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Otherwise Flared Solution Gas

The Otherwise Flared Solution Gas (OFSG) Wells Royalty Waiver Program encourages the reduction of solution gas flaring. For those wells approved under this program, the department will waive royalty on uneconomic solution gas and gas by-products that would have normally attracted a Crown royalty charge – see information letter IL 1999-19 for more information.

Certain wells were pre-qualified for the OFSG program and will not need to apply to the department to seek OFSG program acceptance. The initial list of pre-qualifying wells was published in the June 1999 Mineral Operations Information Bulletin. It was updated in August 2000. The listing of pre-qualifying wells in PDF is also offered in Excel and may be updated periodically due to amendments and the ongoing validation process of the department's database.

Natural Gas Deep Drilling Program – Well process status

The NGDDP Program ended on December 31, 2021. For further details, refer to the October 2021 published Gas Royalty Information Bulletin article: Eligibility End Date: New Well Royalty Rate Eligible Production (A.R. 32/2011) and Natural Gas Deep Drilling Program (A.R. 198/2010).

This eligible wells spreadsheet identifies the 'application status' of an eligible natural gas deep drilling program (NGDDP) well. The well information on the spreadsheet is sorted by the application code and application description.

The spreadsheet is updated within the second week of the month. See the Natural Gas Deep Drilling Program presentation for more details.

Industry may contact Royalty Programs for inquiries pertaining to NGDDP well status.

All eligible NGDDP wells use the following application status:

Application statusDescription
RegisteredWell has been pre-qualified and will be technically evaluated by the department.
ConfirmedThe department has determined the calculation of the exemption and has completed the data entry. Well has been set up for exemption.
DeniedIt has been determined that the well does not meet the eligibility criteria.
ConfidentialThe Alberta Energy Regulator has designated this well as "Confidential". Direct all inquiries of the process status for this well to Royalty Programs.

Facility Royalty Trigger Factors

Facility Royalty Trigger Factors and Meter Station Ties – Post Registry production.


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