Alternative Relationship Plans (ARP)

If you are a physician, learn about the different ways you can be compensated through academic medicine or clinical ARP.

Purpose of an ARP

ARPs are different methods of physician compensation for delivering specific program services other than the traditional fee-for-service model.

Approximately 4,000 physicians in Alberta practice in various capacities under both clinical and academic ARPs. Work continues to enable physicians to join and benefit from the advantages of ARPs.

ARPs may be suitable for physician groups of all specialties, in rural or urban areas, and for existing or new programs. Physician groups or Alberta Health Services may initiate ARPs.

The purpose of an ARP is to provide innovation in clinical service and enhance other areas of the health care system, including:

  • recruitment and retention
  • team-based approach
  • access
  • patient satisfaction
  • value for money

ARP models


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