Industry panels will help identify unnecessary red tape in key sectors of Alberta's economy. We are leveraging their expertise, experiences and ideas to make our province a more welcoming place to do business.

Alberta’s businesses bear the brunt of burdensome red tape. About half of our province’s existing acts and regulations directly or indirectly apply to private sector business.

“I look forward to meeting with the industry panel attendees and gaining valuable insight into each sector of Alberta’s economy. Identifying opportunities to improve how our province does business is a big win for our families and future.”
- Grant Hunter, Associate Minister for Red Tape Reduction

Panel mandate

The industry panels, chaired by the associate minister of Red Tape Reduction, provide an advisory role to:

  • identify regulatory burdens that hold back the respective sectors
  • give feedback on current and upcoming initiatives directly to the associate minister
  • find ways to improve every area of Alberta's economy to promote job growth in a way that is safe and efficient for every Albertan and their families

Industry panels will meet biannually and will report key findings to the associate minister.

Industry panels

The first two panels launched in August 2019 to provide advice on the tourism and hospitality and oil and gas sectors.

Future panels will launch in the following sectors: Small business, manufacturing, forestry, agriculture, agri-food, bio-industrial, non-profit and construction.

Tourism and hospitality panel members

  • Dave Kaiser, president and CEO, Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association
  • Brett Ireland, chair, Alberta Small Brewers Association
  • Ed Sims, president and CEO, WestJet
  • Darren Reeder, executive director, Banff and Lake Louise Hospitality Association
  • Corey Jarvis, president, Alberta Professional Outfitters Society
  • Matthew Ellis, vice-president of government relations, Convenience Industry Council of Canada
  • Yannis Karlos, co-chair, Association for Mountain Parks Protection and Enjoyment
  • Brenda Holder, Indigenous Tourism and Association Canada
  • George Goldhoff, president and CEO, Pure Canadian Gaming
  • Leslie Echino, owner, Restaurants Canada

Oil and gas panel members

  • Tim McMillan, president and CEO, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
  • Tristan Goodman, president, Explorers and Producers Association of Canada
  • Chris Bloomer, president and CEO, Canadian Energy Pipeline Association
  • Gary Mar, president and CEO, Petroleum Services Association of Canada
  • Mark Scholz, president and CEO, Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors
  • Randy Findlay, chairman of the board, Pembina Pipeline Corporation
  • Sue Riddell Rose, president and CEO, Perpetual Energy
  • Paul Ferneyhough, executive director, North America, Repsol
  • Jeff Tonken, president and CEO, Birchcliff Energy