Police Review Commission implementation engagement

Key partners can share their views on planning and implementing the Police Review Commission.


We are seeking perspectives from stakeholders and Indigenous communities to help inform regulatory, policy and training frameworks to clarify the powers, duties, functions and composition of the Police Review Commission.

What we hear will help ensure that the Police Review Commission has the flexibility to maintain public trust and fulfill its mandate to serve as a single point of intake for police complaints against municipal and First Nations police services in Alberta.

Discussions are underway with Public Safety Canada and the RCMP to determine how the RCMP may be involved in Alberta’s complaints process.

The creation of the commission was established through the Police Amendment Act, 2022 following several years of public and stakeholder engagement.


  • Open

  • Results under review

  • Completed

Who is listening

Ministry of Public Safety and Emergency Services

Get informed

Read the Police Amendment Act 2022 fact sheet to learn more about how the Police Amendment Act, 2022 modernizes policing in Alberta.

Get involved

Stakeholder engagement

We’re engaging key partners and stakeholders throughout summer and fall 2024 to gather a range of perspectives on:

  • alternative dispute resolution and restorative practices
  • intake processes, addressing barriers to participation and building awareness 
  • recruitment, onboarding and training
  • potential impacts to policing committees and police commissions
  • ways to engage with Indigenous communities and other organizations representing diversity on an ongoing basis

We are holding virtual and in-person sessions with:

  • municipal and First Nations police services
  • the RCMP
  • police associations
  • police commissions and policing committees
  • authorized employers for Alberta peace officers
  • umbrella organizations representing municipalities (Rural Municipalities of Alberta, Alberta Municipalities) 
  • First Nation and Métis communities and organizations
  • organizations representing diversity

Indigenous engagement

Indigenous communities have been invited to schedule meetings to discuss their community’s concerns and to offer their perspectives on:

  • how to increase accessibility and reduce barriers to engage with the complaints process
  • options for alternative dispute resolution
  • cultural considerations
  • recruitment, training and public awareness strategies for the Police Review Commission


This engagement will help us ensure that key partners play a role in guiding the development of the policy and regulatory framework and change management strategies for the Police Review Commission.