Other jurisdictions may ask for a vehicle registration certificate or a vehicle registration confirmation letter in the name of the last registered owner as proof of ownership in order to register a vehicle that was last registered in Alberta.

Alberta has specific privacy legislation related to the release of personal driving and motor vehicle information. The Registrar cannot release a document that includes the personal information of previous registered owners of that vehicle for the purposes of registering a vehicle in another jurisdiction.

Proof of ownership

Before buying a vehicle that was last registered in Alberta, please contact the motor vehicle department in your home jurisdiction to confirm if one or both of the following will satisfy the requirements to register a vehicle:

  • Bill of sale that proves ownership of a vehicle. A bill of sale or other document proving transfer of ownership must be presented to register a vehicle in Alberta.
  • Vehicle Information Report that shows history of a vehicle’s registration in Alberta but does not provide the name of the previous registered owner.

Original registration certificate

In Alberta, a vehicle registration certificate is used as proof of valid registration with the Registrar of Motor Vehicles and is issued only to the current registered owner of the vehicle. A vehicle only needs to be registered if it is driven on a public roadway in Alberta.

A registration certificate may not necessarily follow a vehicle because it is not needed to prove ownership during a private sale. An original registration certificate does not constitute proof of ownership.

Confirmation letters for current owners

If you are moving out of Alberta and intend to register your vehicle in your name in another jurisdiction, you can request a vehicle registration confirmation letter from the Registrar of Motor Vehicles confirming the history of vehicle registration under your name.

This letter is prepared for tax purposes to help you become tax exempt when registering the vehicle. The letter does not constitute proof of ownership.

Albertans can request a confirmation letter through any Alberta registry agent.


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