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TitleRatingsAdvisoryDateRunning timeDistributor
2018 (2023)Parental GuidanceMature Subject MatterMay 09, 2023148:00Golden aka 11760025 Canada
About My Father (2023)Parental GuidanceNudityMay 15, 202390:00Cineplex Entertainment
Anni Manchi Sakunamule (2023)Parental GuidanceMay 18, 2023154:00Independent
Blackening, The (2023)14AViolence, Coarse LanguageMay 30, 202397:00Cineplex Entertainment
Blue Caftan, The (2022)14AMay 24, 2023123:00Metro Cinema
Bones Of Crows (2022)14ASexual ViolenceMay 25, 2023129:00Elevation Pictures
Boogeyman, The (2023)14AFrightening ScenesMay 05, 202398:00Walt Disney Pictures Canada
Charles Enterprises (2023)Parental GuidanceMay 17, 2023130:00VP Films
Curling (2010)Parental GuidanceMature Subject Matter, Coarse LanguageMay 03, 202396:00Calgary Cinematheque Society
Custody (2023)14AViolenceMay 08, 2023159:00Independent
Eight Mountains, The (2022)Parental GuidanceCoarse LanguageMay 12, 2023137:00filmswelike
Elmer Gantry (1960)Parental GuidanceMay 19, 2023146:00Classification
Fast X (2023)Parental GuidanceViolence, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenMay 04, 2023139:00Universal Pictures
Films Of Maya Deren, The (1959)Parental GuidanceMay 29, 202376:00Independent
Food For The Rest Of Us (2021)Parental GuidanceMay 02, 202383:00Metro Cinema
Godday Godday Chaa (2023)Parental GuidanceCoarse LanguageMay 24, 2023129:00VP Films
Godspeed (2023)Parental GuidanceCoarse LanguageMay 24, 2023100:00Independent
Great Escape, The (1963)Parental GuidanceMay 24, 2023172:00Classification
IB 71 (2023)Parental GuidanceViolenceMay 10, 2023117:00VP Films
Inside The Green Pepper Hockey League (2000)Parental GuidanceCoarse LanguageMay 15, 202330:00FAVA
Invisible Odyssey (2002)Parental GuidanceCoarse LanguageMay 15, 202342:00FAVA
Jodi (2023)Parental GuidanceMay 01, 2023139:00Rhythm Boyz Entertainment
July Talk: Love Lives Here (2023)Parental GuidanceCoarse LanguageMay 15, 202383:00levelFilm
Lebanese Burger Mafia, The (2022)Parental GuidanceCoarse LanguageMay 24, 2023103:00Metro Cinema
Lehmberginni (2023)Parental GuidanceMay 26, 2023117:00White Hill Production Inc.
Little Mermaid, The (2023)Parental GuidanceMay 18, 2023135:00Walt Disney Pictures Canada
Little Richard: I Am Everything (2023)Parental GuidanceMature Subject Matter, Language May OffendMay 25, 2023101:00Mongrel Media
Mad Heidi (2022)18AMay 08, 202393:00Raven Banner Releasing
Maharashtra Shaheer (2023)Parental GuidanceMay 10, 2023150:00Edmonton Movie Club
Master Gardener (2022)14AMature Subject Matter, Coarse LanguageMay 11, 2023111:00VVS Films
Medal (2023)14AViolenceMay 31, 2023143:00VP Films
Mera Baba Nanak (2023)Parental GuidanceSubstance AbuseMay 17, 2023145:00VP Films
Millennium Mambo (2001)14AMay 05, 2023105:00Metro Cinema
Mission Kandahar (2023)14AViolenceMay 16, 2023119:00VVS Films
Moon Garden (2022)14AMay 24, 202396:00Independent
Motherload (2019)Parental GuidanceCoarse LanguageMay 18, 202386:00Metro Cinema
Nefarious (2023)Parental GuidanceMature Subject MatterMay 10, 202397:00Renaissance Media
Nomad, The (2023)Parental GuidanceMay 24, 202338:00Independent
Odds Against Tomorrow (1959)Parental GuidanceMay 24, 202396:00Classification
Oh Trina (2016) (short)GeneralMay 15, 20233:00FAVA
One Hundred And One Dalmatians (1961)GeneralMay 15, 202379:00Classification
Over My Dead Body (2023)14ACoarse LanguageMay 11, 2023119:00Independent
Pareshan (2023)14AMay 31, 2023125:00Independent
Past Lives (2023)Parental GuidanceMay 17, 2023106:00Elevation Pictures
Purple Don't Cry (2023)Parental GuidanceViolenceMay 04, 202383:00Metro Cinema
R.M.N. (2022)14ACoarse Language, NudityMay 02, 2023127:00Metro Cinema
Round Midnight (1986)14AMay 02, 2023133:00Classification
Roundup, The: No Way Out (2023)14AViolence, Coarse LanguageMay 19, 2023105:00Independent
Serengeti: Journey To The Heart Of Africa (2022)GeneralMay 25, 202340:00Telus World Of Science
Sidhus Of Southall (2023)Parental GuidanceSubstance AbuseMay 16, 2023108:00White Hill Production Inc.
Sound Of Freedom (2023)14AMature Subject MatterMay 31, 2023135:00Independent
Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse (2023)Parental GuidanceViolenceMay 30, 2023140:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Starling Girl, The (2022)14AMay 03, 2023115:00Metro Cinema
Submarine Adventure (2022)GeneralMay 25, 202339:00Telus World Of Science
Subtraction (2022)Parental GuidanceMature Subject MatterMay 26, 2023108:00Metro Cinema
Super Punjabi (2023)Parental GuidanceMay 09, 2023128:00Independent
This May Be The Last Time (2013)Parental GuidanceMay 02, 202393:00Independent
Tokyo Stories: Exhibition On Screen (2023)Parental GuidanceMay 19, 202390:00Cineplex Entertainment
Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts (2023)Parental GuidanceViolence, Frightening ScenesMay 19, 2023127:00Paramount Pictures
True Romance (30th Anniversary Bonus Content)14ACoarse LanguageMay 24, 202328:00Cineplex Entertainment
Twice Colonized (2023)Parental GuidanceCoarse LanguageMay 18, 202391:00Metro Cinema
When The Mob Came (2023)Parental GuidanceMay 16, 202392:00Independent
Wise Blood (1979)14AMay 24, 2023106:00Classification
Wrath Of Becky, The (2023)18AGory ViolenceMay 24, 202384:00Cineplex Entertainment
You Hurt My Feelings (2023)Parental GuidanceCoarse LanguageMay 12, 202393:00Elevation Pictures
Youth Festival (2023)Parental GuidanceMay 17, 2023120:00Independent
Zara Hatke Zara Bachke (2023)Parental GuidanceMay 29, 2023138:00HGFE
ZZZ Commercial 87583AGeneralMay 19, 20230:30Cineplex Media

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