As Alberta’s economy and population grow, public transportation provides safe, accessible, affordable and environmentally sustainable transportation options to connect Albertans to work, recreation, services and each other.

The Government of Alberta supports existing and developing public transportation systems across the province. To date, the government has largely provided municipalities with funding for capital projects through programs such as the Green Transit Incentives Program (GreenTRIP) and the Municipal Sustainability Initiative.

Federal and provincial transit funding

Alberta communities received more than $500 million in federal, provincial and municipal funding for transit projects on December 3, 2016, bringing the total investment to more than $930 million. There are 138 projects underway in 27 communities.

Federal contribution: $345.3 million

Provincial contribution: $342.2 million

Municipal contribution: $243.5 million

The federal government has also committed funding for water and wastewater infrastructure as part of the bilateral agreement with the Government of Alberta.

Combining federal investments in public transit, clean drinking water and water/wastewater projects within existing provincial budgets means more projects can move forward across the province.

Green Transit Incentives Program (GreenTRIP)

First announced in July 2008, GreenTRIP is a one-time, $2-billion fund designed to support capital projects that lower greenhouse gas emissions by reducing reliance on private single-occupancy vehicles.

The final-call approved projects were announced on December 3, 2016, bringing the program to a close.

Municipal transit initiatives and rural bus service

The Government of Alberta will be providing new funding to support municipal transit initiatives and rural bus service in the future.

Provincial Public Transportation Strategy

The Alberta government recently completed a provincial transit engagement to learn about the transportation needs of Albertans living in rural and urban communities across the province. The input received will help inform the development of a provincial public transportation strategy, and criteria for future funding in support of municipal transit initiatives and rural bus services.