What are Public Land Recreation Areas (PLRAs)?

A Public Land Recreation Area (PLRA) as per the Public Lands Administration Regulation is an area of public land declared in Section 179 to be a public land recreation area and described in Schedule 5 of the regulation.

Generally, these are small areas designated to manage high intensity recreational use and/or provide limited amenities for camping, staging and information sharing (e.g. kiosks, interpretive signage, regulatory signage etc.).

They are most often found as an access point to vacant public land or within an existing or proposed Public Land Use Zone.

What are Public Land Recreation Trails (PLRTs)?

A Public Land Recreation Trail (PLRT) as per the Public Lands Administration Regulation is an area of public land declared in Section 178 to be a public land recreation trail and described in Schedule 6 of the regulation.

Generally, these are trails designated by the Minster of Alberta Environment and Parks and managed for recreational use by the department.

Where can PLRAs and PLRTs be found in Alberta?

Recreation Areas Listings

There are a number of PLRAs within the province, which are listed below.


  • Allison Day Use/Cross Country Ski Staging
  • Barrier Lake
  • Bison Flats
  • Blackstone Gap
  • Blackstone Viewpoint
  • Brown Creek Viewpoint
  • Bustard Island Remote
  • Cadotte/Peace River Remote
  • Calling River Water Access
  • Cardinal River
  • Cardinal River Divide
  • Caribou Creek Remote
  • Cascade Rapids Remote
  • Christina River Remote
  • Clausen's Landing Remote
  • Crescent Falls
  • Crow Lake Walk-in Tenting
  • Cutoff Creek
  • Cutoff Creek Equestrian Staging
  • Dore Lake
  • Eagle Creek
  • Eccles Pond Day Use
  • Economy Lake
  • Engstrom Remote
  • Greentree Remote
  • Hilltop Lake
  • Hornbeck Cross Country Skiing
  • House River
  • Hummingbird


  • Jackknife Springs Day Use
  • Jumpingpound Demonstration
  • Little Sundance Creek Snowmobiling
  • Mariana Lake
  • Mason Creek Day Use
  • Meander River
  • Mile 18 Water Access
  • Miseieutin Remote
  • Musreau Lake Day Use
  • Nose Lake Remote
  • Panther
  • Pearson Lake
  • Pinto Lake
  • Richardson River Remote
  • Semo Lake Remote
  • Siffleur Falls Staging
  • Six Lakes Remote
  • Steeper Water Access
  • Struble Lake Water Access
  • Syncline Cross-Country Skiing
  • Upper Clearwater River Staging
  • Wandering River
  • Waskahigan
  • Westview
  • Whitemud Falls Remote
  • Winefred Lake Remote

There are only five PLRTs within the province:

  • Ford Creek – Jumping Pound
  • Hangingstone River
  • Little Elbow Loop
  • Little Fishery Creek
  • Wolf Lake

PLAR Specified Penalty Amounts

Tickets and specified penalty amounts (fines) for public lands violations were reinstated effective August 6th, 2016.

For information on the types of violation tickets with specified penalties that can be issued within PLRAs and PLRTs, see: