Information management and sharing education

Courses, seminars and resources to enhance information management and sharing skills for government and service providers.


When government and service providers share information effectively, Albertans can access the right supports at the right time and achieve better outcomes.

These courses are designed for Government of Alberta (GoA) staff and service providers to understand and follow information management and sharing practices.

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Information management courses

These courses are mandatory for all GoA employees to complete on an annual basis.

  • Information management in the GoA

    This course provides foundational training that promotes awareness of the importance and benefits of managing information effectively. It provides advice and resources to manage the information you receive, collect, or create at work.

    Learning objectives:

    • Define what information is in the GoA.
    • Describe the importance of managing information.
    • Recognize key roles in information management.
    • Understand processes for preserving information and managing official and transitory records.
    • Describe your responsibilities for managing information.
    • Summarize the stages of the information lifecycle.
    • Describe the challenges, benefits, and risks of information management.
    • Summarize how proper information management practices support FOIP and litigation activities.

    Take the Information Management in the Government of Alberta course

  • Data and information security classification

    This course provides fundamental concepts of how security classification is applied in the GoA.

    Learnings objectives:

    • Understand what Data and Information Security Classification (DISC) is, and why it is important.
    • Recognize that DISC is information by both context and content.
    • Learn about the various stakeholders who assess data and information and their roles and responsibilities.
    • Learn the criteria and collaboration required for assessing data and information, for the purposes of applying security classification.
    • Know who to contact for more information on assessing and applying security classification.

    Take the Data and Information Security Classification course

  • Managing information in communication tools

    This course provides tips and guidance on how to manage emails, instant messages, text messages, and voicemails. This course was formerly called ‘Information management – Managing information in email’ and has been updated and renamed.

    Learning objectives:

    • Understand the important of managing emails, attachments, calendar items, instant messages, text messages, and voicemail.
    • Build awareness of policies, directives, and guidance related to managing these records.
    • Learn tips and guidance for staying organized.

    Take the Managing Information in Communication Tools course

Information sharing course

This is an optional course (with some exceptions) available to all GoA employees.

This is an introductory course on key information sharing principles in Alberta. It focuses on helping the learner understand how legislation in Alberta works together to enable information sharing between services providers.

Learning objectives:

At the conclusion of the course, you will be able to identify and demonstrate knowledge about:

  • Privacy legislation and applicable program legislation that affects information sharing in Alberta.
  • Considerations that are part of the decision-making process about information sharing.
  • Some specific situations in which you may and may not be able to share information.

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Records disposition courses

These courses cover the processes and practices involved in the inactive and final disposition phases of the physical records life cycle.

These are optional courses available to all GoA employees.

  • Understanding records retention and disposition schedules

    This course provides fundamental concepts of how information management activities are carried out in the GoA.

    Learning objectives:

    • Understand the components of a records retention and disposition schedule.

    Take the Understanding Records Retention and Disposition Schedules course

  • Preparing physical records for disposition

    This course provides fundamental concepts of how information management activities are carried out in the GoA.

    Learning objectives:

    • Understand what tools you need to box physical records.
    • Identify what type of records you have.
    • Calculate final disposition.

    Take the Preparing Physical Records for Disposition course

  • Inventorying physical records

    This course provides fundamental concepts of how information management activities are carried out in the GoA.

    Learning objectives:

    • What a records inventory is.
    • Your role in completing the records inventory.
    • The difference parts of the records inventory form and how to fill it out.

    Take the Inventorying Physical Records course

  • Preparing boxes for shipping

    This course provides fundamental concepts of how information management activities are carried out in the GoA.

    Learning objectives:

    • Understand how to prepare boxes for shipping:
      • to the Alberta Records Centre (ARC) for storage
      • for direct transfer to the Provincial Archives of Alberta (PAA)
      • for direct disposal
    • Understand how to handle stored boxes eligible for final disposition.

    Take the Preparing Boxes for Shipping course

IM Aware sessions

Information Management Aware sessions, known as IM Aware, is a forum for people to share developing or innovative ideas and projects related to information management.

For event details or to be added to our IM Aware mailing list, contact us.

Upcoming sessions

  • September 10, 2024
  • December 10, 2024

Past sessions

Information sharing strategy

Alberta’s Information Sharing Strategy was established to enable us to share information to make the best decisions possible for Albertans’ health, education and safety. The Strategy helps ensure:

  • Alberta’s legislation and policies are applied consistently to support information sharing among government and partners
  • there are processes, technology, resources and training to help individuals and organizations make appropriate information sharing decisions
  • everyone who shares information understands what can be shared and how to manage the information to respect Albertans’ privacy
  • we have a common understanding about an Albertan’s situation and reduce duplication when gathering information about their needs



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