There are many ways to pay for your education or training.

Most post-secondary students in Alberta use money they:

  • save
  • earn while they study
  • receive through:
    • scholarships and awards
    • student loans and grants

Research your financial options before you borrow money to pay for your studies. You may be eligible for funding supports.

Financial support may also be available if you plan to study part-time.

Savings or earnings

You may be able to draw from:

For example, Alberta apprentices earn while they learn, which helps to offset some of their learning and living expenses.

Scholarships and awards

Scholarships recognize and reward academic excellence, and support participation in post-secondary education.

Awards recognize and encourage students to participate in post-secondary education and other activities that contribute to the community including:

  • leadership
  • community engagement
  • athletics

Before you start your program, research scholarships and awards offered by:

Other resources to help you research and apply for scholarships and awards:

Loans and grants

Student loans

A student loan is money you borrow to pay for your education. These loans are intended to help you meet your basic costs while you study.

When you apply for a student loan, Alberta Student Aid will look at your:

  • learning costs
  • living costs
  • financial situation
  • loan eligibility

This information helps Alberta Student Aid calculate your loan amount.

Student loans are offered by:

When you apply for a loan through Alberta Student Aid, you are automatically considered for Alberta student loans, Canada student loans, and grants.

You must repay your student loans. Find out how to repay your loan.


Grants are awarded to students who demonstrate financial need. You do not need to pay this money back, unless your eligibility changes.

When you apply for student loans through Alberta Student Aid, you are also automatically considered for Alberta and Canada grants. You must apply for Alberta Student Aid to access these grants.

Financial support for training

You may be eligible for financial help to take academic upgrading, English as a second language, or adult literacy programs if you want to:

  • learn new skills
  • start on a path to other learning options
  • find or get a better job

Many of these programs offer tuition or other supports, depending on your financial situation.

Read more about financial support for training.


Find out who to contact with your questions about student aid.