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TitleRatingsAdvisoryDateRunning timeDistributor
9 (2019)PGFrightening Scenes, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenFeb 21, 2019149:00Independent
Aftermath, The14ASexual Content, NudityFeb 25, 2019108:0020th Century Fox
All Is TruePGCoarse LanguageMar 12, 2019101:00Mongrel Media
All The World's A StageGMar 05, 201913:00Metro Cinema
Alone/TogetherPGFeb 20, 2019103:00ABS-CBN
Apollo 11GFeb 26, 201993:00Elevation Pictures
Artist & The Pervert, The14ASexual Content, Coarse LanguageMar 18, 201997:00Metro Cinema
BadlaPGMar 06, 2019118:00VP Films
Band VaajePGMar 13, 2019119:00VP Films
Beach Bum, The18ASubstance Abuse, Sexual ContentMar 05, 201995:00VVS Films
Beyond CrisisGMar 14, 201964:00Metro Cinema
Bikes Of Wrath, The14AFeb 21, 2019106:00Demand Film
Body Melt18AGory Scenes, Sexual ContentMar 08, 201979:00Independent
Bomb: A Love Story (Bomb, yek asheghaneh)PGFeb 27, 201996:00Independent
BreakthroughPGMar 04, 2019116:0020th Century Fox
Buzzard14ACoarse LanguageMar 12, 201997:00Metro Cinema
Captain MarvelPGViolence, Frightening Scenes, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenMar 01, 2019124:00Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Captive StatePGViolence, Frightening Scenes, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenMar 11, 2019110:00Universal Pictures
CHICHI14AMar 15, 201910:00Metro Cinema
Circle Of Steel14AMar 14, 201985:00Independent
Climax18ASubstance Abuse, Disturbing ContentFeb 19, 201997:00Raven Banner Releasing
Colors (1988) [reclassified 2019]14ASexual Content, Violence, Coarse LanguageMar 13, 2019120:00Reclassification
Crossing, ThePGCoarse LanguageMar 13, 2019100:00Independent
Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) [reclassified 2019]PGCoarse LanguageFeb 26, 2019103:00Reclassification
Diane14AMar 15, 201996:00Independent
Docking18AMar 15, 20194:00Metro Cinema
Donbass14ACoarse Language, Disturbing ContentFeb 26, 2019121:00Calgary Cinematheque Society
Extra-Terrestrials Gone Wild14AMar 15, 20192:00Metro Cinema
Fagun HawayPGCoarse Language, Mature Subject Matter, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenMar 05, 2019135:00Independent
Falls Around Her14ACoarse LanguageFeb 28, 201995:00Pacific Northwest Pictures
Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel II. Lost Butterfly14AViolence, Sexual ViolenceMar 11, 2019121:00Cineplex Entertainment
Firecrackers14ACoarse Language, Substance AbuseFeb 25, 201993:00levelFilm
Fireflies Are Gone, The (La disparition des lucioles)PGCoarse LanguageMar 06, 201996:00Mongrel Media
Five Feet ApartPGMature Subject MatterFeb 21, 2019116:00Entertainment One Films
Five Feet Apart Fan Event FootagePGFeb 26, 201920:00Entertainment One Films
Frozen Fire, The (Ginnen Upan Seethala)PGViolenceMar 08, 2019149:00Independent
Furie (Hai Phuong)14AViolenceMar 07, 201997:00Well Go USA Inc.
GiftPGFeb 26, 201990:00Independent
Granny PowerGFeb 28, 201978:00Metro Cinema
Guddiyan PatolePGMar 07, 2019126:00Independent
High End YaariyaanPGFeb 20, 2019121:00VP Films
Hotel Mumbai14ABrutal Violence, Disturbing ContentMar 06, 2019123:00VVS Films
Hunting Film Tour 2018, ThePGFeb 26, 2019120:00Metro Cinema
In Safe Hands (Pupille)14AMar 08, 2019110:00Independent
Intruder, The14AViolenceMar 04, 2019101:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Invisible Essence: The Little PrincePGFeb 28, 201991:00Metro Cinema
Invisible Vegan, ThePGMar 05, 201985:00Independent
Kodathi Samaksham Balan VakeelPGFeb 28, 2019155:00Independent
Lacemaker, The (La dentellière) (1977) [reclassified 2019]14ANudityMar 01, 2019107:00Calgary Cinematheque Society
Lavender (short film)14AMar 15, 201911:00Metro Cinema
Life May BePGFeb 27, 201986:00Metro Cinema
Lost & FoundPGMar 06, 201992:00Independent
Luka ChuppiPGFeb 27, 2019126:00VP Films
Madea Family Funeral, APGCoarse LanguageFeb 26, 2019109:00Elevation Pictures
Man Running14AMar 14, 201991:00Independent
Masters Of The Universe (1987) [reclassified 2019]PGViolenceMar 11, 2019106:00Reclassification
Maud Mary & The TitanicGMar 05, 20196:00Metro Cinema
Melody Makers, Should've Been TherePGFeb 28, 201995:00Metro Cinema
Milk Bar, The14AMar 07, 201921:00Metro Cinema
More Than BluePGMar 08, 2019107:00China Lion Film Distribution Inc.
Nadi Alregal AlserriPGFeb 22, 2019104:00Independent
On The Sly: In Search Of The Family Stone14AMar 15, 201982:00Metro Cinema
One Great LovePGCoarse Language, Mature Subject MatterFeb 26, 2019113:00ABS-CBN
Opera JawaPGMar 01, 2019105:00Calgary Cinematheque Society
Peru: Inca SunGMar 06, 201974:00Independent
Ramen Shop (Ramen Teh)PGMar 15, 201990:00Metro Cinema
Relaxer14ACoarse Language, Gory ScenesMar 06, 201991:00Metro Cinema
Rolling To You (Tout le monde debout)PGLanguage May OffendMar 06, 2019108:00Independent
Ruben Brandt, Collector14AFeb 28, 201994:00Metro Cinema
Sink Or Swim (Le grand bain)PGCoarse LanguageFeb 20, 2019122:00Independent
Sonchiriya14AViolenceFeb 27, 2019143:00VP Films
Star Is Born, A (Encore Version) (2018)14ACoarse Language, Substance AbuseFeb 28, 2019147:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Stockholm14AFeb 19, 201992:00Entertainment One Films
Superpower DogsGFeb 28, 201945:00Telus World Of Science
Tesla World Light, ThePGMar 15, 20198:00Metro Cinema
Thunder Road14ACoarse LanguageMar 12, 201990:00Metro Cinema
TolkienPGViolence, Frightening ScenesMar 18, 2019112:0020th Century Fox
Total DhamaalPGFeb 20, 2019127:0020th Century Fox
Trip To The Moon, A (Le voyage dans la lune)GMar 15, 201913:00Metro Cinema
UlanPGMature Subject MatterMar 15, 201996:00Independent
Us14AViolence, Frightening ScenesFeb 26, 2019116:00Universal Pictures
When Harry Met Sally... (1989) [reclassified 2019]14AFeb 22, 201995:00Reclassification
White Crow, ThePGCoarse Language, NudityMar 12, 2019127:00Mongrel Media
Wonder ParkGFeb 25, 201985:00Paramount Pictures
Young PicassoPGNudityFeb 22, 201991:00Cineplex Entertainment