Tenure guidelines

Here are the complete, unabridged guidelines to oil sands tenure. They are provided in PDF format for easy viewing.

The principles, procedures and appendices in the chart below (collectively referred to as the guidelines):

  • interpret the relevant tenure legislation (statutes and regulations)
  • communicate policy with respect to application of the legislation

Application of the Oil Sands Tenure Regulation in specific situations may vary. Implementation and practice of the regulation may change without the guidelines being amended.

Read more about the guidelines at Information Bulletin 2009-11.

The Alberta oil sands tenure guidelines: principles and procedures include:

Other resources

The following resources are required for the oil sands tenure process.

Leases and permits

Ten days after a public offering, agreements documents are posted on the Electronic Transfer System. The agreement’s designated representative must pick up documents electronically.

These documents include permits and leases. Here are samples of both:

Escalating rent

Non-producing continued leases are subject to payment of escalating rent. Charging additional rent for continued leases that are not being produced serves to promote the development of oil sands resources. Lessees cannot simply hold leases without producing.

When an oil sands lease is subject to escalating rent, the additional rent payment is based upon where the escalating rent area agreement is situated.

See a map of these areas:

For help reading this map, use:

Find oil sands royalty projects map, leased areas and designated areas in Energy maps or see oil sands publications for more information.

The Alberta Energy Regulator provides a systems and tools collection that includes other maps.


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