Mobile Butcher Facility Licence

Albertans can apply, update or renew their licence to operate a Mobile Butcher Facility under provincial meat inspection legislation.


Mobile Butcher Facility Licence Application

A Mobile Butcher Facility Licence enables a Government of Alberta licensed mobile butcher to operate a mobile butcher facility, a premise that:

  1. allows an individual’s animal that has been slaughtered by a licensed mobile butcher on the individual’s land, or slaughtered at an on-farm slaughter operation, to be transported to and processed at a mobile butcher facility. The meat and any processed meat products from these slaughtered animals is only for consumption by the individual’s household. As this meat is uninspected, it must be labelled as uninspected and it cannot be sold, traded, bartered or further distributed.
  2. allows the mobile butcher licence holder to purchase inspected meat which can be further processed at a mobile butcher facility. The inspected meat and any processed products made only from inspected meat can be sold to the public within Alberta.

All licensed mobile butcher facilities must meet the requirements of the Meat Inspection Act and the Meat Inspection Regulation.

Licensee responsibilities

Licence holders are responsible for the following:

  • reviewing and following applicable legislation and other licensing requirements
  • adequately labelling uninspected product as "UNINSPECTED – not for sale."
  • adequately labelling inspected product
  • using potable water
  • ensuring compliance with bylaws in their county or municipality

Applicants that request a mobile butcher facility licence for the same plot of land as an on-farm slaughter operation are required to show that the on-farm licence slaughter premise and activities are separate from the mobile butcher facility premise and mobile butcher facility activities.

Legislative requirements


You can apply for a Mobile Butcher Facility Licence if you:

  • can lawfully operate a business in Alberta
  • are at least 18 years of age
  • are a Government of Alberta licensed mobile butcher


5-year licence fee: $100

Licences are valid 5 years from the date of issue.

How to apply

Review legislative requirements and licensee responsibilities.

Contact the Meat and Dairy Inspection Section (MDIS) at [email protected] for information on the Mobile Butcher Facility licensing approval process.

Licensed slaughter operation directory

This searchable directory helps customers find provincially licensed slaughter operations or meat facilities located across Alberta. Your business information will be included in the directory. To opt out of the directory, contact us at [email protected].

Licence updates

Licence updates must be sent in before you:

  • update or renovate a mobile butcher facility, or
  • change or modify processing steps or processing information

Contact MDIS at [email protected] with your request to update your Licence.  MDIS will contact you regarding your proposed updates and will provide more information.


If you have any questions, email: [email protected]