TitleRatingsAdvisoryDateRunning timeDistributor
2019 Cannes Lions International Festival Of Creativity14ADec 02, 2019110:00Kinosmith
24 CityParental GuidanceDec 02, 2019112:00Metro Cinema
Aeronauts, TheParental GuidanceNov 14, 2019101:00Calgary International Film Festival
Aeternitas (short)Parental GuidanceNov 14, 201916:00Independent
Android Kunjappan Ver 5.25Parental GuidanceNov 19, 2019138:00Edmonton Movie Club
Animation Next18ANov 25, 201989:00Independent
Another Woman (2019)14ANov 25, 201996:00Independent
April In AugustParental GuidanceNov 26, 201994:00Independent
Bayandalai - Lord Of The Taiga (short)GeneralNov 15, 201911:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Big Doll House, The (1971) [reclassified 2019]14ANudity, ViolenceNov 15, 201993:00Reclassification
Billder (short)Parental GuidanceNov 15, 20196:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Black Christmas (2019)14AViolenceNov 29, 201992:00Universal Pictures
Bombshell14ACoarse LanguageDec 09, 2019109:00Mongrel Media
Brain Damage18AGory Scenes, Sexual ViolenceDec 12, 201984:00Metro Cinema
Camel Finds Water (short)Parental GuidanceNov 15, 20199:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Carol Project, TheGeneralNov 29, 201952:00Metro Cinema
Charge (short)GeneralNov 15, 20195:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Chasing Monsters (short)Parental GuidanceNov 15, 20195:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Circle Of The Sun (short)GeneralNov 15, 20195:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Code 814AViolence, Coarse LanguageNov 26, 201997:00Elevation Pictures
Commando 314AViolenceNov 28, 2019134:00VP Films
Condor & The Eagle, TheParental GuidanceDec 02, 201983:00Metro Cinema
Danny Daycare (short)GeneralNov 15, 20194:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Deer 139 (Tour Edit) (short)Parental GuidanceNov 15, 201944:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Defiance (2019) (short)Parental GuidanceNov 15, 201913:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Depeche Mode: SPIRITS In The ForestParental GuidanceNov 15, 201980:00Cineplex Entertainment
Digging In The DirtParental GuidanceNov 18, 201944:00Globe Theatre
Dino Dana: The MovieGeneralDec 10, 201977:00Independent
DosedParental GuidanceMature Subject Matter, Substance Abuse, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenNov 15, 201984:00Independent
Downtown 8114ADec 02, 201971:00Independent
Electric Greg (short)Parental GuidanceCoarse LanguageNov 15, 201919:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Eli (short)GeneralDec 03, 20196:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Everybody's Everything14ASubstance AbuseNov 18, 2019116:00Metro Cinema
FattitudeParental GuidanceNov 12, 201988:00Metro Cinema
Favorite, The (2019)Parental GuidanceDec 03, 2019108:00Independent
Flip, The (short)GeneralNov 15, 20193:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Frozen IIGeneralNov 12, 2019103:00Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Fulci For FakeParental GuidanceNudityDec 05, 201991:00Independent
Funeral Parade Of Roses14ASexual Content, ViolenceDec 03, 2019105:00Calgary Cinematheque Society
Game Set Match (short)Parental GuidanceNov 14, 20196:00Independent
Gidarh SinghiParental GuidanceNov 28, 2019115:00VP Films
Gone Tomorrow: Kentucky Ice Climbing (short)14ACoarse LanguageNov 15, 201920:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Good Morning (short)GeneralNov 15, 20194:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Grudge, The (2019)14AFrightening Scenes, ViolenceNov 27, 201994:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Hermitage: The Power Of ArtGeneralNov 22, 201988:00Cineplex Entertainment
Hidden Life, AParental GuidanceDec 02, 2019173:0020th Century Fox
Home (Tour Edit) (short)Parental GuidanceDec 06, 201947:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Honey Boy14ACoarse Language, Substance AbuseNov 21, 201994:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Hors Piste (short)GeneralNov 15, 20196:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Hunza (Tour Edit) (short)GeneralDec 06, 201933:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Illusions Of ControlParental GuidanceMature Subject MatterDec 11, 201987:00Independent
Imaginary Line, The (short)GeneralNov 15, 201911:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
In Fabric18ASexual ContentNov 21, 2019119:00Metro Cinema
Into The Canyon (Tour Edit) (short)Parental GuidanceCoarse LanguageNov 15, 201945:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Jeune Juliette (Young Juliette)14ADec 05, 201997:00Independent
JhalleParental GuidanceViolenceNov 13, 2019130:00VP Films
Jumanji: The Next LevelParental GuidanceViolenceDec 04, 2019123:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Just MercyParental GuidanceCoarse LanguageNov 26, 2019137:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Kindness Of Strangers, TheParental GuidanceMature Subject MatterNov 12, 2019115:00Entertainment One Films
Kitty PartyParental GuidanceDec 11, 2019135:00VP Films
KlausGeneralDec 06, 201997:00Metro Cinema
