TitleRatingsAdvisoryDateRunning timeDistributor
AeroPress MovieGeneralJun 28, 201946:00Independent
And The Oscar Goes To…Parental GuidanceJun 28, 2019133:00Edmonton Movie Club
Angry Birds Movie 2, TheGeneralJul 22, 201997:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Ardaas KaraanParental GuidanceMature Subject MatterJul 17, 2019140:00VP Films
Art Of Racing In The Rain, TheParental GuidanceJul 09, 2019109:0020th Century Fox
Article 1514AMature Subject MatterJun 27, 2019130:00VP Films
BaajiParental GuidanceJun 26, 2019132:00Independent
Bethany Hamilton: UnstoppableGeneralJun 26, 201999:00D Films
Between Me And My Mind14AJul 08, 201994:00Cineplex Entertainment
Blinded By The LightParental GuidanceJul 18, 2019117:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Clockwork Orange, A (1971) [reclassified 2019]18ASexual ViolenceJul 16, 2019136:00Reclassification
Colony, A (Une colonie)14ACoarse LanguageJun 24, 2019103:00Calgary International Film Festival
DSP Dev14AJul 03, 2019143:00White Hill Production Inc.
Easy Rider (1969) [reclassified 2019]14ASubstance AbuseJul 12, 201995:00Sony Pictures Releasing
El MamarParental GuidanceJul 18, 2019147:00Independent
Faces (1968) [reclassified 2019]Parental GuidanceSubstance Abuse, Mature Subject MatterJul 09, 2019130:00Reclassification
Farewell, TheParental GuidanceJul 02, 2019100:00VVS Films
Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & ShawParental GuidanceViolence, Coarse Language, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenJul 17, 2019136:00Universal Pictures
For All Mankind (1989)GeneralJul 16, 201977:00Metro Cinema
Forbidden Transmission Part 214AGory ScenesJul 12, 201985:00Metro Cinema
Four By 3000Parental GuidanceCoarse LanguageJun 28, 201987:00Demand Film
Freaks (2018)14AViolenceJul 22, 2019105:00Well Go USA Inc.
Good Boys14ACoarse Language, Crude Content, Not Recommended For ChildrenJun 24, 201990:00Universal Pictures
Good, The Bad And The Ugly, The (Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo) (1966) [reclassified 2019]Parental GuidanceViolenceJul 05, 2019178:00Reclassification
Harpoon14AGory Violence, Coarse LanguageJul 04, 201983:00A71 Entertainment Inc.
Have You Seen My Movie?14ANudity, Sexual Content, ViolenceJul 17, 2019129:00Metro Cinema
Honey Bee14AMature Subject Matter, Coarse LanguageJul 11, 201993:00A71 Entertainment Inc.
Hype! (1996) [reclassified 2019]Parental GuidanceCoarse LanguageJul 18, 201983:00Metro Cinema
Land Of Glass (Landet af glas)Parental GuidanceJun 26, 201990:00Calgary International Film Festival
Last Black Man In San Francisco, The14ACoarse LanguageJul 04, 2019121:00levelFilm
Light Of My LifeParental GuidanceViolenceJul 18, 2019119:00Elevation Pictures
Lion King, The (2019)Parental GuidanceJul 10, 2019118:00Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Looking UpParental GuidanceJul 17, 2019147:00Independent
MaidenParental GuidanceJul 19, 201998:00Mongrel Media
Marianne & Leonard: Words Of LoveParental GuidanceMature Subject MatterJul 03, 2019101:00Elevation Pictures
Midsommar18ASexual Content, Disturbing ContentJun 27, 2019147:00Elevation Pictures
Mindo TaseeldarniParental GuidanceJun 26, 2019128:00VP Films
Monos14AViolence, Mature Subject MatterJul 15, 2019102:00Elevation Pictures
Munda Hi ChahidaParental GuidanceMature Subject MatterJul 11, 2019129:00Rhythm Boyz Entertainment
Once Upon A Time ... In Hollywood14ABrutal Violence, Coarse LanguageJul 08, 2019161:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Paw Patrol: Ready Race RescueGeneralJul 22, 201944:00Elevation Pictures
Propaganda: The Art Of Selling LiesParental GuidanceMature Subject Matter, Disturbing Content, Coarse LanguageJun 28, 201993:00D Films
Push (2019)Parental GuidanceJul 15, 201992:00Kinosmith
Que Viva Mexico! (1979)Parental GuidanceMature Subject MatterJul 12, 201990:00Metro Cinema
Queer ScoutsGeneralJul 15, 201918:00Metro Cinema
Rabid (1977)14AViolence, NudityJul 08, 201991:00Metro Cinema
Re-Animator (1985)18AGory Violence, Sexual ViolenceJul 11, 201986:00Independent
Ready Or Not14AGory Violence, Coarse LanguageJun 25, 201995:0020th Century Fox
ShubarathriParental GuidanceJul 12, 2019129:00Independent
Slumber Party Massacre, The (1981) [reclassified 2019]14AViolence, NudityJul 16, 201976:00Reclassification
Sound! Euphonium The Movie - Our Promise: A Brand New DayGeneralJul 10, 2019100:00Cineplex Entertainment
Spider-Man: Far From HomeParental GuidanceViolence, Frightening Scenes, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenJun 25, 2019129:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Standing On The LineParental GuidanceJun 27, 201981:00Calgary International Film Festival
Super 30Parental GuidanceJul 11, 2019155:00VP Films
There Are No Fakes14ACoarse Language, Mature Subject MatterJul 19, 2019116:00Metro Cinema
They Live (1988) [reclassified 2019]14AViolence, Coarse LanguageJul 05, 201994:00Reclassification
Unforgiven (1992) [reclassified 2019]14ACoarse Language, ViolenceJul 05, 2019131:00Reclassification
We All Believe In YouParental GuidanceJul 09, 201924:00Metro Cinema
Whisper Of The HeartGeneralJun 26, 2019111:00Cineplex Entertainment
Whisper Of The Heart Introduction With Rebecca SugarGeneralJun 26, 20192:00Cineplex Entertainment
White Storm 2, The: Drug Lords14ABrutal ViolenceJul 04, 201999:00Independent
Woman Under The Influence, A (1974) [reclassified 2019]Parental GuidanceMature Subject MatterJul 19, 2019147:00Metro Cinema
Woodstock: 3 Days Of Peace & Music (The Director's Cut) [reclassified 2019]14AJul 03, 2019224:00Reclassification