP Films
Virus Tropical18ASexual ContentJun 05, 201897:00Calgary International Film Festival
We The Animals14ASexual Content, Mature Subject MatterJun 01, 201893:00Independent
Wife, The14ACoarse LanguageMay 25, 2018101:00Mongrel Media