Knives OutParental GuidanceCoarse Language, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenNov 13, 2019130:00Mongrel Media
KonoSuba - God's Blessing On This Wonderful World!: Legend Of Crimson14ANov 14, 2019100:00Cineplex Entertainment
Ladakh Project, The (short)Parental GuidanceDec 09, 201914:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Lhotse (short)Parental GuidanceDec 03, 201923:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Life Of Pie (short)14ANov 15, 201912:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Long River Home, The (short)Parental GuidanceNov 15, 201920:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Lost (short)14ANov 14, 201920:00Independent
Luba14ACoarse Language, Substance AbuseNov 20, 201986:00Independent
Making Waves: The Art Of Cinematic SoundParental GuidanceViolence, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenNov 18, 201995:00Globe Theatre
Mamangam14ABrutal ViolenceDec 10, 2019146:00Independent
Mardaani 214ABrutal ViolenceDec 11, 2019103:00VP Films
Marjaavaan14AViolenceNov 14, 2019146:00Eros Entertainment
Marriage Story14ACoarse LanguageNov 18, 2019137:00Independent
Mean Streets (1973)[reclassified 2019]14ACoarse Language, NudityNov 12, 2019112:00Reclassification
Mikey Blue Shoes - X Hotel (short)Parental GuidanceNov 14, 20195:00Independent
Motivator, The (short)GeneralDec 03, 20196:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
My SpyParental GuidanceCoarse Language, ViolenceNov 21, 2019100:00Elevation Pictures
Myrtle Simpson: A Life On Ice (Tour Edit) (short)GeneralNov 15, 201925:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
New Jack City (1991) [reclassified 2019]14ACoarse Language, Sexual Content, Substance AbuseDec 05, 2019100:00Reclassification
No Apology14ASexual Content, Coarse LanguageNov 19, 2019102:00Independent
Nordic Skater, A (short)GeneralNov 15, 20196:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Not All Monsters (short)Parental GuidanceNov 14, 20192:00Independent
Only Cloud KnowsParental GuidanceCoarse LanguageDec 11, 2019132:00China Lion Film Distribution Inc.
Opening The Earth: The Potato King (Tour Edit) (short)GeneralDec 03, 201914:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Out On A Limb (short)GeneralDec 03, 201922:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
PagalpantiParental GuidanceViolenceNov 20, 2019149:00Eros Entertainment
Panipat14AViolenceDec 04, 2019177:00VP Films
Pati Patni Aur WohParental GuidanceDec 05, 2019126:00Eros Entertainment
Picture CharacterParental GuidanceNov 18, 201979:00Calgary International Film Festival
Playmobil: The MovieGeneralNov 20, 2019100:00Elevation Pictures
Promare Side: Galo (short)Parental GuidanceDec 05, 201910:00Cineplex Entertainment
Rabid (2019)18ADec 09, 2019108:00A71 Entertainment Inc.
Reel Rock 13: Up To Speed (short)Parental GuidanceCoarse LanguageNov 15, 201921:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Reel Rock 14: The High Road (short)Parental GuidanceNov 15, 201918:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Return To Earth (Tour Edit) (short)GeneralNov 15, 201914:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Richard Jewell14ACoarse LanguageNov 25, 2019131:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Running Pastor, The (short)GeneralNov 15, 20199:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Safe Haven (short)GeneralDec 03, 20198:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Siblings (short)GeneralDec 06, 20193:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Song Of Names, TheParental GuidanceMature Subject MatterNov 28, 2019114:00Elevation Pictures
Spectre Expedition: Mission Antarctica (short)14ADec 03, 201936:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Stand!Parental GuidanceNov 28, 2019110:00Independent
Surfer Dan (short)Parental GuidanceNov 15, 20198:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Tammy And The T-Rex (aka Tanny And The Teenage T-Rex)14AGory ViolenceNov 27, 201994:00Independent
Thabang (short)GeneralNov 15, 201913:00Banff Mountain Film Festival
Thief And The Cobbler, The (aka Arabian Knight) (1995) [reclassified 2019]Parental GuidanceNov 14, 201972:00Independent
Traitor, The (Il traditore)14AViolenceNov 22, 2019150:00Calgary International Film Festival
Twilight Zone, The: 60th Anniversary Celebration - "Remembering Rod Serling"Parental GuidanceFrightening ScenesNov 13, 2019190:00Cineplex Entertainment
Two Popes, TheParental GuidanceNov 18, 2019126:00Independent
Two TigersParental GuidanceNov 29, 201997:00Independent
Unbreakable (2019)Parental GuidanceMature Subject Matter, Coarse LanguageDec 03, 2019119:00ABS-CBN
Varda By Agn├ĘsParental GuidanceNudity, Mature Subject MatterDec 10, 2019115:00filmswelike
Vijayaba KollayaParental GuidanceViolence, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenNov 20, 2019136:00Independent
Whistleblower, The (2019)14ADec 02, 2019139:00Independent
White SnakeParental GuidanceViolence, Frightening ScenesDec 02, 201999:00Metro Cinema
World According To Amazon, TheGeneralNov 28, 201978:00Independent
ZD (short)14ANov 14, 20196:00Independent