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Publicly funded post-secondary institutions

Publicly funded adult learning providers offer Alberta students a quality, affordable education.

Services and information

Explore different types of publicly funded adult learning providers and read their mandates.

Government investments in publicly funded post-secondary institutions support operations, building projects and maintenance.

Government is investing in vital post-secondary infrastructure projects across Alberta.

See recently completed capital projects at publicly funded post-secondary institutions throughout Alberta.

Find out who can answer your questions about publicly funded adult learning providers in Alberta.


There are 26 publicly funded post-secondary institutions in Alberta. These institutions:

  • offer most of Alberta’s post-secondary programs
  • receive government funding to offset their operating costs
  • are accountable to Alberta taxpayers

Find out about the different types of publicly funded post-secondary institutions in Alberta.

Government's role

Government is responsible for:

  • setting the strategic direction for the system
  • providing funding to institutions and to learners via student aid
  • quality assurance
  • developing program standards with industry, and providing Journeyperson certificates

Find out more about grant funding support for these 26 post-secondary institutions.


Publicly funded post-secondary institutions are governed by boards that:

  • provide leadership that guides the institution’s future
  • are accountable for ensuring public funds are used effectively and appropriately

For most institutions, the ministry manages a recruitment process for public members that is:

  • open
  • transparent
  • competency based

The process strives to attract diverse, qualified applicants.

Institution boards report to government in several ways. Find out more about accountability and reporting requirements for publicly funded post-secondary institutions.