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Table of contents
Revisions/Updates (Design Bulletin 63) (Updated December 2018)  
Errata - Updated July 15, 2009 (pdf 19K)  
Cover Page (pdf 808K)  
Spine (pdf 442K)  
Inside Cover Page (pdf 34K)  
Acknowledgment (pdf 18K)  
Preface (pdf 10K)  
Table of Contents (pdf 343K) (Updated Feb 2018)  
Chapter H-1 (Updated July 2013) Overview
Chapter H-2 (Updated July 2013) Roadside Design Practices and Guidelines
Chapter H-3 (Updated December 2018) Roadside Design Process
Chapter H-4 (Updated Feb 2012) Grading and Drainage
Chapter H-5 (Updated Feb 2018) Roadside and Median Barrier Systems
Chapter H-6 (Updated July 2013) Barrier End Treatments and Crash Cushions
Chapter H-7 (Updated July 2013) Bridges
Chapter H-8 (Updated July 2009) Signs Supports and Poles
Chapter H-9 (Updated Nov 2007) Other Roadside Features
Chapter H-10 (Updated July 2013) Work Zone Considerations
Chapter H-11 (Updated Nov 2007) Urban and Restricted Environment Considerations
Chapter H-12 (Updated Nov 2007) Other Resources
Appendix A (pdf 965K) (Updated July 2009) Severity Indices
Appendix B (pdf 29,401K) (Updated Oct 2019) Reference Drawings
Appendix C (pdf 2MB) (Updated July 2009) Guidelines for Upgrading of Existing Bridgerails
Appendix D (pdf 15MB) (Updated Mar 2008) Guidelines for Upgrading Bridge Approach Rail Transitions
Appendix E (pdf 393K) (Updated Nov 2016)

Guidelines for the Selection and Design of High Tension
Cable Barrier Systems

Index (pdf 110K)  

Supplement to the Roadside Design Guide:
- Capital Cost for Roadside/Median Barrier Systems, June 2007 (pdf 144K)

Standard Drawings Listing
Standard Drawings Listing (Individual Files) (Updated Feb 2018)

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