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In order to be considered eligible for operating grant funding, library boards must complete and submit the Public Library Survey and Annual Report by February 28.

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LibPAS is the tool used by the Public Library Services Branch (PLSB) in collecting the information for the Public Library Survey and Annual Report.

Survey and annual report

Complete the survey and annual report

The Public Library Survey and Annual Report are submitted through the online portal LibPAS.

Before completing the survey and annual report, review:

All sections of the survey and annual report must be filled in.

Submit the survey and annual report

After you complete and save the survey and annual report:

  • Print or save a draft copy to present to your board.
  • Once the board has approved the report, enter the date in the appropriate field in LibPAS.
  • Click the 'Submit to PLSB' button.

After you submit, you can no longer modify the data. If you need to reopen the survey and annual report after you have submitted the data, contact [email protected].

If there are any outstanding edit checks, you will not be able to submit your data. You must answer all required questions, correct any data errors and/or provide explanatory notes about why the data is acceptable.


The Public Library Survey and Annual Report is comprised of 2 distinct parts:

  1. The Public Library Survey gathers public library information and includes questions about board members, meeting dates, service points and library hours. This information is used to compile a provincial directory of public libraries, to produce mailing lists and to determine compliance with provincial library legislation and regulations. Provide current information in this section, for example, as of the date you are filling in the report.
  2. The Annual Report captures public library activity during the previous calendar year. This report documents the service activity of public library boards in Alberta and provides information on the performance of public libraries. Data on specific performance measures will be collected to produce the Public Library Statistics for the province of Alberta.

The survey and annual report is required by the Minister under the Libraries Regulation Sections 11, 15 and 20.

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