Country and regional relations

The Alberta government is creating strong ties with countries and regions to enhance cooperation, Alberta’s trade and investment potential.


The Alberta government strategically advances Alberta’s international interests and relationships to support exports to, and attract investment from, targeted international markets.

Key focus areas include:

  • making sure Alberta’s interests are represented in Canada’s international trade agreements
  • building and maintaining international partnerships that enhance collaboration, trade and investment
  • identifying strategic growth opportunities for Alberta industries in global markets
  • coordinating international trade and investment attraction missions to priority markets for Alberta companies
  • managing incoming visits for foreign officials and industry partners

Efforts to advance Alberta’s international relations are managed in coordination with Alberta’s international offices.

United States

The United States has long been Alberta’s most important bilateral trade partner. The US is by far the largest customer for Alberta’s exports and the source of two thirds of all foreign investment in the province.

Alberta is also the largest foreign supplier of energy products to the US. Alberta's pipeline collection and distribution system plays a key role in delivering safe, secure energy products to major markets.

Latin America and Caribbean

Improved economic performance, a few new free trade agreements and negotiations between Canada and countries in the region, have made Latin America and the Caribbean an area of expanding opportunity for Alberta.

Since the North American Free Trade Agreement was signed in 1994, Mexico has been one of Alberta’s fastest growing export markets and is currently the province’s fifth largest trading partner.

The rest of Latin America offers expanding opportunities for Alberta businesses. Alberta companies are active in many countries in the Caribbean region, such as Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Indo-Pacific, Middle East and Africa

Alberta has strong trade and social ties with many countries in the Indo-Pacific regions, which, together, represent Alberta’s second largest and most diverse export market. The Indo-Pacific region includes key markets, such as China, India, Japan, Korea and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

Alberta is considered a key province in the economic relationship between Canada and countries in the Middle East and Africa, particularly in the energy and agricultural sectors.

Alberta has worked on governance projects in a few countries including Tanzania and Malawi.

Countries in these regions are a source of a large portion of immigrants to Alberta and have strong economic and cultural relations with the province.


Alberta has a rich European heritage, with most Albertans tracing their ancestry back to countries in Europe.

Alberta has developed many long-standing economic and cultural links to countries in Europe, which is Alberta's second largest source of foreign direct investment, and third most important regional export destination.

Advisory Council on Alberta-Ukraine Relations

With approximately 345,000 Albertans of Ukrainian descent, Alberta is home to the largest population of Ukrainian-Canadians in western Canada.

The Advisory Council on Alberta-Ukraine Relations (ACAUR) provides strategic advice and recommendations on ways to build relationships and enhance opportunities for cooperation with Ukraine and Alberta’s Ukrainian community by:

  • serving as a 2-way information resource to Alberta’s Ukrainian community and the Alberta government on Alberta-Ukraine activities
  • identifying and promoting opportunities to strengthen cooperation between the governments of Ukraine and Alberta
  • helping other provinces, territories and the federal government better understand key issues related to Ukraine

For more information on the ACAUR, view the member biographies by searching the listing of current appointees or search for the council in the list of public agencies.


Connect with regional contacts for more information on initiatives:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)

International Relations Branch

Chris Ryan, Executive Director
Phone: 780-427-6060
Email: [email protected]

State and Transboundary Relations Unit

David Kettles, Director
Phone: 780-422-2295
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Europe, United States and Latin America Unit

Tim Olsen, Director
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Indo-Pacific, Middle East and Africa Unit

Erin Ho Si Director
International Relations, Intergovernmental Relations, Executive Council
Phone: 780-995-8397
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