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    Minister Rebecca Schulz

    Rebecca Schulz was sworn in as Minister of Municipal Affairs on October 24, 2022.

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Mandate letter

The Premier's mandate letter to the Minister of Municipal Affairs outlines the objectives and priorities of the work they will focus on in their role.

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A close up photo of a scissors cutting red tape

The first set of legislative changes, aimed at reducing regulatory burden on Alberta’s municipalities, has been passed with Bill 25 – the Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act.

Reducing red tape for wood-building construction

Alberta is the first province in Canada to allow taller wood building construction. Advancements in fire protection and technology mean we can do so without compromising safety.

Since Spring 2019, the Safety Codes Council has been eliminating duplicative paperwork and moving services online where possible, including for appeals, accreditation applications, and permit administration.

The oil and gas sector can now rely on registered engineers to authenticate equipment rather than upgrade or alter existing equipment, or engage a third-party inspection agency.

Government has allocated up to $64 million for 22 communities to help cover the costs of uninsurable losses and damage due to wildfires and flooding disasters between May 2018 and July 2019.

Government is focused on protecting the rights of landowners and operators and ensuring fair and timely hearings. We have made an investment of $1.7 million in staff and board members for the Alberta Surface Rights Board.

Key information

  • There are more insurance options now than ever before, and overland flood insurance is becoming more readily and reasonably available in Alberta.
  • We are meeting our commitment to provide municipalities with predictable, long-term infrastructure funding by developing the Local Government Fiscal Framework Act.
  • Municipalities have been provided with additional flexibility and support to address governance and operational challenges resulting from COVID-19.

Our responsibilities

The ministry helps municipalities provide well-managed, collaborative, and accountable local government to Albertans. We also provide:

  • funding supports for municipalities
  • a system that strives to ensure appropriate safety standards for the construction and maintenance of buildings and equipment
  • protections for new home buyers and required licensing for home builders
  • province-wide support for access to public library services for Albertans
  • a comprehensive approach to managing emergencies in the province through the Alberta Emergency Management Agency
  • safety codes, standards, and supports under the Safety Codes Act
  • management of about 2.6 million acres of public land in the province's three Special Areas
  • independent review and decisions on local matters by the Land and Property Rights Tribunal

In focus

Taking quick, effective action to cut costs and deliver relief to help families, businesses and vulnerable Albertans.
Municipalities can offer property tax incentives to attract business, boost economic development and revitalize communities.

Provincial library network

Alberta library boards receive planning, policy and administrative support, along with operating grants, as they provide vital spaces for learning and culture.

Disaster Recovery Programs

Learn about current recovery available for municipalities affected by disasters.

Incident Command System

The Incident Command System is a standardized training system to help municipalities organize and manage a response to emergencies.

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