Spokesperson contact list

Last updated: January 22, 2020

Executive Council  
Office of the Premier Christine Myatt, Press Secretary
Phone: 780-446-2179
Email: Christine.Myatt@gov.ab.ca


Ministry Spokesperson
Advanced Education Laurie Chandler, Press Secretary
Phone: 780-203-8462
Email: Laurie.Chandler@gov.ab.ca
Agriculture and Forestry Adrienne South, Press Secretary
Phone: 780-293-4684
Email: Adrienne.South@gov.ab.ca
Children's Services Lauren Armstrong, Press Secretary
Cell: 780-203-2527
Email: Lauren.Armstrong@gov.ab.ca
Community and Social Services Diane Carter, Press Secretary
Phone: 780-427-8256
Email: Diane.Carter@gov.ab.ca
Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women Danielle Murray, Press Secretary
Phone: 780-217-5765
Email: Danielle.Murray@gov.ab.ca
Economic Development, Trade and Tourism Justin Brattinga, Press Secretary
Phone: 780-203-0177
Email: Justin.Brattinga@gov.ab.ca
Education Colin Aitchison, Press Secretary
Cell: 780-940-0952
Email: Colin.Aitchison@gov.ab.ca



Natural Gas
(Office of the Associate Minister)

Kavi Bal, Press Secretary
Phone: 780-818-2710
Email: Kavi.Bal@gov.ab.ca

Samantha Peck, Press Secretary
Phone: 780-203-1435
Email: Samantha.Peck@gov.ab.ca

Environment and Parks Jess Sinclair, Press Secretary
Phone: 587-873-5564
Email: Jess.Sinclair@gov.ab.ca



Mental Health and Addictions
(Office of the Associate Minister)

Steve Buick, Press Secretary
Cell: 780-288-1735
Email: Steve.Buick@gov.ab.ca

Kassandra Kitz, Press Secretary
Phone: 587-643-4676
Email: Kassandra.Kitz@gov.ab.ca

Indigenous Relations Ted Bauer, Press Secretary
Phone: 780-218-9533
Email: Ted.Bauer@gov.ab.ca
Infrastructure Hadyn Place, Press Secretary
Phone: 780-643-6322
Email: Hadyn.Place@gov.ab.ca
Justice and Solicitor General Jonah Mozeson, Press Secretary
Cell: 587-985-6077
Email: Jonah.Mozeson@gov.ab.ca
Labour and Immigration Brittany Baltimore, Press Secretary
Cell: 780-977-1530
Email: Brittany.Baltimore@gov.ab.ca
Municipal Affairs Tim Gerwing, Press Secretary
Office: 587-598-1593
Email: Timothy.Gerwing@gov.ab.ca
Seniors and Housing Natalie Tomczak, Press Secretary
Phone: 587-596-8187
Email: Natalie.Tomczak@gov.ab.ca
Service Alberta Tricia Velthuizen, Press Secretary
Phone: 587-982-4992
Email: Tricia.Velthuizen@gov.ab.ca
Transportation Brooklyn Elhard, Press Secretary
Phone: 780-777-4850
Email: Brooklyn.Elhard@gov.ab.ca

Treasury Board and Finance


Red Tape Reduction
(Office of the Associate Minister)

Jerrica Goodwin, Press Secretary
Phone: 587-988-3278
Email: Jerrica.Goodwin@gov.ab.ca

Charlotte Taillon, Press Secretary
Phone: 780-427-8110
Email: Charlotte.Taillon@gov.ab.ca