Reviewing Alberta’s continuing care system

A comprehensive review of our continuing care system to ensure Albertans have access to high-quality care and support.


We are reviewing our continuing care system to address and improve the quality of life for clients across the continuing care system. This includes looking at better ways to support families and caregivers, health care providers and operators, and others within the system now and into the future. The comprehensive review will include:

  • home and community care
  • supportive living
  • facility-based continuing care including designated supportive living and long-term care
  • palliative and end-of-life care

With more than 33,000 supportive living spaces (including almost 12,000 designated supportive living spaces), 15,000 long-term care spaces and 127,000 Albertans receiving home care each year, continuing care impacts the lives of many Albertans.



Who is listening

Ministry of Health

Active engagements

There are no active engagements at this time. Albertans will have opportunities in the future to share ideas on ways to improve our continuing care system.

Completed engagements

Albertans shared their feedback on facility-based continuing care in Alberta. The final report was released May 31, 2021. Government is implementing several recommendations immediately and developing an action plan for the rest.
Albertans shared their feedback on our palliative and end-of-life care system. A final report was released on November 18, 2021.

Why the review is needed

Alberta’s continuing care legislation dates back to 1985. It needs to be updated to reflect the environment we are in today. COVID-19 also revealed issues and concerns that will have a long-lasting impact on continuing care services, including how future pandemics are managed.

We will be gathering the public’s perspective on facility-based continuing care from both before and during the pandemic to develop a more responsive system that better meets the needs of our loved ones in continuing care.

We will also conduct focused engagement with palliative and end-of-life care citizens and interest groups to advance initiatives to support Albertans diagnosed with a life-limiting illness.

Key priorities

The review focuses on creating a sustainable continuing care system that improves the quality of life for seniors and persons with disabilities by examining and addressing:

  • outdated legislation
  • barriers to changes and improvements within facility-based continuing care
  • best practices and innovative approaches
  • changing needs of clients, residents, families and staff
  • delivery of person-centred continuing care
  • prevention and management of transmittable illnesses
  • initiatives to advance quality palliative and end-of-life care
  • expanding home and community care