​​This directive describes the criteria that will be followed by Ministries in conducting pre-employment psychological assessments.


Pre-employment psychological assessment is the term used to describe a series of validated psycholo​gical assessment tools administered and interpreted by a registered psychologist(s) to determine individuals' suitability for weapons issuance for designated law enforcement roles in the Alberta Public Service.

Pre-employment psychological assessment

A pre-employment psychological assessment is required when an individual is being appointed to one of the designated positions through competition, exemption from competition, or reclassification.

All designated positions that require a pre-employment psychological assessment have been determined to meet the following criteria:

Positions where the incumbent performs a law enforcement role and is required to:

  • be appointed and retain the designation of "Peace Officer" pursuant to the Alberta Peace Officer Act, and
  • carry one or more of the following weapons:
    • pistol,
    • long-gun,
    • baton, and/or
    • pepper spray.

The pre-employment psychological assessment will be conducted by a registered psychologist(s) contracted for this purpose to the Government of Alberta.

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About this directive

Authority: Public Service Act
Application: Organizations under the Public Service Act
Effective Date: August 1, 2011
Contact: Alberta Public Service Commission:
Labour and Employment Policy and Programs; Talent Acquisition Policy