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Report a driver fitness concern

How to report physical and medical conditions or health changes that affect driver fitness.

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You must self-report any medical or physical conditions or changes in health that may affect your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

You may also report concerns you have with other drivers. If an unsafe driver is reported to us, the individual reporting this to us will remain anonymous, unless they allow us to share their personal information. If you witness high-risk or criminal driving behaviour, report it to law enforcement

Self-report a medical condition

Step 1. Contact the Driver Programs Client Support Centre or go to a Registry Agent

Contact us to report your medical and physical condition(s) that may affect your ability to drive:

Alternatively, you can go to an Alberta Registry Agent to report your medical condition.

After disclosing your condition(s), you will be contacted by mail and may be asked to submit medical documentation referencing your medical or physical condition(s).

Step 2. Submit documentation

Send the required documentation, as requested in the letter you received from Driver Fitness and Monitoring, by mail, email or fax.

Email: [email protected]
Fax: 780-422-6612

Your physician must complete the Medical Examination for Motor Vehicle Operators form or special medical form if requested and submit it to Driver Fitness and Monitoring for review.

If requested, you must download a Visual Referral Report and have an optometrist or ophthalmologist complete it for you.

These forms are available in most physician offices and at any Alberta registry agent.

How to report a concern

If you are concerned a driver may be at risk to the public because of a medical or physical condition, submit a report to us. You must provide as much detail as possible and sign the report.

Step 1. Write report

The report must include:

  • date of the report
  • full name of unsafe driver
  • address of unsafe driver, if known
  • unsafe driver’s licence number, if known
  • birth date or approximate age of unsafe driver, if known
  • any known medical or physical conditions that may affect safe driving
  • name, signature and phone number of the person making the report

Health care professionals are not required by law to report medically-at-risk drivers, but you are encouraged to report your concerns. When a physician, optometrist or other health care professional report a medically-at-risk driver, they are protected against liability challenges through section 60 of the Traffic Safety Act.

Step 2. Submit report

Send the report by mail, email or fax. You may be contacted for more information.

Email: [email protected]
Fax: 780-422-6612

Step 3. Follow-up actions

We will review the report and identify what is required to determine the driver’s fitness to drive. Due to the protection of privacy of the driver, you will not receive any information regarding the outcome of your report. Go to Driver medical fitness review process for more information on the full process. 


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