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Schedule of Medical Benefits

Schedule of Medical Benefits (SOMB) is the fee schedule and list of medical benefits insured under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.

Effective April 19, 2024

See all SOMB lists effective April 1, 2024

These include:

Medical Benefits

  • Medical Benefits Price List
  • Medical Benefits Procedure List
  • Medical Governing Rules

Codes and definitions

  • Explanatory Codes
  • Fee Modifier Definitions

Anaesthetic rates

  • Dental Services – Price List
  • Dental Services – Procedure List
  • Podiatric Surgery – Price List
  • Podiatric Surgery – Procedure List
  • Podiatry Services – Price List
  • Podiatry Services – Procedure List

SOMB archive

Allied health schedules of benefits

Four allied health providers – oral and maxillofacial surgery, optometry, podiatry and podiatric surgery – have insured services covered under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.

Fee resources

Rural Remote Northern Program

The Rural Remote Northern Program (RRNP) remunerates physicians as an incentive to deliver services in under-serviced locations in Alberta.

The RRNP has 2 compensation methods:

  • flat fee payment – for physicians delivering services and residing in an eligible community earning a minimum income of $50,000
  • variable fee premium – automatically given to physicians who provide services in eligible communities, whether or not they reside in an eligible community

RRNP applications and documents

The RRNP has been part of the Clinical Stabilization Initiative since September 2007 and helps in the recruitment and retention of physicians within under-serviced and rural communities throughout Alberta.

Billing concerns

For billing concerns, contact the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan office:

Email: [email protected]

Suspected billing abuse

To report suspected billing abuse, contact the Ministry of Health’s compliance and monitoring branch:

Email: [email protected]