Registry agents

Registry agents offer registration, information and licensing services on behalf of government.

Registry agents are temporarily providing select services by phone, secure email, fax or mail to reduce the number of Albertans who need to visit in person.

The following registry services are available through alternative delivery methods:

  • All personal property registry services (available by fax or email)
  • Select motor vehicles services (available by telephone, fax, mail or email with secure encryption)
    • Driver’s licence services:
      • Renewal (one year with existing photo)
      • Replacement
      • Re-class
      • Exchange (address change)
      • Condition Code maintenance
      • Cancellation
    • Vehicle registration services:
      • Renewal
      • Duplicate registration certificate
      • Exchange licence plate
      • Transfer registration to a new vehicle
      • Cancellation
      • Specialty plate order (Support our Troops, Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers)
    • Other:
      • Driver’s abstract
      • Vehicle Information Report
      • Payment on account, including fine payments
      • In-transit permits


Registry agents offer registration, information and licensing services on behalf of government.

Services provided by registry agents include:

  • vehicle registration
  • driver licensing and testing
  • personal property (lien) searches and registrations
  • land titles searches
  • vital statistics searches
  • Alberta Health Care registration
  • Alberta Organ and Tissue Donation Registry services

For more information, see the Registry Agent Product Catalogue.

Becoming a registry agent

Starting a new registry

Currently there are no new registry agent opportunities.

When new opportunities to start a registry are available, they will be posted to the Alberta Purchasing Connection.

Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction does not accept unsolicited proposals to start a new registry.

Buying an existing registry

Existing registry agents may be willing to sell their business. A prospective new owner may contact the existing registry agent directly.

Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction does not provide contact information of registry agents interested in selling their business, and does not keep a list of parties interested in buying a registry agent.

If the existing registry agent is willing to sell, they are required to notify Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction of their intent to sell. Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction will send a Purchase Application Package to the prospective new owner.

Working in a registry agency

Information on training and employment opportunities is available through the Alberta Association of Registry Agents (AARA).

Employment opportunities with AMA Registries are posted on the AMA website.

Find a registry agent

To search for a registry agent, see the Find a Registry Agent page.

Motor vehicle services

Registry agents provide information on vehicle and driver services.

Vehicle services

  • vehicle registrations
  • vehicle information reports
  • personalized licence plate applications
  • antique licence plates
  • in-transit permits
  • some prorate services

Driver services

  • searches
  • driving abstracts
  • driver licensing and testing
  • commercial licensing
  • motorcycle and off-highway licensing
  • suspensions
  • fine payments
  • information on vehicle seizures

Vital statistics

Vital statistics information includes:

  • birth certificates
  • death certificates
  • marriage certificates
  • marriage licences
  • legal name changes
  • genealogical searches

Land titles

Land titles searches provide information on:

  • property owners
  • caveats
  • mortgages
  • surface rights
  • mineral rights

Corporate registry

Searches, certificates and historical information

Corporate Registry can find information on the certificates and history of:

  • Alberta societies
  • non-profit organization
  • trade names
  • limited liability partnerships and corporations


  • registrations
  • revivals
  • name changes
  • amendments

Corporate services

  • filing annual returns for corporations
  • annual reports for limited liability partnerships
  • amendments to corporate names

Not all registry agents perform all Corporate Registry services. If you need a Corporate Registry service, see the Corporate Registry Service Providers.

Personal property registry

Personal property registry can provide the following information:


  • Individual debtor names
  • Business debtor names
  • Serial numbers
  • Registration numbers
  • Distribution
  • Seizure and Related Writs


  • Security agreements
  • Discharges
  • Amendments
  • Renewals
  • Sale of goods
  • Factors Act
  • Garageman’s Liens
  • Crown Charges
  • Land Charges
  • Statutory Charges
  • Court Orders
  • Writs of Enforcement
  • Attachment Orders
  • Matrimonial Property Orders
  • Maintenance Orders
  • Railway Rolling Stocks
  • Receiver’s Reports

Alberta Health Care

Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP) services include:

  • registration
  • updating information

Not all agents perform AHCIP registration services.

Authorized AHCIP registry agents

Alberta Organ and Tissue Donor Registry

Registry agents provide the following services:

  • registering consent to donate organs or tissues
  • registering consent to donate bodies for medical education

MyHealth.Alberta Organ and Tissue Donor Information


Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Phone: 780-427-7013
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)