Provincial public transportation strategy

Engagement on Alberta’s new provincial public transportation strategy wraps up.

This engagement has been archived
Status: Completed
Ministry responsible: Transportation and Economic Corridors
Completed: 2016

As Alberta’s economy and population grows, public transportation provides safe, accessible, affordable and environmentally sustainable transportation options to connect Albertans to work, recreation, services and each other.

The Alberta government recently completed a provincial transit engagement to learn about the transportation needs of Albertans living in rural and urban communities across the province. The information collected through this process will help provide a better understanding of the varying public transportation issues, challenges and opportunities.

How Albertans were involved

Albertans in rural and urban communities and transportation stakeholders provided input on the future of public transportation in our province through an online survey and workbooks.

How the input will be used

The input received will help inform the development of a provincial public transportation strategy, and criteria for future funding in support of municipal transit initiatives and rural bus services. The funding program criteria and a provincial public transportation strategy will be drafted in collaboration with cross-ministry partners.

A provincial public transportation strategy will also support Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan goals, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, by providing a framework for provincial policies and programs for public transportation.