Occupational Health and Safety system review

Reviewing the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) system to ensure Albertans are working in healthy and safe workplaces.

This engagement has been archived
Status: Completed
Ministry responsible: Labour
Completed: 2017


Alberta had not done a comprehensive review of the OHS system since it was enacted in 1976. Workplaces and the nature of work have changed a great deal since then, including:

  • When and where we work - around-the-clock shift work, telecommuting and home-based businesses have become commonplace.
  • How we work - there are increasing complexities around employment relationships like contract work, temporary or short-term work that make it difficult for employers to manage health and safety.
  • What we work with - equipment and procedures used in the workplace have profoundly changed with new technologies, changing OHS hazards and creating new questions about how OHS laws should apply.

We reviewed the OHS system to ensure Alberta’s laws and best practices keep up with the needs of modern workplaces, changing technology and other jurisdictions.

What was reviewed

The review examined the legislation, as well as our compliance, enforcement, education. awareness and prevention efforts. Topics included:

  • clarifying employer and worker responsibilities in legislation
  • improving worker engagement in OHS
  • renewing focus on illness and injury prevention

Get involved

The public engagement part of the OHS review closed October 16. Engagement activities included an online survey, written submissions and in-person discussions with stakeholders. Thank you for participating. Your feedback was analyzed and used to prepare recommendations to government.


Input was considered as we updated Alberta's OHS system to prevent occupational illness and injury.