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Personal property liens

Register, change or search for a piece of personal property used as security against a loan.

Services and information

Register an interest in the Personal Property Registry.

Change an interest in the Personal Property Registry.

Perform a personal property search before purchasing property to check if any liens are registered against the property.

Forms used to register and search for an interest, and to carry out other personal property tasks.


With a lien, you can register personal property as security against a loan.

Items you can register as a lien include:

  • vehicles
  • household goods
  • machinery
  • aircraft

If you are accepting goods as security against a loan, these goods are considered interests. You should register your interests to protect against loss, legal conflicts or if the person does not pay you back.

Search the personal property registry system before buying any items that are considered personal property. They may be registered as a lien.

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