English/Gwich'in/Pushto-language Drama. After a Gwich'in-Canadian soldier (Asivak Koostachin) is captured by the Taliban (Kane Mahon), he finds himself reflecting on the death of his cousin (Miika Bryce Whiskeyjack).

Content elements

  • Infrequent use of the sexual expletive, some in a sexual context; infrequent use of scatological slang, cursing, and profanity
  • Infrequent portrayals of gun, weapons, and hand-to-hand violence, most in a war context, some involving children, some involving animals - some blood and detail
  • Infrequent portrayals of alcohol and tobacco use in a recreational context

Thematic elements

  • Identity and belonging
  • Unlikely friendships
  • Survival and teamwork

Classification rationale

Rated 14A for violence and coarse language

Classification date

October 22, 2019