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The Medical Liability Reimbursement (MLR) Program is a Government of Alberta initiative that provides partial reimbursement to eligible physicians for medical liability insurance fees. Physicians who meet the eligibility criteria are entitled to a reimbursement for the portion of their liability fees that exceeds the deductible amount set by the Alberta government.

Medical liability insurance premiums are set annually by the Canadian Medical Protection Association (CMPA) and vary depending on the type of work a physician does.

The deductibles set by the Government of Alberta vary also by type of work and by geographic area of residence and practice. In 2022, physician deductibles range from $1,000 to $4,000.

Physicians who both live and work in an eligible rural community pay only the minimum deductible of $1,000 (see list of eligible rural communities below). Physicians who do not live and work in an eligible rural community pay a deductible specific to their type of work. All deductibles for 2022 are identified in the table of deductibles below.

Note, if a particular type-of-work code is absent from the table, it is not eligible for reimbursement.

The MLR Program is established by Ministerial Order (Health). Note, in the event of any conflict between the content on this page and the Ministerial Order, the Ministerial Order will prevail.

If a physician’s CMPA type-of-work code changes during the year, or if rural eligibility status changes, then reimbursement will be pro-rated to reflect the change.

MLR Program eligibility

Physicians are eligible for reimbursement for the duration of time they are:

  • a regulated member of the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA), holding a practice permit issued under the Health Professions Act
  • entitled to receive payment of benefits under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan pursuant to the Alberta Health Care Insurance Act (act) and or employed by or a party to a service agreement with a person under section 20.1 of the act that enables the person to receive payment of benefits in respect of insured services provided by the physician under the employment or service agreement
  • providing insured services and/or other publicly funded medically required services
  • a member of the CMPA
  • determined by the CMPA to practice in Alberta as the physician’s 'primary province'

Physicians are not eligible for reimbursement for the duration of time they are:

  • a Provisional Register Postgraduate Trainee who is not registered with the CPSA as a Physician Extender
  • opted-out of the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan
  • receiving or entitled to receive reimbursement for CMPA fees from another provincial or territorial government
  • otherwise unable to meet all the eligibility criteria described above

Membership with the Alberta Medical Association is not an eligibility requirement.

Application process

To apply for reimbursement, physicians must submit an application using the MLR application form below.

An application only needs to be made once. Physicians who have already applied to the program and received a reimbursement for 2020 or 2021, or both, do not need to re-apply. As long as a physician continues to meet the eligibility criteria for reimbursement and personal details remain unchanged, enrolment in the program will remain valid and reimbursement will automatically be received.

If personal information has changed (for example, identifying information, bank information), physicians must submit a new application with the updated information. Failure to notify the MLR Program of changes may result in non-payment of reimbursement.

For new physicians or physicians who have not yet applied to the program, the application deadline for 2022 reimbursement is December 31, 2022.

Eligibility for reimbursement is assessed quarterly against billing records provided and CMPA membership in the previous quarter. For some physicians new to Alberta, this may mean reimbursement will not occur until at least one quarter has passed and eligibility can be verified.

PDF form issues

Fillable PDF forms do not open properly on some mobile devices and web browsers. To fill in and save the form:

  1. Save the PDF form to your computer – click or right-click the link and download the form.
  2. Open the PDF form with Adobe Reader. Fill it in and save it.

If you are still having problems opening the form, contact PDF form technical support.

Complete the application form

To apply for reimbursement, download the MLR Program application form (PDF, 122 KB). Completed forms should be submitted via email to [email protected]. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

If you experience difficulty with the application, contact the MLR Program for support at: [email protected]. Note, we are not able to receive applications by fax.

Our reimbursement process has undergone legal, privacy and security checks to ensure personal and sensitive information is handled in accordance with provincial law and standards.

We strongly encourage application using email. However, if you do not wish to submit your completed form by email, you may print the form and send it, along with your bank documentation to:

Medical Liability Reimbursement Program
Alberta Health
10th Floor, ATB Place North
10025 Jasper Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 1S6

Submitting your application by mail will require manual processing and may delay reimbursement.

More application form information

If you are completing this form for the first time, select 'New request' at the top of the form’s first page. Note, participation in the MLR Program, when previously administered by the AMA, does not constitute enrolment in the MLR Program. If you did not apply between 2020 and 2022, you are not enrolled in the program.

If you have already applied to the MLR program, and wish to update your information, select 'Update/Change' at the top of the form’s first page.

Submit your completed application by email

When you press the submit button on the form, it will attempt to attach the completed form through your email application. If your email application does not open automatically, save the completed form and attach it, along with your banking document, in an email to [email protected].

Send the saved electronic version of the application form. Do not submit a scanned copy of the application form.


Annual CMPA fee payer

Physicians who pay their CMPA fees annually, including those who participate in the early reimbursement program, will receive their reimbursement as a single, lump-sum reimbursement deposited directly into their bank account.

Reimbursements made under the MLR Program may be subject to adjustment or repayment as permitted or required by law.

Monthly CMPA fee payer

Physicians who pay their CMPA fees monthly will receive their reimbursement in quarterly installments, after the end of each quarter of the calendar year. Reimbursement is deposited directly into their bank account.

New applicants who apply after one or more quarters have passed will be reimbursed retroactively for all quarters in which they were eligible for reimbursement within the same calendar year. No reimbursement will be paid for years past, regardless of eligibility.

Note, we are not able to issue reimbursement as a cheque. All reimbursement payments are paid via electronic funds transferred directly into a physician’s account.


Connect with Alberta Health about the MLR Program:

Email: [email protected]

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