Available data

The Weather Research Forecast (WRF) V4.2.1 meteorological data for all of Alberta, for 2015 to 2019, is available from CCD Health Systems. The data can be extracted using software (MMEU2) to produce suitably formatted data for input into regulatory models.

The availability of standard meteorological data provides easily accessible resources and reduces inconsistencies in meteorological data quality.

For assistance with the meteorological data, email:

The WRF data (v4.2.1) is on a 4 km grid with a total of 39 vertical layers. The data domain extents are shown in Table 1.

Table 1. WRF data domain extents

Corner I J Latitude
(Decimal degrees, WGS84)
(Decimal degrees, WGS84)
Lower left 1 1 48.6869926 -119.791763
Upper left 1 321 60.1612129 -121.3497
Lower right 186 1 48.664608 -109.7319
Upper right 186 321 60.1316261 -108.020782

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