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An Account for Organizations gives organizations online access to government services and programs.

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An Account for Organizations allows an organization to create an account and delegate access to its staff to interact with online government services on its behalf. It is managed by the Ministry of Technology and Innovation and officially backed by the Government of Alberta. Accounts for Organizations are not verified like individual accounts.

There is no fee to create an account.

Types of accounts

Organizations can have 2 different levels of permissions or roles: Administrator and Staff.


This role has an advanced level of permissions. We recommend having at least two administrators per organization. Administrators can:

  • sign in on behalf of their organization
  • manage staff permissions, or roles
  • manage their own account details and  
  • manage the organization’s account details


This role has a basic level of permissions. Staff can:

  • sign in on behalf of their organization
  • manage their own account details

User supports

These resources can help you prepare for the changes:

Security and privacy Account for Organizations uses a self-service model. Your personal information is only accessed by the technical management team for the sole purpose of supporting the service.

For more information, see the privacy statement.

Internet security fact sheets

System requirements

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  • on desktop: Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari
  • on mobile: Safari for iOS or iPadOS devices and Chrome for Android devices

Maintenance schedule

In order to maintain high quality services, our systems undergo regular maintenance. During the following maintenance windows, you may experience service deterioration or disruption:

  • Sunday 7 am to 12 pm (07:00 to 12:00) MT
  • Thursday night 11 pm (23:00) to Friday 3 am (03:00) MT


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