EMERGENCY: Alberta has declared a Public Health Emergency to protect the health care system from COVID-19. Indoor social gatherings are the top source of transmission. All indoor social gatherings have now been banned. This ban will be enforced with $1,000 fines. Learn more

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Arts and culture

Funding for heritage and cultural industry projects, and information about museums, historic sites, libraries and cultural events.


Grants and resources for publishing, sound recording and screen-based sectors, and artist-in-residence program.

Visiting, conserving and managing Alberta’s historic sites and places, and Indigenous and Francophone cultures.

Funding opportunities for projects in the areas of arts, culture, community, heritage, recreation, sport, and diversity and inclusion.

Festivals, events and cultural spaces in Alberta.

Distributor services, and ratings for Alberta movies, trailers, commercials and PSAs.

Alberta museums, libraries, archives and online collections.