Geometric roadway information

Downloadable geometric parameters data for most of the highways in Alberta.

Request roadway information

The Request for Corporate Roadway Information form can help consultants working on roadway engineering assignments find details on the history of a roadway.

FTP downloads

Accessing FTP data

Download and install the latest version of Filezilla to access FTP geometric roadway data.

Some documents on the FTP site require Acrobat Reader 4.0 or better, available for free from Adobe.

Geometric Roadway information contains details of geometric parameters for most of the highways in the province of Alberta. This data was collected using vehicle-based Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment in conjunction with either satellite-based real-time or post-processed Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) corrections.

The calculated DGPS-based geometric parameter data reflect, and is limited by, the accuracy of the archived provincial highway network spatial data, which is then subject to the GPS hardware accuracy and error sources.

Horizontal curvature has been assumed to be "circular and tangent" in all cases rather than "circular, spiral and tangent". You are strongly encouraged to read the Background Report prior to using the data.