Changes to the MLR Program

In accordance with the recent agreement between the Government of Alberta and the Alberta Medical Association (AMA), the MLR Program is changing.

Beginning 2023, the AMA will take over the administration of the MLR program. Go to the AMA website for announcements about the 2023 MLR Program.

Additionally, the deductible that physicians pay for Canadian Medical Protective Association fees has been reinstated at the previous level of $1,000 for all physicians.

The Government of Alberta will retroactively apply the change to the 2022 MLR reimbursement cycle. Physicians who paid a deductible of more than $1,000 will receive an additional reimbursement payment from Alberta Health.

The additional payment will be made once the final 2022 reimbursements are completed in early 2023. Payment will take place automatically and does not require additional application.

2022 applications closed

The application period for the 2022 MLR program is closed. New applications to the program are no longer being accepted. If you applied before December 31, 2022, but have not yet received reimbursement, your application will still be processed.

All reimbursement payments are paid via electronic funds transferred directly into a physician’s account. We are not able to issue reimbursement as a cheque.


Connect with Alberta Health about the MLR Program:
Email: [email protected]

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