Consular Corps of Alberta

Descriptions, duties and contact information for the province’s consular officers.


The Consular Corps of Alberta comprises the career and honorary consular officers resident in the Province of Alberta, representing countries from all areas of the world. In addition, certain consular officers who are located outside of Alberta have jurisdiction in the province.

For information on consular officials please refer to the Government of Canada website for the most up to date consular listings.

Alberta's consular officers:

  • promote their country's trade, culture and tourist attractions in Alberta
  • assist citizens of the country they represent
  • administer oaths, legalize foreign documents, provide certificates, renew passports for their citizens, and provide visas to Albertans wishing to visit their country

Heads of Consular posts are divided into main classes, namely:

  • Consul General
  • Consul
  • Vice-Consul
  • Consular Agent

Career consular officers

Career officers are professional diplomats who are sent from their home countries to act as representatives in Alberta.

The career consular officers who are Heads of Post and resident in Alberta are (in order of precedence):

  • Ukraine, Mr. Oleksandr Danyleiko, Consul General (Edmonton), Dean of the Edmonton Consular Corps
  • Republic of the Philippines, Mr. Zaldy Patron, Consul General (Calgary), Dean of the Calgary Consular Corps
  • Republic of Colombia, Consul General, Ms. Diana Carolina Moya Mancipe, Consul General (Calgary)
  • United Kingdom, Mr. Jonathan Turner, Consul General (Calgary)
  • United States of America, Ms. Holly Waeger Monster, Consul General (Calgary)
  • Japan, Mr. Takahito Watabe, Consul General (Calgary)
  • People’s Republic of China, Ms. Liying Zhao, Consul General (Calgary)
  • United Mexican States (Mexico), Mr. Mario Enrique Morales Romero, Consul (Calgary)
  • El Salvador, Mr. Juan Antonio Salamanca Escolero, Consul (Calgary)

Directory of career officers in Alberta

Honorary consular officers

An honorary consular officer is a Canadian citizen who has been asked by a country to be their representative in Alberta. The Government of Canada must approve all career and honorary consuls and consuls general.