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TitleRatingsAdvisoryDateRunning timeDistributor
2.0PGViolence, Frightening Scenes, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenNov 27, 2018148:00Edmonton Movie Club
Ang Larawan (The Portrait)PGDec 04, 2018124:00Metro Cinema
Ani... Dr. Kashinath GhanekarPGDec 14, 2018159:00Edmonton Movie Club
AquamanPGViolence, Frightening Scenes, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenDec 03, 2018143:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Au poste! (Keep An Eye Out)PGCoarse LanguageNov 21, 201873:00Independent
Audience Of Chairs, AnPGMature Subject MatterDec 07, 201893:00A71 Entertainment Inc.
Autumn Sonata (Höstsonaten) (1978) [reclassified 2018]PGMature Subject MatterNov 26, 201899:00Reclassification
Await Further Instructions14AViolence, Frightening ScenesDec 04, 201891:00Metro Cinema
Banjara: The Truck DriverPGDec 07, 2018131:00VP Films
Ben Is Back14ANov 29, 2018103:00Elevation Pictures
Bhajjo Veero VePGDec 13, 2018110:00VP Films
Bill Murray Stories, The: Life Lessons Learned From A Mythical ManPGCoarse LanguageDec 10, 201872:00Metro Cinema
Blaze (2018)14ACoarse Language, Substance AbuseNov 22, 2018129:00levelFilm
BumblebeePGViolenceNov 23, 2018114:00Paramount Pictures
Burning (Beoning)14ASexual ContentDec 11, 2018148:00Well Go USA Inc.
Cakemaker, The14ADec 10, 2018105:00Metro Cinema
Cool Fish, A14ACoarse LanguageNov 20, 2018109:00China Lion Film Distribution Inc.
Degas: Passion For PerfectionPGNudityNov 23, 201891:00Cineplex Entertainment
Destiny (Al-massir)PGViolenceNov 30, 2018136:00Calgary Cinematheque Society
Dog's Way Home, APGDec 06, 201896:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Dogman14AViolence, Substance Abuse, Coarse LanguageNov 22, 201898:00Mongrel Media
Fanny And Alexander (Fanny och Alexander) (1982) [reclassified 2018]14ASexual ContentDec 10, 2018188:00Reclassification
From A Light WithinPGNov 16, 201810:00Metro Cinema
Go-Getters, The18ASexual ContentNov 21, 201880:00Raven Banner Releasing
Goyo: The Boy General (Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral)14AViolenceDec 12, 2018150:00ABS-CBN
Great Buster, The: A CelebrationPGNov 30, 2018101:00Independent
GurrumulPGNov 26, 2018100:00Metro Cinema
HenchmenPGNov 26, 201889:00Entertainment One Films
Holmes & WatsonPGCrude Content, Coarse LanguageDec 13, 201890:00Sony Pictures Releasing
How To Learn Anything: Season 2PGNov 15, 201892:00Metro Cinema
If Beale Street Could Talk14ACoarse Language, Sexual ContentNov 20, 2018119:00Entertainment One Films
Johnny Johnny Yes AppaPGViolenceNov 15, 2018139:00Independent
KedarnathPGDec 05, 2018115:00VP Films
Kooperman14ACrude ContentNov 27, 201875:00Metro Cinema
LaatuGNov 15, 2018115:00White Hill Production Inc.
Les filles du soleil (Girls Of The Sun)14ADisturbing ContentDec 12, 2018111:00Independent
Lifechanger14AViolence, Frightening ScenesDec 05, 201884:00Raven Banner Releasing
Lords Of The Chaos18AGory Brutal Violence, Sexual ContentDec 14, 2018113:00Calgary Underground Film Festival
Madagascar: Smiley IslandGNov 27, 201878:00Independent
Marina Revolution (Marina Puratchi)PGMature Subject MatterNov 15, 201873:00Independent
Marriage PalacePGNov 21, 2018135:00VP Films
Mary Poppins ReturnsGDec 06, 2018131:00Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Mary Queen Of Scots14ASexual Content, ViolenceNov 19, 2018124:00Universal Pictures
Mirai (Mirai No Mirai)PGDec 04, 201898:00Independent
Mortal EnginesPGViolence, Frightening Scenes, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenNov 29, 2018128:00Universal Pictures
Mule, The14ACoarse LanguageDec 07, 2018116:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
OdiyanPGViolenceDec 12, 2018166:00Independent
On The Basis Of SexPGCoarse LanguageNov 19, 2018120:00Universal Pictures
Pick Of The LitterGDec 14, 201880:00Metro Cinema
Pokémon The Movie: The Power Of UsGNov 22, 2018113:00Cineplex Entertainment
Preaching To The Perverted (19970 [reclassified 2018]18ASexual Content, NudityDec 14, 2018100:00Reclassification
Queen Of The CrowsGNov 27, 201811:00Metro Cinema
Ralph Breaks The InternetGNov 15, 2018114:00Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Rang Panjab14AViolenceNov 21, 2018123:00VP Films
ReplicasPGViolenceDec 10, 2018107:00D Films
Roma14ADec 11, 2018135:00D Films
Second ActPGCoarse LanguageNov 28, 2018104:00Elevation Pictures
Serenity (2018)14ASexual Content, Coarse LanguageDec 13, 2018106:00Elevation Pictures
Singing To Myself14ANov 27, 201875:00Metro Cinema
SolitairePGDec 14, 2018107:00Metro Cinema
Spider-Man: Into The Spider-VersePGViolenceDec 06, 2018117:00Sony Pictures Releasing
SuperGrid14AViolence, Coarse LanguageNov 26, 201880:00Raven Banner Releasing
Surveillance18AViolenceNov 16, 201898:00Metro Cinema
They Shall Not Grow Old14AGory Scenes, Mature Subject MatterNov 28, 201899:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
They Shall Not Grow Old (Behind The Scenes)PGDec 06, 201830:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
This Mountain LifePGDec 11, 201877:00Metro Cinema
Three Words To ForeverGDec 06, 2018107:00ABS-CBN
Through A Glass Darkly (Såsom i en spegel) (1961) [reclassified 2018]PGMature Subject MatterNov 16, 201891:00Reclassification
Under The Silver Lake18ANov 20, 2018139:00Mongrel Media
Us And ThemPGCoarse Language, Mature Subject Matter, Substance AbuseNov 21, 201880:00Metro Cinema
VastPGNov 27, 20189:00Metro Cinema
Vice14ACoarse Language, ViolenceDec 04, 2018132:00Entertainment One Films
Vox Lux14AMature Subject Matter, Coarse LanguageDec 05, 2018114:00Elevation Pictures
Water Lilies By Monet: The Magic Of Water And LightPGDec 04, 201890:00Cineplex Entertainment
Welcome To MarwenPGMature Subject Matter, Violence, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenDec 05, 2018116:00Universal Pictures
Woman Who Loves Giraffes, TheGNov 16, 201882:00Kinosmith
World Before Your Feet, ThePGDec 10, 201895:00Calgary International Film Festival