Personal property liens – Change an interest

Change an interest in the Personal Property Registry.


A registration can be:

  • amended (add or delete details)
  • renewed (extend the expiry date)
  • amended and renewed (add/delete and renew at the same time)
  • discharged (remove from the system once the debt has been paid)

Debtor, secured party and collateral information may also be changed if the registration is current on the Alberta Personal Property Registry Electronic System (APPRES).

How to change an interest

Step 1. Fill out the forms

Fillable PDF forms do not open properly on some mobile devices and web browsers.

If you are having problems opening the form, contact PDF form technical support.

Use the Financing Change Statement and if necessary any of the following to make changes or renew a registration:

Writs and Orders

Use the Status Report and Status Report Addendum (if needed) to make changes to:

  • Writ of Enforcement
  • Writ of Seizure and Sale (Federal Writ)
  • Maintenance Order

Other liens

Use the Garage Keepers’ Lien Financing Change Statement to renew and/or make changes to a Garage Keepers’ Lien.

A court order required to renew and/or make changes.

Additional forms

These forms may be used to record additional detail on a lien or on a change to a lien:

The following forms are used to meet certain requirements:

Global Financing Change Statement

By using a Global Financing Change Statement, secured parties, solicitor/agents or civil enforcement agents can update registration information to reflect changes to secured party/solicitor/agent/civil enforcement agent name and/or address information.

The Global Financing Change Statement can only be used if the secured party/solicitor/agent/civil enforcement agent has used a secured party code.

For more information about the Global Financing Change Statement, call or email:

Phone: 780-427-0506

Email: [email protected]

Step 2. Send the forms

Submit the forms to a registry agent for registration in APPRES.

Changes or corrections are only effective from the date that the amendment is registered in APPRES.

Other lien types

Some lien types allow a party to claim a lien against personal property that has been left in their possession or that they have performed labour or service on, you do not need to register these types of liens in the Personal Property Registry System: