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TitleRatingsAdvisoryDateRunning timeDistributor
15:17 To Paris, The14AViolenceJan 25, 201894:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
2018 Oscar Nominated Short Films, The: Live Action14ACoarse Language, ViolenceFeb 05, 201895:00Edmonton International Film Festival
Aadhi14AViolenceFeb 09, 2018157:00Edmonton Movie Club
AbuPGMature Subject MatterJan 22, 201880:00Independent
AiyaaryPGViolenceJan 26, 2018157:00VP Films
Alien Intrusion: Unmasking A DeceptionPGMature Subject MatterFeb 16, 2018122:00Independent
Ang Dalawang Mrs ReyesPGSexual ContentJan 24, 2018104:00ABS-CBN
Annihilation18AFeb 09, 2018115:00Paramount Pictures
Atlantic Journey: A Discovery Of Coasts, Islands And SeasGFeb 01, 201889:00Independent
Before We VanishPGViolenceFeb 16, 2018130:00Mongrel Media
Black PantherPGViolence, Not Recommended For Young ChildrenFeb 06, 2018134:00Buena Vista Pictures Distribution Canada, Inc
Blurred Lines: Inside The Art WorldPGCoarse LanguageJan 22, 201885:00Metro Cinema
C'est La Vie! (Le sens de la fĂȘte)PGCoarse LanguageJan 22, 2018115:00TIFF
ChampPGFeb 01, 201812:00Metro Cinema
Cocote14ACoarse LanguageJan 25, 2018106:00Calgary Cinematheque Society
Day After, The (Geu-hu)PGJan 30, 201892:00Calgary Cinematheque Society
Death Wish (2018)18AViolenceFeb 15, 2018107:00Entertainment One Films
Detective Chinatown 2PGViolence, Coarse LanguageFeb 12, 2018121:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Early ManGFeb 05, 201889:00Entertainment One Films
Entanglement14AJan 23, 201885:00Independent
Every DayPGFeb 12, 201897:00Elevation Pictures
Ex-Libris: New York Public LibraryPGJan 29, 2018197:00Metro Cinema
Fifty Shades Freed18ASexual ContentJan 23, 2018105:00Universal Pictures
Game Night14ACoarse Language, ViolenceFeb 07, 2018100:00Warner Bros. Entertainment
Gentle Creature, A (Krotkaya)14ASexual Violence, Coarse LanguageFeb 14, 2018143:00Calgary Cinematheque Society
Insult, The14ACoarse LanguageFeb 01, 2018113:00Independent
JanePGJan 22, 201890:00Metro Cinema
Laavaan PherePGFeb 14, 2018124:00VP Films
MilkGJan 25, 201814:00TIFF
Monkey King 3, ThePGViolence, Frightening ScenesFeb 14, 2018114:00Well Go USA Inc.
Monster Hunt 2PGFeb 12, 2018110:00Independent
Night Gallery: Adult Cartoon Party!RSexual Violence, Explicit Sexual Content, Disturbing ContentFeb 16, 201894:00Metro Cinema
Nostalgia (2017)PGCoarse LanguageFeb 07, 2018114:00Elevation Pictures
OfficePGFeb 08, 2018119:00Independent
Other Side Of The Hero, ThePGMature Subject MatterJan 30, 201887:00Metro Cinema
Pad ManPGJan 24, 2018140:00Sony Pictures Releasing
Padmaavat14AViolenceJan 24, 2018163:00VP Films
Party, The (2017)14ACoarse Language, Substance AbuseFeb 08, 201871:00Elevation Pictures
Permission14ASexual Content, Coarse LanguageFeb 09, 201898:00Pacific Northwest Pictures
Peter RabbitPGJan 31, 201895:00Sony Pictures Releasing
QuestPGSubstance AbuseJan 25, 2018104:00filmswelike
Ramen HeadsGJan 25, 201893:00Independent
Red Sparrow18ASexual ViolenceFeb 06, 2018140:0020th Century Fox
Samson14AViolenceJan 25, 2018109:00Mongrel Media
Selfie (Selfi)18AFeb 01, 2018112:00Independent
Shogun Assassin (1980) [reclassified 2018]14AGory Brutal ViolenceJan 26, 201885:00Independent
Thoroughbreds14ACoarse LanguageFeb 15, 201892:00Universal Pictures
Till The End Of The WorldPGNot Recommended For Young ChildrenJan 31, 2018117:00China Lion Film Distribution Inc.
What Is Your AdventureGFeb 16, 201822:00Metro Cinema
Zama14ANudityJan 29, 2018115:00Calgary Cinematheque Society