There are different ways to pay for basic education, academic upgrading or English as a Second Language (ESL).

Financial supports

If you are:

Types of funding

Most financial assistance is for full-time programs, but not everyone can study full-time. For example, you may need to work while you learn to keep up with ongoing expenses. See how to pay for your post-secondary education, for more information, or see if you qualify for these support programs:

Community adult learning

Programs that offer part-time, informal learning options, like community adult learning, provide supports that help you with:

  • child care
  • transportation
  • waived fees

Contact a community adult learning provider in your area to find out what they provide.

Foundational Learning Assistance

Foundational Learning Assistance can help pay for education and living costs for students in foundational learning or skills development programs.

Find out about eligibility and how to apply for Foundational Learning Assistance.

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