Acts and regulations

Table 1. Oil sands acts and regulations (available on the Open Government website)

Title Chapter Description

Mines and Minerals Act

Chapter M-17

This act governs the management and disposition of rights in Crown-owned minerals. It includes the levying and collecting of bonuses, rental and royalties. (Administration of portions of this act is shared with Alberta Environment and Parks.)

Mines and Minerals Administration Regulation

A.R. 262/97


Mines and Minerals Dispute Resolution Regulation

A.R. 170/2015

This replaced the Oil Sands Dispute Resolution Regulation which was repealed on November 30, 2015.

Oil Sands Tenure Regulation, 2010

A.R. 196/2010

(Expiry Date Extension) Amendment Regulation OC 408/2017

Oil Sands Royalty Regulation, 2009

A.R. 223/2008


Oil Sands Royalty Regulation, 1997

A.R. 185/97


Oil Sands Allowed Costs (Ministerial) Regulation

A.R. 231/2008


Bitumen Valuation Methodology (Ministerial) Regulation

A.R. 232/2008


Petroleum Royalty Regulation, 2009

A.R. 222/2008


Oil Sands Conservation Act

Chapter O-7

This act establishes regulations and approvals for the development of oil sands resources and related facilities in Alberta. It is administered by the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).

Oil Sands Conservation Rules

A.R. 76/88


Government Organization Act

A.R. 44/2001

Under this act, the responsibility for certain enactments was transferred to the Minister of Energy.

Exploration Regulation

A.R. 284/2006


Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

Chapter F-25


Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Regulation

A.R. 186/2008


Natural Gas Royalty Regulation, 2009

Section 1(1)(zz) and Section 13

Portions of this regulation apply to oil sands solution gas, administered by the AER.

Regulatory processes

Alberta's oil sands are the third-largest proven crude oil reserves in the world. For potential developers and producers new to the development of oil sands in Alberta, there are regulatory procedures to:

  • acquire an agreement from the Crown
  • start the development process

The following guide explains the regulatory processes you must follow to ensure responsible development of Alberta’s oil sands: Introduction to Oil Sands Regulatory Processes.


It is important to understand each of the following steps:

  1. An Electronic Transfer System (ETS) account must be set up to begin extracting Alberta’s oil sands.
  2. Acquiring an agreement. You must purchase an agreement.
  3. Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). You must acquire approval from the AER.
  4. Apply with Alberta Energy if you want an oil sands royalty (OSR) project (this is optional). If you apply for an OSR project you must obtain project approval.
  5. You must comply with Alberta Energy’s reporting and royalty payment requirements.


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