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TitleRatingsAdvisoryDateRunning timeDistributor
Alive And KickingPGCoarse Language, NudityJul 04, 201789:00Metro Cinema
Annabelle: Creation14AFrightening Scenes, Not Recommended For ChildrenJul 18, 2017109:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Atomic Blonde14ABrutal Violence, Sexual ContentJul 11, 2017115:00Universal Pictures
Authoritarian, ThePGMature Subject MatterJul 14, 2017115:00Independent
Black Prince, ThePGViolenceJul 19, 2017121:00Video Palace House Of Distribution
Blood Hunters18AGory ViolenceJun 30, 201791:00Metro Cinema
Brigsby BearPGMature Subject MatterJul 12, 201797:00Mongrel Media
Caged Heat (1974) [reclassified 2017]14ANudity, Sexual ViolenceJul 20, 201780:00Metro Cinema
Certain WomenPGCoarse LanguageJun 26, 2017107:00Metro Cinema
Channa MereyaPGViolence, Mature Subject MatterJul 11, 2017132:00White Hill Production Inc.
Dark Tower, ThePGViolence, Frightening Scenes, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenJul 21, 201795:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Dawson City: Frozen TimeGJul 25, 2017120:00Metro Cinema
Detroit14ACoarse Language, Brutal Violence, Mature Subject MatterJul 18, 2017143:00Entertainment One Films
Drone14AJul 13, 201789:00Pacific Northwest Pictures
DunkirkPGViolence, Mature Subject MatterJun 29, 2017106:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Emoji Movie, TheGJul 13, 201786:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Emwas: Restoring MemoriesPGJul 13, 201753:00Metro Cinema
From The Land Of The Moon (Mal de pierres)18ASexual ContentJun 26, 2017121:00Pacific Northwest Pictures
Ghost Story, APGCoarse Language, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenJul 06, 201792:00Mongrel Media
Great Sardaar14ABrutal ViolenceJun 28, 2017109:00Video Palace House Of Distribution
HockneyPGCoarse Language, NudityJul 07, 2017113:00Metro Cinema
Hounds Of Love18ABrutal Violence, Disturbing ContentJul 07, 2017108:00Metro Cinema
Ingrid Goes West14ACoarse Language, Substance AbuseJul 25, 201798:00Mongrel Media
Jagga JasoosPGViolenceJul 12, 2017162:00Video Palace House Of Distribution
Jandek On CorwoodPGJul 04, 201788:00Metro Cinema
Jonas Kaufmann: My ItalyGJul 07, 2017107:00Cineplex Entertainment
KidnapPGViolence, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenJul 17, 201795:00Entertainment One Films
Krazzy TabbarPGViolenceJul 05, 2017118:00Video Palace House Of Distribution
Landline14ACoarse Language, Sexual Content, Substance AbuseJul 19, 201797:00Elevation Pictures
Little Hours, The14ACoarse Language, Sexual Content, NudityJul 14, 201789:00Mongrel Media
MenashePGJul 21, 201782:00Mongrel Media
MeowPGJul 11, 2017109:00Independent
Mom14AViolence, Not Recommended For ChildrenJul 05, 2017146:00Independent
Munna MichaelPGViolenceJul 20, 2017141:00Eros Entertainment
Neighborhood, The14AViolence, Coarse Language, Substance AbuseJul 21, 2017107:00Independent
Ninnu KoriPGJul 06, 2017137:00Independent
Patti Cakes14ACoarse LanguageJul 10, 2017109:0020th Century Fox
Pocket Man, The (Le petit bonhomme de poche)GJun 30, 20176:00Cineplex Entertainment
Pup Star 2: Better Together [Pup Star 2: Better 2Gether]GJul 20, 201793:00Independent
Puppy!GJun 30, 20175:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Radio DreamsPGCoarse LanguageJun 27, 201794:00Independent
Snack AttackGJun 30, 20175:00Cineplex Entertainment
Trip To Spain, ThePGCoarse LanguageJul 17, 2017108:00Entertainment One Films
Valerian And The City Of A Thousand PlanetsPGViolence, Frightening ScenesJun 29, 2017137:00Entertainment One Films
Vikram Vedha14AJul 21, 2017146:00Edmonton Movie Club
War For The Planet Of The ApesPGViolence, Frightening Scenes, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenJun 27, 2017140:0020th Century Fox
Wedding Plan, TheGJul 06, 2017110:00Metro Cinema
Wind River14ABrutal Violence, Sexual ViolenceJul 10, 2017107:00V V S Films
WukongPGViolence, Frightening Scenes, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenJun 30, 2017123:00Independent
Yalghaar14ABrutal ViolenceJun 28, 2017158:00Video Palace House Of Distribution