Adult learning system principles

Five principles guide government’s vision for post-secondary education in Alberta.

  • Adult learning system principles


Alberta’s adult learning system vision is that every Albertan has the same opportunity to fulfil their full potential and contribute to their communities by obtaining a high-quality post-secondary education regardless of financial circumstances.

This vision is focused on ensuring every Albertan has the skills they need to succeed and is guided by 5 principles:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Affordability
  3. Quality
  4. Accountability
  5. Coordination


Every Albertan should have the same opportunity to get a post-secondary education.

This means:

  • learning opportunities are provided to all Albertans and accommodations are made for individuals who face barriers or who seek different paths to completion
  • indigenous students are provided the support and accommodations they need to be successful
  • students and parents alike can clearly navigate the path to career. This means having clear and easy access to the relevant information in planning post-secondary education
  • educational opportunities offered within a community support the needs of the community


Every Albertan should have the same opportunity to get a post-secondary education, regardless of financial circumstances.

This means:

  • whether you are a recent high school graduate, someone looking to upgrade their skills or change careers, all Albertans should have the same access to adult learning opportunities
  • family or personal financial circumstances should not affect student access to learning opportunities


Albertans should get the best education possible here at home.

This means:

  • students know the education they receive is properly preparing them for further learning or the career path of their choice
  • Alberta graduates continue to make important contributions to Alberta’s economy, society, culture and environment
  • high quality programs lead to national and international recognition of Alberta’s teaching and research excellence
  • researchers at Alberta’s post-secondary institutions make important contributions to their field of study
  • colleges, universities and polytechnics are innovation engines, and play a key role in developing a more diversified and resilient economy
  • students across the province have the supports and opportunities they need to move from high school to post-secondary


Post-secondary education providers must be accountable to students, the government and Albertans.

This means:

  • students, parents and all Albertans have access to clear information related to the province’s post-secondary institutions in a timely manner
  • the post-secondary system is built on strong partnerships and collaboration between all students, education providers, communities and government
  • post-secondary institutions have strong, transparent and accountable governance policies and processes in place to ensure effective stewardship
  • effective and active oversight of colleges, universities and polytechnics is in place to ensure that risks are being managed and institutions are acting in the best interest of students and their education and training
  • post-secondary institutions are acting in fiscally responsible ways that acknowledge the defined link between public funding and priorities, while ensuring students can access education opportunities


Albertans should get full advantage from a diverse post-secondary system.

This means:

  • there is a diversity of programming available across the entire learning continuum
  • there is coordination across the system to minimize duplication, allowing for the better use of existing resources
  • resource allocations take into consideration the mandates and roles of each sector
  • there are distinct roles for each group of education providers, ensuring that the system can respond to all student needs regardless of their objectives


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