Renewable Fuels Standard – Approved contributors

List of approved contributors for the purposes of the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) Regulation.


The following companies have provided permission for inclusion in the Alberta government’s list of approved contributors for the purposes of the RFS Regulation.

Under the RFS Regulation, an approved contributor is any person that: (a) blends gasoline fuel, aviation fuel or diesel that has been placed in the Alberta market with renewable fuel, (b) places the renewable-blended fuel in the Alberta market, and (c) is not a fuel supplier.

Note this list may not include all approved contributors. Fuel suppliers are free to engage with approved contributors not listed here.

In no way shall this list of approved contributors be construed as:

  • a guarantee of the quality or quantity of the renewable fuel that can be transferred notionally by any of those listed as approved contributors
  • an endorsement of any of the companies listed

The government assumes no responsibility whatsoever for:

  • any dealing undertaken amongst fuel suppliers, approved contributors and renewable fuel providers
  • the accuracy of this list

It is the responsibility of the fuel supplier to ensure that the renewable fuel transferred notionally from an approved contributor has been supplied by a renewable fuel provider holding a current validation.

To include the name of your organization on this list, submit your request to [email protected].

Approved Contributors


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