His Majesty King Charles III is the King of Canada. On formal occasions, particularly formal dinners, it is customary to toast His Majesty at a suitable point in the proceedings.

The following is the usual procedure:

  1. After the meal entre has been cleared and before dessert has been served, the host or the toastmaster rises and asks for the attention of those present so that they may join in a toast to His Majesty, the King. He/she asks the guests to rise. Once all have risen the toastmaster raises his/her glass and says:
    ‘The King’ / ‘Le Roi’
    without any other words and without music.
  2. Those present respond:
    ‘The King’ / ‘Le Roi’
    drink the toast and sit. It is not appropriate to click glasses.
  3. Members of the Royal Family do not participate in nor respond to the toast.
  4. Generally any beverage may be used for the Loyal Toast with the exception of cocktails. However, it is preferred to drink the toast with wine or water.
  5. The Loyal Toast is always the first to be proposed. No other toasts should be proposed until the Loyal Toast has been made.

The Loyal Toast may be made at another point in the programme, however, in all circumstances the Loyal Toast should be the first proposed.


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