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TitleRatingsAdvisoryDateRunning timeDistributor
1945PGMature Subject Matter, Coarse Language, Sexual ContentJul 27, 201891:00Independent
Along With The Gods: The Last 49 DaysPGViolence, Frightening Scenes, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenJul 30, 2018142:00Well Go USA Inc.
AlphaPGViolenceJul 20, 201896:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Arrhythmia14ASexual Content, Substance AbuseJul 17, 2018116:00Carusel
AshkeGJul 26, 2018125:00Rhythm Boyz Entertainment
Backstabbing For Beginners14ACoarse LanguageJul 16, 2018108:00Entertainment One Films
Blood Fest18AGory ViolenceAug 09, 201893:00Cineplex Entertainment
Blood Fest: A Closer LookPGAug 09, 201815:00Cineplex Entertainment
Bookshop, TheGAug 10, 2018113:00Independent
Boy And His Dog, A [reclassified 2018]14ASexual Content, NudityAug 07, 201891:00Reclassification
Breaking The Frame14ANudity, Sexual ContentJul 24, 2018101:00Metro Cinema
Breath14ASexual ContentAug 10, 2018116:00Pacific Northwest Pictures
Bullitt (1968) [reclassified 2018]PGViolenceJul 20, 2018114:00Reclassification
BuyBust14ABrutal Violence, Not Recommended For Children, Coarse LanguageAug 07, 2018128:00Well Go USA Inc.
Children Act, The14AAug 07, 2018105:00Entertainment One Films
Christopher RobinGJul 25, 2018104:00Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
CieloGJul 23, 201877:00Metro Cinema
Crazy Rich AsiansPGJul 27, 2018120:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Cruising (1980) [reclassified 2018]18ASexual Violence, Sexual ContentJul 23, 2018102:00Reclassification
Dakuaan Da Munda14ASubstance AbuseAug 08, 2018141:00VP Films
Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly KingsPGViolence, Frightening Scenes, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenJul 25, 2018132:00Well Go USA Inc.
DhadakPGViolenceJul 18, 2018138:00VP Films
Dhol RattiPGJul 18, 2018121:00VP Films
Dog DaysPGJul 30, 2018113:00Elevation Pictures
Elvis '68 Comeback SpecialGAug 14, 2018106:00Cineplex Entertainment
Europe RaidersPGNot Recommended For Young ChildrenAug 13, 2018100:00Asia Releasing
Fanney KhanPGJul 31, 2018130:00VP Films
FireworksPGJul 23, 201890:00Metro Cinema
Getting GracePGJul 23, 2018112:00Metro Cinema
Gold (2018)PGAug 13, 2018152:00Video Palace House Of Distribution
Happytime Murders, The18ACrude Sexual ContentAug 09, 201891:00VVS Films
I Love You, HaterPGJul 18, 2018116:00ABS-CBN
Island, The (2018)PGNot Recommended For Young ChildrenAug 08, 2018133:00Well Go USA Inc.
KarwaanPGAug 02, 2018114:00VP Films
KinPGViolence, Coarse Language, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenJul 19, 2018102:00Entertainment One Films
KoodePGMature Subject MatterAug 10, 2018153:00Edmonton Movie Club
Kusina KingsPGCrude ContentJul 31, 2018108:00ABS-CBN
Little ItalyPGAug 09, 2018101:00Entertainment One Films
Little Stranger, The14AAug 02, 2018112:00Universal Pictures
Logan's Run (1976) [reclassified 2018]PGNudityAug 08, 2018119:00Reclassification
Maquia: When The Promised Flower BloomsPGViolenceJul 18, 2018115:00Cineplex Entertainment
Meg, ThePGViolence, Frightening Scenes, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenJul 26, 2018113:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Mile 2214AViolence, Coarse LanguageAug 03, 201894:00VVS Films
Mr & Mrs 420 ReturnsPGAug 14, 2018136:00VP Films
MulkPGViolenceAug 01, 2018140:00VP Films
New Muslim CoolPGJul 23, 201856:00Metro Cinema
Night Is Short, Walk On Girl14ASexual Content, Substance AbuseAug 13, 201893:00Independent
Octavio Is Dead!14ANudityJul 26, 201888:00levelFilm
Our HousePGFrightening Scenes, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenJul 16, 201890:00Elevation Pictures
Papillon (2018)14AViolenceAug 14, 2018133:00Elevation Pictures
Rachel Hollis Presents: Made For MoreGJul 30, 2018120:00Cineplex Entertainment
Ryuichi Sakamoto: CodaGAug 10, 2018101:00Metro Cinema
Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 314AViolenceJul 25, 2018140:00VP Films
Sailor Moon S: The MoviePGJul 25, 201860:00Cineplex Entertainment
Sailor Moon SuperS Side Story: Ami's First LovePGJul 31, 201816:00Cineplex Entertainment
Sailor Moon SuperS: The MoviePGAug 01, 201860:00Cineplex Entertainment
Satyameva Jayate14ABrutal ViolenceAug 14, 2018140:00Video Palace House Of Distribution
Scotty And The Secret History Of Hollywood18ASexual ContentAug 14, 201898:00filmswelike
Simple Favor, A14ACoarse Language, Sexual ContentJul 24, 2018117:00Entertainment One Films
Skate Kitchen14ASexual Content, Coarse Language, Substance AbuseJul 20, 2018106:00Calgary Underground Film Festival
Slender Man14AFrightening ScenesAug 01, 201893:00Sony Pictures Releasing
SophiaPGJul 26, 201811:00Metro Cinema
Spy Who Dumped Me, The14ACoarse Language, Violence, NudityJul 19, 2018117:00Entertainment One Films
Teefa In TroublePGViolenceJul 17, 2018156:00VP Films
Tiger (2018)PGCoarse LanguageAug 03, 201895:00Independent
Trench 1114AGory ViolenceJul 16, 201891:00Raven Banner Releasing
Two Trains Runnin'PGJul 23, 201882:00Metro Cinema
Vampire Clay14AGory ScenesJul 18, 201881:00Metro Cinema
Village Of WidowsPGAug 08, 201852:00Metro Cinema
Vishwaroop 2 (a.k.a. Vishwaroopam 2)18ABrutal ViolenceAug 08, 2018145:00VP Films
Voluptuous VixensRJul 24, 201876:00Independent
WallPGAug 07, 201879:00National Film Board Of Canada/Office National Du Film Du Canada
We Are TriathletesGJul 23, 2018105:00Demand Film
What Keeps You Alive14AViolenceJul 17, 201899:00Mongrel Media
White Boy Rick14ASubstance Abuse, Coarse LanguageJul 31, 2018111:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Yashodhara (a.k.a. Bimba Devi)PGJul 18, 2018158:00VP Films
Yellow Submarine (1968) [reclassified 2018]GJul 17, 201890:00Reclassification