Temporary employment directive

This directive covers temporary employment within the Alberta Public Service.


​​This directive outlines the purpose of temporary employment and entitlements for temporary employees.

Unless otherwise specified, this directive applies to bargaining unit, opted out, excluded, and management employees.

Entitlements for bargaining unit employees are contained in the Collec​tive Agreement.


Employment in a temporary position includes employment for the following purposes:

  • programs and projects where employment is limited in time by the duration of the work
  • replacements to address the need for temporary relief or an overload of work


Individuals appointed to temporary positions are entitled to the same benefits as permanent employees, except:

  • the provisions of position abolishment do not apply
  • they are entitled to general sick leave benefits only in those months they would have been employed had they not become ill or disabled
  • they are eligible for Long Term Disability Income benefits only for the period they are disabled, up to 24 months if they have one year of continuous employment in a temporary position by the end of the elimination period, and if, in the deputy head's opinion, the temporary position has or would have continued throughout the elimination period

If the employee is eligible to participate in a public sector pension plan, they will upon appointment, become a member of the Public Service Pension Plan or the Management Employees Pension Plan.

About this directive

Authority:Collective Agreement, Article 4
Public Service Employment Regulation
Application:Organizations under the Public Service Act
Effective Date:November 22, 2004 (reviewed July 14, 2009; updated March 2019)
Contact:Alberta Public Service Commission:
Labour and Employment Policy and Programs; Talent Acquisition Policy