Regulated stewardship programs

Regulated stewardship programs in Alberta.

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Stewardship programs are important to Alberta's efforts to minimize, divert, and properly manage our waste and residual materials. Government-regulated stewardship programs help create and maintain sustainable recycling for post-consumer products which cost more to recycle than what the material may be worth at market, or to dispose of in landfills.

Oversight of stewardship programs

Alberta’s stewardship programs are managed by delegated administrative organizations (DAO) operating at arms-length from government and are accountable to the Minister of Environment and Protected Areas. There are 2 recycling DAOs, the Alberta Recycling Management Authority and the Beverage Container Management Board, managing the five stewardship programs.

Regulations give these organizations responsibility to manage particular programs. The recycling DAOs are required by regulation to submit annual reports and business plans including audited financial reports, yearly to the Minister. These reports are available on the organizations’ websites.

Program specific information on the stewardship programs can be found on the DAO websites.

Alberta Recycling Management Authority

The Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) is delegated through the Designated Material Recycling and Management Regulation and manages the stewardship programs for electronics, tires, paint and paint containers and used oil materials.

Beverage Container Management Board

The Beverage Container Management Board (BCMB) is delegated through the Beverage Container Recycling Regulation and manages the beverage container stewardship program.

Stewardship programs

There are currently 5 regulated stewardship programs in Alberta. Regulations for the stewardship programs are available on the waste legislation and resources page.

Beverage containers

Albertans can recycle empty beverage containers at over 220 bottle depots located across the province.


Albertans can recycle televisions, computers, and computer equipment (including printers, scanners, etc.) through the electronics program.

Please check with ARMA for more information on what electronic items are recyclable in your area.

Paint and paint containers

Albertans can recycle paint and paint containers from 100 mL to 23 litres and spray paint containers through the paint and paint containers program.


Albertans can recycle passenger and truck tires through the tire program.

Used oil materials (used oil, oil filters and oil containers)

Albertans can recycle used oil materials including used lubricating oil, oil filters and oil containers through the use oil materials program.

Environmental charges

Suppliers / beverage manufacturers and consumers fund Alberta’s stewardship programs. These costs are assumed by material suppliers / beverage manufacturers and are often passed on to consumers. The government neither provides money to nor receives money from the programs.

The ARMA sets surcharge rates for its 4 programs in bylaw.

The BCMB sets the deposit refund amount, while the program operator the Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation (ABCRC) may choose to implement a voluntary container recycling fee to help fund a portion of the beverage container program.


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